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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Who would have thought that Lee Chee Sung, who had just battled hard to untie, hard to separate with Lu Chen, would be directly beaten out of the ring.

     The Taekwondo master fell heavily on the plastic floor, turned over and jumped up with his hands on the ground. Although the movements were very beautiful, they couldn't hide the embarrassment of frustration.

     The air in the Wucheng General Hall seemed to freeze, and everyone's eyes were focused on him.

     A bitter smile appeared on Lee Chee Sung's face. He shook his head and returned to the ring.

     At this moment, there are still 10 seconds left before the end of the first round of this tens of billions war!

     Those Wucheng disciples who were in shock, astonishment, and despair suddenly showed expectation in their eyes, because according to the rules of the competition, as long as Lee Chee Sung does not admit defeat, then they can continue. It is nothing more than a big loss. The points are only.

     There are two more games behind, and he still has a chance to turn defeat into victory!

     But to everyone's surprise, Lee Chee Sung did not delay the time to the end of the first game, but bowed to Lu Chen with a serious expression and said, "This victory in the competition belongs to your Excellency!"

     He actually gave up!

     There was an uproar in the audience.

     Lu Chen clasped his fists in return: "Admit it!"

     Lu Chen didn't expect Lee Chee Sung to admit failure so cleanly, he couldn't help but admire it secretly.As the saying goes, Wen Wu is the first and Wu Wu is the second. As the representative of Korean Taekwondo and the founder of Wu Sung-ryu, Lee Chee Sung, who has strong strength and ambitious ambition, has no doubt about the importance he attaches to this competition.

     A warrior like him is bound to be determined and will never give up easily, because it is about dignity.

     It is precisely because of this that his calm attitude towards failure is very commendable, and in the previous duel, the fighting spirit shown by the Taekwondo master is impeccable.

     Many fighting masters are very good at using the rules. When the situation is unfavorable, they like to dodge, grapple and delay or even use foul tactics to extend the game time.

     This cannot be said to be wrong, because the rules allow it to be no problem. Glory belongs to the final winner. Even if the situation ahead is ugly, the winner will not be blamed.

     But Lee Chee Sung didn't use such a trick, he couldn't possibly not, he was just proud.

     To lose is to lose, no excuses!

     Lu Chen appreciates Lee Chee Sung, who voluntarily admits defeat, because he will make the same choice if he is replaced by himself.

     Comparing and competing is not a life and death fight. It is more courage to admit that you are inferior to your opponent.Of course, for Lu Chen fans, they don't think so much, they only know one unequivocal fact, that is, Lu Chen won.

     Victory belongs to Lu Chen!

     In this battle of tens of billions that can be said to have attracted worldwide attention, Lu Chen defeated Lee Chee Sung before the end of the first game.

     All the fans who followed this test were all "burned", especially in the [Whale TV] live room, it was almost boiling, and the barrage and rewards made the server almost down!

     "My Chen is mighty!"

     "Victory belongs to us!"

     "Hahaha, I said Lu Chen will win, and that's right!"

     "It was really exciting just now. Lu Chen's counterattack was a magical stroke. No, it was a magical fist!"

     "I have decided, I also want to learn Chinese Kung Fu!"


     According to [Whale TV] official post-event statistics, in the 1 minute after Lee Chee Sung bowed his head to Lu Chen, the number of online viewers of [War of Ten Billion] exceeded 10 million, and a total of 13 million barrages were displayed. , And rewards and gifts worth 8 million+!

     This record has not been broken in the next ten years, until Lu Chen stands on the Oscar podium...At the same time, in Lu Chen’s official post, in addition to the crazy celebrations of fans, the sling of "Park Eun Seong KSO" became the most important theme. Everyone laughed and laughed in his several posts. .

     Although it’s a bit kind and honest, isn’t it a relief?

     "Park Eun Seong KSO" did not respond any more, but went offline and never went online again.

     In addition, Zhedong TV and Capital City TV had a comprehensive audience rating of more than 15% for the live broadcast of this competition, and the WeChat video had more than 100 million views, breaking their respective records.

     The impact of this is very far-reaching. Many years later, when people talk about Chinese Kung Fu or Taekwondo, this "War of Ten Billions" will always be indispensable. It also allows "Chinese Kung Fu" to truly enter deeply into people's hearts!

     While the domestic fans celebrated the victory, in the Wucheng General Hall, a famous referee from the United States officially announced the result of the competition-Lu Chen defeated Lee Chee Sung.

     No one objected to this, even the disciples of Lee Chee Sung were silent.

     Lee Chee Sung can pick it up or put it down, carefully planning but making wedding dresses for others. He did not show any anger or resentment or regret, but politely invited Lu Chen to communicate again in private.

     Lu Chen readily agreed.In an elegant room in the Wucheng General Hall, Lee Chee Sung personally cooked a pot of green tea for Lu Chen and others.

     After drinking two cups of tea, the atmosphere became harmonious. The taekwondo master suddenly said: "Mr. Lu Chen, the Chinese Kung Fu you created is very different from the traditional Chinese martial arts, but I can see boxing and martial arts in it. Legacy inheritance is stronger than I thought. I admire it very much..."

     "I wonder if you have an idea to promote this powerful technique to the world?"

     Lu Chen was stunned. He didn't expect Lee Chee Sung to ask such a question.

     Lu Chen's kungfu first comes from the memory in the dream world, which belongs to Mo Ran's memory, but it is not enough for him to inherit all of it, but to have his own creation and ideas on this basis.

     Inheritance and development, coupled with his changed talent, makes Lu Chen truly powerful!

     Lee Chee Sung has a keen eye. As for promoting Chinese Kungfu...

     He really has such an idea!

     After thinking about it for a while, Lu Chen replied calmly: "Mr. Lee Chee Sung, I do have such an idea, but the time is not ripe, and I don't have time to realize my intentions."First of all, he is an artist. The career of performing arts and singing is the foundation. The promotion of Kungfu also needs to be carried out on the basis of the development of his career. It is impossible to neglect the root and pursue the tip.

     Lee Chee Sung smiled slightly: "Then if the time is right in the future, I don’t know if Mr. Lu Chen is willing to work hand in hand with our Wucheng Pavilion to build a world based on the two great skills of Wucheng Taekwondo and Chinese Kung Fu. Wugong professional league competition?"

     World Martial Arts Professional League!

     Lu Chen has to admit that Lee Chee Sung's proposal is tempting and constructive.

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