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Chapter Directory 763 No Reason
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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When it comes to the topic of children, the atmosphere in the private room becomes more lively.

     In addition to joking about Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, Song Yuliu also talked about her own daughter. She knew a lot at a young age, and her experience in the modern information society made her education more difficult.

     She said to Chen Fei'er: "If you give birth to children in the future, it is best to have two in a row, so that they can play together on their own and don't have to toss about being a father and a mother."

     Song Yuliu and Tan Hong have a son and a daughter. The son is already 20 years old. Of course, it is impossible to bring a sister at home. The age difference is too big and there is no common topic.

     Just having a good chat, Tan Ling came back with Tan Jiawan.

     Tan Ling carried the laptop bag and the guitar case with her left and right hands. Tan Jiawan followed her around and said impatiently: "Brother Lu Chen, it's up to you now!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Okay, then it's up to me now!"

     He took the computer bag from Tan Ling, opened it and took out the laptop, which was already loaded with authoring software, so he started to compose scores right away.

     Everyone's eyes fell on him involuntarily.

     Lu Chen's fingers flew like flying, his keyboard crackling, and it only took less than 10 minutes to stop: "It's done!"

     "so fast?"Tan Hong was surprised, even if it is improvisation, the speed is too heaven-defying!

     However, he thought in a blink of an eye that he was meant to make his daughter happy, and it was inappropriate to make it too solemn. He couldn't help but relieved: "Let me see, check..."

     The nursery rhymes that he worked so hard to compose for his daughter before were disgusted, and he was always taking troubles to heart, so he couldn't help being curious about what Lu Chen took out in ten minutes.

     Lu Chen smiled and sent the laptop over.

     Tan Hong is also rude, take it over and be ready to pick up and defend his dignity.

     Probably, it is a bit of resentment from being a father!

     In the end, it didn't matter if he looked at it, he went straight into it, staring at the screen for ten minutes.

     Song Yuliu and Tan Ling look at each other in dismay, but Tan Jiawan was impatiently waiting, and reached out to grab the computer: "Let me have a look, this is what Brother Lu Chen wrote for me!"

     Her family learned from her family. She started to learn music when she was four or five years old. There was no problem with music scores.

     But Tan Hong turned off the computer. He shook his head and asked Lu Chen: "This song is in your library, right?"

     Many Songwriters have their own library of works. When they have inspiration, they write a few sentences or paragraphs, half of a song or a song, and reorganize them when needed.Lu Chen can be said to be unmatched in the show business community in music creation, but no matter how talented he is, it is impossible to say that I want to write a song for you, so he can create a complete and outstanding song in ten minutes. Works come.

     It's normal to extract inspiration from the library of works or a reserve of ready-made works.

     What a character Tan Hong is, a real pop singer, his appreciation of music is undoubtedly, of course he can tell the quality level of a song.

     The problem is precisely here. The song Lu Chen took out is not a kid's stuff.

     That would be too much!

     Lu Chen explained: "I remember Jiawan's birthday has just passed, this song is my birthday gift for her."

     "birthday present?"

     Tan Hong is speechless: "Isn't Fei'er already given away? Can't ask for it anymore, and this is also..."

     Before he could finish his words, Tan Jiawan's eyes were red, and he looked like weeping—a song he got was about to be wiped out by her father.

     Chen Fei'er looked distressed and couldn't help complaining: "Brother Tan, do we have to care about so much?"

     Tan Ling also looked at her cousin very puzzled.

     Lu Chen smiled and said to Tan Jiawan: "Jiawan, give me the guitar, I will teach you how to sing now."The little girl immediately turned grief into happiness, and immediately gave her guitar to Lu Chen.

     Tan Hong's dissuasion was ineffective, and said helplessly: "Oh, just spoil her..."

     Song Yuliu pursed his lips and smiled. When it comes to petting his daughter, no one is more petting than himself, and he is ashamed to say others!

     Lu Chen asked the little girl to sit next to him, holding the guitar and lightly plucking the strings.

     Tan Jiawan’s guitar is a small-sized children’s guitar, and it is a nevertheless folk style. Although Lu Chen has never used it before, he is definitely at the top level in guitar playing, so he can get started in three or two.

     "The joys and sorrows of life,

     Willing to share everything with you.

     It is inevitable to fall and wait,

     Raise your head bravely.

     Who would like to always hide in a harbor sheltered from the wind,

     Ning to have the freedom of turbulent waves,

     May it be the beacon in your heart,

     Let you see through in the mist.


     The song Lu Chen gave to Tan Jiawan is called "The Sunshine Always After the Storm". Of course, this song is not a nursery rhyme. The lyrics are undoubtedly too mature for children in the second to third year.

     But this song is not a love song or folk songs or rock and roll works. It is inspirational and contains a strong conviction power. There are many beautiful things, but it has nothing to do with age.Lu Chen gave "Sunshine Always After the Storm" to Tan Jiawan, which actually represents his encouragement and expectations for the little girl. Maybe she still can't really understand the meaning of the lyrics, but she will definitely understand it in the future.

     Lu Chen wants this song to accompany her to grow up, and let her face difficulties and setbacks in the future, without fear!


     the sun is always behind the storm,

     There is a clear sky over the dark clouds!

     Cherish all the touches,

     Every hope is in your hands.

     the sun is always behind the storm,

     Please believe there is a rainbow.

     Accept the ups and downs,

     I will always be by your side.


     In the private room, the guitar sound of guqin drifted along with Lu Chen's singing, and everyone listened attentively.

     Still moved.

     Tan Hong suddenly understood.

     Originally, he resisted, because he knew very well that such a song by Lu Chen was priced at millions and many people were rushing to ask for it. It would be too expensive as a gift.

     Since Lu Chen became famous, I don’t know how many vagabond singer stars have invited him to perform songs, but very few really get his wish, and those who get his works will not be disappointed.

     In the show business community, there are even rumors that a certain vagabond singer who is not bad for money is willing to pay 5 million for Lu Chen's new work!Ten million Tan Hong can certainly afford it, but Lu Chen would never ask for it, and it is impossible to talk about money.

     But now hearing Lu Chen sing it himself, he understands that this song is not only for Tan Jiawan, but also for himself. It writes his deepest guarding love for his daughter!

     This is Lu Chen's return, in return for his original help and support to Lu Chen.

     Then what reason does he refuse?



     Note: "Sunshine Always After the Storm" by Lyrics: Chen Jiaming
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