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Chapter Directory 732 No Safety
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Click! Click!

     The sound of the camera shutter sounded like rain hitting bananas, the light of the flash made people blind, and the number of reporters surrounded by the exit of the passenger passage was astounding.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, who were walking among the returning passengers, were recognized as soon as they showed up. If it were not for the airport to arrange a large number of security personnel to maintain order on the scene, I am afraid that these reporters would all flock to them.

     That's the case, they also tried their best to put the microphone in front of the two Lu Chen.

     "Mr. Lu Chen, can you talk about your trip to the United States this time?"

     "May I ask what it's like to be an American hero, please say a few words?"

     "Miss Chen Fei'er, what do you think?"

     "Lu Chen, Jack Rose challenged you, will you accept it?"

     "Yeah, can you say a few words?"

     "Lu Chen..."

     Lu Chen has seen many big scenes, but the sight in front of him still makes his scalp numb. He would have used the VIP channel if he knew this way. How could he think that these reporters are so magical.

     He and Chen Fei'er's return flight information was not known by who leaked it. Not only did a large number of reporters rush to the scene, but also many fans came to pick up the plane.Under normal circumstances, Lu Chen will interact with these hard-waiting fans, sign a name and take a photo, but today is really out of the question, there are too many people and too messy, and it has caused a lot of order in the airport. Impact.

     So he could only apologize and waved his hand at the fans who were holding the support card, and did not answer any questions from the reporter. Under the escort of several airport security personnel, he joined with the assistant Zhang Xiaofang who came to pick up the plane and left.

     Sitting in the back seat of the Mercedes-Benz, after the car pulled out of the parking lot, Lu Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

     Chen Fei'er asked wonderingly: "I heard someone say that Jack Rose challenged you, what's the matter?"

     She followed Lu Chen around the United States and never knew this happened.

     Who is Jack Rose?

     But since it was asked by reporters, it was definitely not a trivial matter.

     Lu Chen shrugged, he was also a baffling.

     Instead, Zhang Xiaofang, who was driving, said: "Jack Rose is the AFS middleweight champion of the American Free Fighting Professional League. He has defended the gold belt three times. I have watched many of his game videos. He is a very powerful character."

     Lu Chen frowned: "I don't fight AFS, what is he challenging me?"Zhang Xiaofang smiled and said: "BOSS, the eseKongFu you took in Lantian Workshop was uploaded to the Internet, which caused a big sensation in the United States, and then this golden belt came out to challenge you."

     So this is ah!

     Lu Chen suddenly realized, and laughed dumbly: "I didn't agree to that guy Christopher if I knew it."

     When he left after inspecting the Blue Sky Workshop, Christopher made a request to upload a video. Lu Chen didn't care about it at the time. It was also out of his affection for the chief special effects artist, so he casually agreed.

     Unexpectedly, it provokes a challenge from an AFS gold belt.

     Lu Chen is no stranger to AFS. He also watched the broadcast of the American Free Fighting Professional League on TV, and was very impressed with several famous players.

     Strictly speaking, there are many similarities between free fighting and kung fu, and the rules are not very different. Jack Rose's challenge is not without roots. It would be ridiculous if he was challenged with a boxing gold belt.

     Zhang Xiaofang continued: "Now it has spread to China, the Internet is very noisy, your blog has been maxed out, and Mr. Lu can't answer the phone, so you don't know if you are on the plane..."Lu Chen nodded. He spends most of his time on the return flight. He has not turned on his mobile phone. Of course, he doesn't know these things.

     Although the distance between China and the United States is only about ten hours, it is enough for a lot of things to happen!

     Zhang Xiaofang sighed: "BOSS, I find that you are getting better and better now. I have watched both of the two videos on the Internet. I am afraid that the two of me combined are not your opponents!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Brother Zhang, you are too humble."

     Zhang Xiaofang is not an ordinary person. Although he is Lu Chen's assistant, he is actually a bodyguard. His skills are quite outstanding. When he is free, Lu Chen has practiced against him several times.

     While talking and laughing, the car arrived at Zicheng Garden.

     Zhang Xiaofang helped bring the large and small bags of luggage the two brought home from the United States.

     During this trip abroad, Chen Fei'er bought a lot of things in New York, such as bags, perfumes, clothes, etc., which is a great satisfaction for shopping, and there are a lot of gifts for relatives and friends.

     Before leaving, Zhang Xiaofang couldn't help asking: "Boss, will you agree to Jack Rose's challenge?"

     He is actually a fan of Jack Rose.

     Lu Chen laughed, shook his head and sent Zhang Xiaofang out of the house.His current identity is a vagabond singer, an actor, a screenwriter...not an athlete, and he doesn't need to be such a limelight.

     So it's so boring to challenge duel or something!

     "I finally went home..."

     Chen Fei'er threw himself heavily on the soft sofa, and said lazily: "Going abroad is exhausting!"

     According to Chinese people's habits, it is not as good as his own home. Lu Chen also feels the same. Only when he returns home, the whole person can truly relax completely.

     So home is the harbor of the soul.

     He sat down on the sofa, stroked Chen Fei'er's hair and said, "Take a good rest, I have to film tomorrow..."

     Shooting work for "My Love from the Star" has been suspended because of the two.


     Chen Fei'er grabbed a pillow and smashed it on his body, screaming: "You really hate you. Just come back and tell me about work. I don't want to film, I don't want to work, I don't want to do anything!"

     Lu Chen laughed and said: "Okay, do whatever you like, right?"

     Regardless of Chen Fei'er being older than him, and sometimes very childish, he has to coax and hold him to be happy.

     Perhaps this is how two people live, and it is also sweet to quarrel with each other occasionally.He reached out and hugged Chen Fei'er in his arms, and the two quietly enjoyed their own warm time.

     But the good times are always short, and the sound of the key opening the door interrupted the tenderness of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er.

     Lu Xi is here.

     The two quickly sat upright.

     Lu Xi has the key to the house. When Lu Chen couldn't get through the phone, she ran to the door in person.

     "You two, don't make a call when you come back!"

     My sister came to Xingshi to inquire!

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