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Chapter Directory 771 Two Problems
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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In 2017, it has become history.

     On the first day of the new year, as usual, Lu Chen updated his blog post on the Inspur blog. Thank all fans for their support and love in the past year. I also wish everyone what they want in the new year. .

     As of 9 a.m. on January 1, 2018, the number of fans of Lu Chen's blog is 105,720,254, ranking first on the fan list with an unrivaled attitude, and is the king of fully deserving, without any reservations in China!

     In 2017, his career has made great progress, his personal wealth has increased by more than ten times, and his relationship with Chen Fei'er is sweet and stable, which can be called a double harvest of love and career.

     As a star artist, Lu Chen can be said to have reached a pinnacle in his life!

     But he is not satisfied with this. The past glory belongs to the past. In 2018, his journey has just started.

     For Lu Chen's New Year's greetings, fans naturally responded with enthusiastic response.

     In addition to the same blessings, there are two main issues that everyone is most concerned about. First, of course, the challenge of Lee Chee Sung. Fans are eager to know when the duel between Lu Chen and Lee Chee Sung will be held. Lu Chen has Not confident to defeat this Korean Taekwondo master?

     In fact, there is no need to guess the answer to the question of "confidence". If Lu Chen had no confidence, how could he agree to the challenge of Lee Chee Sung?Everyone just wants to hear Lu Chen's firmest answer to make fans more confident.

     Lu Chen certainly won't let the fans down, and replied to everyone's questions as soon as possible.

     This sensational confrontation between China and South Korea, if all goes well, will be held on January 5th. It will be broadcast live by domestic TV stations and online media for everyone to see.

     As for confidence, he has the confidence to win!

     And fans are secondly concerned about whether the relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er will bear fruit in 2018?

     Fans are concerned for good reasons. Just yesterday, on December 31, the famous actor Yang Han announced that his girlfriend Xiao Li, who had been in love with him for seven years, had broken up amicably, and related news quickly made the search list.

     Yang Han and Xiao Li are classmates of Beijing Film and Television, and they have co-starred in a number of film and television dramas. They are lovers in the drama and lovers outside the drama. I don't know how much love and dog food they have shown on the blog.

     Speaking of lovers in the entertainment industry, if you list the charts (of best-sellers), then Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er must be ranked first, and Yang Han and Xiao Li are at least the top three. How many single dogs.

     However, this pair of talented and female lovers suddenly announced their breakup without warning. Soon after someone revealed the inside story that the relationship between the two had already had a problem, they couldn't help but sigh deeply.In the entertainment circle, it is too common for men and women to separate and reunite. The emotional change, the derailment, the derailment, the grass powder... It is not too dirty to say that it is dirty.

     In such a circle, the relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er is undoubtedly a clear stream. Fans are absolutely unwilling to see their favorite idols, and the best couple in their hearts has problems, so I very much hope that the two will have problems. Love affair can be cultivated in the new year.

     In this regard, Lu Chen's answer is very simple-please wipe one's eyes and wait!

     When Lu Chen interacted with fans on the blog, the domestic TV media and online media circles exploded.

     Lee Chee Sung's challenge to Lu Chen was a big deal. It is currently the hottest topic on the Internet. It has a huge number of people following it, and it belongs to the real news focus.

     Now Lu Chen said that domestic TV stations and online media will broadcast the much-anticipated competition live, so the question is, which TV station and online media will live it?

     There is no news at all!

     For such big news and hot spots, the units that have obtained the right to live broadcast must have shouted all over the world, 100% will not be hidden, otherwise how to attract wealthy advertisers?

     You know, the time for the duel is on January 5th, not a few days away!So the only answer is that currently no TV station or network platform has obtained the live broadcast rights, and according to past practice, such live broadcasts can only be given to one TV station and one network platform!

     Hands are fast, but hands are slow!

     The fastest response nevertheless Capital City TV. Relying on the good cooperative relationship and geographical advantages of both parties, Chen Qi, the deputy director of Capital City TV, took people directly to the Chen Fei Media headquarters and bet Lu Xi's door.

     Relying on the pull of "My Love from the Star", Capital City TV's advertising revenue doubled last year. The deputy director Chen, who advocated the acquisition of the premiere rights of "Star You", is a great success. It is very likely to be Entered CCTV this year as a new position.

     He has tasted the sweetness, so he is willing to miss this opportunity and compete for the live broadcast right first.

     Zhedong TV's response was a little slower, but the call quickly reached Lu Xi's phone.

     Not only are the two David TVs in Beijing and Zhedong, Xiangnan TV also deliberately dip a finger, and other satellite TV stations are unwilling to be lonely, and they have also sent staff to visit or call to inquire.

     Compared with the various David TV stations that compete for hegemony, there are relatively fewer competitors on the network platform, but all of them are big names, WeChat network, NetEase network, Whale TV...The key to the competition is undoubtedly WeChat network and Whale TV. Both have a good cooperative relationship with Lu Chen. The strength of WeChat network will definitely overwhelm Whale TV. However, Whale TV has signed an endorsement contract with Lu Chen and has an advantage.

     In addition to the media, many brands also come thick and fast and want to sponsor this competition.

     For a while, several of Lu Xi's mobile phones were blown up, and the phone in the office kept ringing, making the customer service on duty miserable, and it was not easy on New Year's Day.

     "Look at what you caused!"

     Until noon, Lu Xi finally took the time to call Lu Chen and complained: "You have a good time in South Korea. It is too late for me to answer the call. How can I solve it?"

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are playing in Gyeongbokgung Palace. He received a call from Lu Xi and laughed: "You can take care of it, anyway, give priority to long-term partners. By the way, you have to tell the TV station that this competition is live. The income will be won by the winner!"

     "If I win..."

     He said: "Except for necessary expenses, all income will be donated to Chen Fei Charity Fund!"

     Lu Xi suddenly lost his temper: "I understand."

     No one dislikes a lot of money, but people are different. Some people have earned money that they can't spend in a few lifetimes, and they are still stingy with even a penny of charity.And Lu Chen is more willing to spend money to help those who need help. He also gains the respect of others, the support of fans and many things that cannot be bought with money.

     Money is not the key, so how to choose Lu Xi is very simple.

     After the two ended the call, Chen Fei Media's official V quickly released the relevant news, which once again sparked a heated discussion on the Inspur blog!

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