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Chapter Directory 791 Great Challenge To Break Through (Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The Lu family class was created by Lu Chen. At present, it has more than 20 official members, all of whom are signed by Chen Fei Media, which can be regarded as an important team of Lu Chen.

     Regardless of the small number of people, Lu Chen's investment in this team is not low at all. The salary of Lu family members is only higher than that of ordinary white-collar workers in Beijing, and the subsidy during the shooting period is very large.

     Moreover, Lu Chen often trains with the Lu family class. The team has high cohesion and outstanding work performance.

     Li Xiaoguang is regarded as the youngest member of the Lu family class. He just retired from the army last year, but he is very skilled. He also played a supporting role in "My Love from the Star", which is highly regarded by Wan Yong.

     Therefore, Wan Yong first sent him out for this test and breakthrough challenge, and Li Xiaoguang did not live up to Wan Yong's expectations. He passed two levels cleanly and took less than 30 seconds!

     According to the rules of the Grand Challenge, there is a limit to the time to pass, which is a bonus item. Naturally, the sooner the better, Li Xiaoguang's achievement is undoubtedly very good.

     However, the difficulty of the third level "Rapid Advance" suddenly increased, and Li Xiaoguang was a bit anxious for quick results. Several times, he was almost flushed down the swimming pool by the jet of water. It was completely adjusted by his extraordinary skill. It was a thrilling scene. The onlookers could not help but exclaimed and exclaimed.At the swimming pool site, in addition to the factory personnel who install the equipment, there are also many staff in the swimming pool.

     But now everyone's attention is focused on Li Xiaoguang, to see if he can pass the fourth level.

     Under everyone's gaze, Li Xiaoguang learned the previous lesson and did not dare to despise the adventurously. He steadily passed the more difficult overturning seas and rivers, and finally jumped on top of the floating valve.

     It took 5 minutes and 27 seconds to pass the four levels.

     After successfully breaking through the barrier, he shook his fist excitedly, which drew bursts of applause from the audience!

     Manager Zhang smiled and said to Lu Chen: "This young man is really amazing. If I go up there, I'm afraid I won't be able to pass the first level!"

     Lu Chen nodded thoughtfully: "Well, try another one."

     Since it is a test, the sample of the test should be more comprehensive. Li Xiaoguang is an elite member of the Lu family class. Good performance is a matter of course. His results can only be used as one of the basis for equipment debugging.

     According to his requirements, the difficulty of breaking through the big challenge can be adjusted. If ordinary people can also pass the four levels, then it needs to be more difficult. After all, there are not a few people participating in this official audition.Lu Chen just asked, someone immediately volunteered, and nevertheless the staff of the swimming pool.

     The first swimming pool has a water entertainment project, but the creative form of the challenge is undoubtedly very new to them, and it looks very fun. There are many people who be eager to give sth a try.

     Of course, Lu Chen agreed. These equipment can be installed in place so quickly. In addition to the power of customized manufacturers, it is also indispensable for the strong support of the swimming pool.

     Not only does the preliminary preparation require the cooperation of the swimming pool, but when it comes to the official recording, it needs the help of the swimming pool, such as the lifeguards that must be arranged on site.

     In addition, Lu Chen can also see a little thought about the swimming pool.

     But this is no big deal. If the first swimming pool needs it, all the equipment can be sold to them after the show is recorded, which is a win-win situation.

     With Lu Chen's approval, the swimming pool immediately sent a man and a woman to the swimming pool. They put on swimsuits and went through the barriers, and nevertheless carefully selected the handsome men and women.

     This is not surprising. In addition to Lu Chen's presence during the equipment debugging, CCTV Variety Channel also dispatched personnel to track Shooting materials on the spot. Naturally, the swimming pool should take the opportunity to show its face and bring a wave of publicity.For them, this time the cooperation with Chen Fei Media and CCTV Variety Channel is simply a big pie falling from the sky, and they really value it very much.

     As a result, two temporary players, one fell to the second level, and the other was rushed down the pool by the rapids of the third level.

     "It's almost like this..."

     Lu Chen was very satisfied, and said to Manager Zhang: "The difficulty does not need to be adjusted, but the equipment must be maintained in place to ensure stable operation during the recording of the show, and the equipment for the next three levels must be produced quickly.

     "do not worry…"

     As the representative of the equipment manufacturer, Manager Zhang said with a smile: "The quality assurance is no problem. Our drive and control motors are all imported products, and the time is guaranteed not to be delayed!"

     Although the business came suddenly, it made them Company exhausted and paid a lot of money, but they can also get huge profits, and there are long-term benefits.

     Once the show is successful, more orders will surely fly in.

     Will this show succeed? That is 100% sure, because there is a famous sign of Lu Chen!

     He smiled and said, "Teacher Lu, don't you go and try it yourself? Give me some valuable experience."This manager Zhang actually just said that, mostly meant to make jokes, but Lu Chen really moved his heart when he heard it, nodded and said, "It's okay."

     Manager Zhang did not expect that his suggestion would be accepted by Lu Chen, he was taken aback, and he was pleased beyond one's expectations.

     If Lu Chen personally went into battle, the publicity effect would be great!

     Lu Chen did what he said. He asked his assistant to find a pair of short pants for himself and put them on in the locker room.

     It was cold weather, frozen ground outside, but the indoor swimming pool was air-conditioned and had a constant temperature swimming pool, so Lu Chen simply took off his shirt and went directly into battle bare-breasted.

     As a result, as soon as he appeared, he immediately attracted everyone's attention, especially the few young girls present, who were staring at the stars. If there were no regulations on work on the spot, I'm afraid he would immediately take out his mobile phone to take pictures.

     Lu Chen is a celebrity artist with both strength and idol. He is tall and handsome, has a sunny and healthy appearance, but rarely shows his figure like today.

     He is not the kind of fierce man with muscular knots, but he has a well-proportioned body with a wide back and a narrow waist, smooth abdominal muscles, and gives people a feeling of infinite strength. meat".

     The two cameras arranged on the scene were aimed at Lu Chen at the same time.Lu Chen stood at the starting point of the barrier, warmed up with his hands and feet for two minutes, and then rushed to the first pontoon under everyone's attention. The speed was like a leopard hunting, fast and vigorous!

     Crow and peacock make no sound in the swimming pool, the camera lens firmly tracked Lu Chen's dashing figure, faithfully recording all his movements in the storage hard disk.

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