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Chapter Directory 740 Finished At Once
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

"Can't help but turn into a stubborn fish,

     Swim to the end alone against the ocean current.

     The oath that I made sincerely when I was young,

     Sank silently in the deep sea.

     Revisited a few times,

     Ending nevertheless lose you.

     I was sentenced to life loneliness by love,

     Don’t fight back, don’t let go,

     The endless circles under the pen,

     The fate of dissatisfaction in the heart,

     It's you,


     In the studio, Chen Fei'er sang with his eyes closed.

     In the monitoring room, Lu Chen is listening.

     This "Silent" is an episode he wrote for "My Love from the Star". The time when the Episode was inserted, the Female Lead learned the truth, knowing that a comet of Samsara is coming in 500 years, and the male lead also When the spacecraft will return to the old star.

     The melody of "Mo" is simple and clean. Its biggest feature is the taste and heart. The low chant of the main song creates a rich emotional feature, which makes people listen to the kind created by the song unconsciously. In a melancholy atmosphere.

     Yuan He Jie is the theme of this song. It is also the theme of Lu Chen's adaptation of "Star You". Chen Fei'er is also the female lead in the play. She can sing it perfectly.And now Chen Fei'er, with the help of a piece of "Flower Woman", has completed the gorgeous transition from the sweet song queen to the love song Heavenly Queen / days later. Her singing style has become more mature, and the emotions brewed in the Shooting Episode, It is easily integrated into the interpretation of "Mo".

     In her slicing and grasping of the rhythm and sentence of the work, she presents a desolate and vast expanse of time, full of forbearance and insight. Through emotional rendering, the gray mood of sadness, loneliness and pain of a woman who has just gained true love about to lose her lover is perfectly interpreted!


     Why love sentenced all beings to loneliness,

     Can't escape but can't escape.

     The knot that cannot be untied,

     The hit that can't be solved,

     It's you.

     Ah, losing you,

     Ah i lost you,


     Although it was only the first time of singing, even the most discerning audience could not find out the flaws in the singer's emotional performance, and could directly ignore the possible problems in technical timbre.

     The fact is that there is no problem!

     This can be seen from the expressions on everyone's face in the monitoring room, either dignified, or contemplative, or admired and admired, but also teary eyes.

     Everyone was deeply moved by Chen Fei'er's "Silent".Across the thick glass window, Lu Chen stared at Chen Fei'er standing in front of the microphone. There was a strong emotion surging in his heart, and he wanted to talk impatiently.

     After a song was sung, there was silence for a while in the listening room, and then I didn't know who applauded first, and then the applause rang into one piece-although Chen Fei'er could not hear it, she could see it!

     In the recording studio, Chen Fei'er opened her eyes, she blinked, and a tear fell from the corner of her eyes.

     Lu Chen smiled and made an OK gesture at her.

     Chen Fei'er tilted his head and showed a bright and charming smile.

     Lu Chen couldn't help but let go. Recently, Chen Fei'er rushed to the show. According to the director Fang Hui, she has become very involved in the show. Today, when recording this song "The Silence", her emotional vent is very powerful .

     It’s not easy to enter a play, and it’s even more difficult to control the play after entering the play. Those who can do this are all true old play bones. There are many entertainers in the show business who are too deep in the play. Movies or TV Series lost themselves and went on a path of no return.

     Chen Fei'er is not an actor from a college background. Her acting career is actually very short, but she has shown extraordinary talent in this area and has made progress even faster than Lu Chen.

     And her recent state is a bit worrying, Fang Hui quietly reminded Lu Chen in private.Originally, Lu Chen thought about it and would record this episode in a few days, but Chen Fei'er's persistence was not worth it.

     Now her smile makes Lu Chen finally relieved!


     Lu Chen said to the recording engineer: "No need to sing a second time."


     The sound engineer was stunned: "Just record this time?"

     The recording engineer is called Zhao Bing. He is an industry elite that Chen Fei Media has just dug over not long ago. No matter his experience is nevertheless, he is much better than Wang Hui.

     Now Chen Fei Media is also a well-known new sign in the circle. Although there is no special advertisement, the Recording Room usually has not much free time. Wang Hui is exhausted and busy by himself, nevertheless he offered to find someone. Helpful.

     Today Chen Fei'er recorded a new song, and Zhao Bing was in charge.

     Zhao Bing has worked in several well-known domestic sheds, and nevertheless encountered a situation where a professional vagabond singer only recorded the song once, although Chen Fei'er's performance was perfect.

     When Record Company records songs for vagabond singers, it is not possible to record them once or twice. They often need to be recorded many times. After reaching a certain effect, they need to be organized, such as modifying the treble, adding some musical elements, etc. The process is quite similar. Complexity.

     There will be multiple comparisons for several recordings, and the best can be selected from them.Therefore, it is really rare to record it only once, and Zhao Bing's thinking is a bit unable to turn.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "One time is enough, I will trouble you."

     Of course, Lu Chen knows the rules of recording songs, but he is worried about Chen Fei'er's emotions, so he insists.

     Zhao Bing hurriedly said: "It's not troublesome, it's too easy. Teacher Chen's level really doesn't have to be said..."

     He came back to his senses and thought that Lu Chen's decision was really right. It was enough to achieve perfection in the first pass, and there was no need to record multiple times.

     "This song, too!"

     Zhao Bing moved to Chen Fei Media at the beginning. In addition to the temptation of high salary, it was also out of admiration for the two heads of Chen Fei Media. Now it turns out that the name is not in vain.

     Lu Chen's song is well written, Chen Fei'er's singing is good, the two are a perfect match!

     At this time Chen Fei'er opened the door and walked out of the recording studio and asked, "What's the matter? Didn't you record it?"

     Lu Chen said: "Pass the level once, you don't need it!"

     Chen Fei'er couldn't help but give him a blank look: "Then how..."

     Tong Xinyao jumped over to hold Chen Fei'er's hand and said: "Sister Fei'er, you sing really well, I almost cry, I support Teacher Lu's opinion!"

     She really had red eyes just now.Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "You learn to make me happy now?"

     Although Tong Xinyao has not joined Chen Fei Media for a long time, since "China The Voice", Chen Fei'er has a good impression of this beautiful, well-behaved and polite girl, and now he has a higher intimacy.

     Lu Xi interjected next to him: "I also feel okay, Fei'er, Lu Chen, let's go to the office, there is something to discuss with you."

     Even if the recording of "Silent" is over, it will naturally be completed by Zhao Bing in the later stage.

     When he arrived at Lu Xi's office, Lu Chen asked curiously: "Sister, what can I discuss?"

     Lu Xi's answer surprised him and Chen Fei'er.

     South Korean KBS TV station sent a show invitation to the two!


     Note: "Mo" wordings: Yin Yue/Composer: Qian Lei
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