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Chapter Directory 782 Bafang Fengyuhui Jingshi (Part 1)
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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When Lu Chen returned to the capital, it had just fallen on the first snow of the new year.

     The heavy snowfall caused the flight from Seoul to Beijing to be delayed for more than 5 hours, so when I arrived at the Beijing International Airport, it was already more than 11 o'clock in the evening.

     What surprised Lu Chen was that even when the flight was delayed for such a long time, there were still a large number of fans staying in the terminal to pick him up!

     Seeing Lu Chen and others coming out of the passenger passage, these fans immediately uttered world-shaking cheers. They held up various posters, cheering cards, and flower gifts, etc. The scene was quite amazing.

     For the current Lu Chen, it is normal to meet fans or reporters who come to pick up the plane at the airport, because his popularity is so high that there is no need to arrange professional fans at all, and there are still a lot of real fans.

     It is said that the aviation company has someone who sells the flight information of star artists to the support group, so fans can keep track of the idol's movements at any time and be enclosed in the airport.

     In this regard, Lu Chen has long been used to it.

     But today it was a day of heavy snow, the plane was delayed for such a long time, and so many fans waited for his return, which really moved him, and even embarrassed him.

     "Thank you!"Lu Chen received flowers and gifts from the two female fans and smiled to express his gratitude.

     Several female fans who squeezed to the front flushed with excitement, and the people behind closed around, causing chaos on the scene. Fortunately, the airport has arranged enough personnel to maintain order.

     As usual, Lu Chen should speed up and leave, and the car to pick him up was already waiting outside.

     But today's situation is really special. He really can't just leave behind the fans who have been waiting for him for so long, so he took the initiative to take the crowd aside and sign and take photos for these fans one by one.

     Fans are of course be pleased beyond one's expectations, and they queue up spontaneously with quality.

     Their/their hard waiting is finally not in vain, not only can they get the photo of Lu Chen's autograph, but also add Chen Fei'er by the way, which is a real profit!

     Lu Chen signed a fan, and asked: "Now the subway stops, how do you get back?"

     The other party replied: "My friend and I are going to take a taxi back."

     Take a taxi?

     Lu Chen couldn't help frowning.

     It's late now. The most convenient and fastest subway is out of service. There must be airport taxis, but it is estimated that it is very difficult to hit because of the snow, and there are so many fans...He immediately said to Lu Xi: "Sister, you call to ask if you can transfer a few cars and send people back?"

     Lu Xi nodded and called the bus immediately.

     She helped Lu Chen manage Workshop and Chen Fei Media, and managed quite a few contacts in Beijing, which is naturally unavoidable.

     In just a few minutes, Lu Xi contacted the vehicle and nevertheless Capital City TV.

     When fans heard that Lu Chen arranged a bus for them to go back, let alone how intimate and touched they were. They posted posts and photos on their respective blogs and circle of friends, all of them were delicious.

     Is there the most heart-warming idol?

     When the other fans saw it, they all expressed envy and hatred, and even expressed that they would rush to the airport immediately!

     After all this tossing, when Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er returned home, it was already more than 1 o'clock in the morning.

     Both of them were so tired that they went to bed to rest after a simple wash, and slept until dawn.

     Woke up the next day, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er hurried to the CCTV headquarters building together.

     The two are here today to participate in the first formal rehearsal of the 2018 Spring Festival Gala.CCTV's dress rehearsal is different from ordinary evening parties. The requirements for participating stars are relaxed for ordinary evening parties. The rehearsal usually does not require the celebrity to participate or it is enough to participate only once, but CCTV is out of the question.

     No matter how big the celebrities are, they must participate in the formal rehearsal if they are selected into the Spring Festival Gala. Unless there is a special reason, they cannot ask for leave.

     If you can't accept this rule, then don't think about this multi-awarded stage!

     The previous Spring Festival Gala was not so strict, especially for Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, but in recent years this rule has been implemented very well, and some stars have been kicked out for this reason.

     This year's Spring Festival Gala, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er both have programs, so the first rehearsal is definitely not to be missed.

     It's not that the two of them regarded the Spring Festival Gala as important, but there was no need to be rule-breakers, so nevertheless took it very seriously and rushed over more than an hour in advance.

     The color of the Spring Festival Gala was displayed in CCTV's No. 1 studio. When the two entered, they went through multiple security checks.

     In order to prevent the turbulent self-media and Internet celebrities from entering the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal site to secretly film and leak the content of the Spring Festival Gala, CCTV's confidential work for the first rehearsal of the Spring Festival Gala can be said to be airtight. All bags and mobile phones of the audience are not allowed to enter. The personnel also have strict regulations.When the two appeared in the backstage of the studio, they immediately attracted the attention of countless people!

     Recently, no one in the domestic entertainment circle can discuss two disparate things together with Lu Chen, especially since he just defeated Taekwondo master Lee Chee Sung in South Korea, he was so much hyped by the media that he was about to be a god. altar.

     It is really out of the question that people are not convinced. Lu Chen needs to be tall, have a good appearance, have talents, and be able to write and martial arts. He is a perfect star.

     Regardless of whether it is from true affection and nevertheless, and regardless of whether there is friendship, the star artists who have been prepared in the backstage have welcomed Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er welcome sb with a smiling face or greet enthusiastically.

     Among them are two friends, such as Liu Gangsheng, Tan Hong, etc. In addition to the "evergreen trees" in these two circles, there are also many celebrities and emerging artists, who can be described as star-studded!

     Like Chen Fei'er, Liu Gangsheng participated in the Spring Festival Gala for the third time this year. He flew to the capital a few days ago.

     Seeing Lu Chen now, everyone is naturally a joy to meet again after a long absence.

     Tan Hong had already retired from the music scene, but because of the invitation of the great director Chen Guozhi, he also came.

     However, he will not appear alone, but will participate in a chorus of stars.

     The chorus repertoire was created by Lu Chen!Tan Hong opened his arms and gave him a strong hug, and praised: "I have won glory for the country. Come to my house for dinner tonight. Your sister-in-law said that I will help the heroes!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "What a hero I am, thank you sister-in-law!"

     While the two were talking and laughing, Chen Guozhi appeared in the background.

     The first formal rehearsal of the Spring Festival Gala is about to begin!


     PS: Explain here that the slow update is due to physical reasons. This book will definitely not be an eunuch, because it is not far from the end of the book, and a new book is in the pipeline.
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