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Chapter Directory 797 Evaluation Of New Heights
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"93.78%! CCTV Spring Festival Gala ratings have revived! 》

     "Audience public praise is good, Chen Guozhi, the first director of the Spring Festival Gala, handed in a satisfactory answer! 》

     "Seek a breakthrough in tradition, this year's Spring Festival Gala finally no longer disappoints and complains. 》

     "Inventory the highlights of this year's Spring Festival Gala! 》


     The fastest response is always the online media. New Year's Eve has just passed, and the Spring Festival Gala topics on major websites have all updated their content, and they commented on this year's Spring Festival Gala.

     Among them, NetEase, WeChat, and CCTV set up an audience voting session on New Year's Eve. All viewers watching the Spring Festival Gala can vote on any program, and finally select the most popular program.

     The final result was officially announced on the morning of New Year's Day!

     Among them, the skit "Protagonist and Supporting Actor", the large-scale costume dance "Glory of the Glory", the singing of "Tomorrow Will Be Better" by the stars from both sides of the strait, the multi-person acrobatics "Golden Dragon Nails the Sea" and the ending song "Unforgettable Tonight" won the top five respectively.

     The first "Protagonist and Supporting Actor" has an audience rating of 97.25%, creating the best record since the beginning of the Spring Festival Gala program online voting. The outstanding performances of the two famous sketch artists Gao Desheng and Zhu Kaiqiang won almost all of them. The unanimous applause of people.This skit does not use boring Internet jokes, does not take the disadvantaged to have fun, does not flatter the main theme, does not have the burden of forcibly tickling people’s armpits and pretentious action language, and there is no sensational and kitsch. Rely on the story itself and humorous words to conquer the audience!

     The entire storyline is extremely compact, interlocking contradictions and conflicts are constant, Gao Desheng and Lin Kai's performances are even more impeccable, especially Gao Desheng's "supporting role" is a living spirit, living image extremely vivid, strong acting skills Enough to shame a vote of the show business community.

     The media's evaluation of this sketch is also very good, even those media commentators who like frigid irony and scorching satire are not stingy with compliments. Some people even regard it as the best sketch in the history of the Spring Festival Gala, at least one of them.

     Compared with the media, the comments of viewers, especially netizens, are more authentic.

     "It's so interesting, Gao Desheng played so well!"

     "My stomach hurts with laughter. Dad almost got angry with his laughter. It's a work of conscience!"

     "CCTV finally came up with a decent program. There are more such sketches, the better, I hope it will be better!"

     "Unexpectedly, I didn't expect that you, Zhu Kaiqiang, with big eyebrows and big eyes, would also betray the revolution!"

     "LOL…"The eyes of the audience are discerning, they are very clear about what is sincere and what is fooling, and they will not be stingy to send applause and heartfelt praise to the former.

     The Spring Festival Gala is a free New Year's Eve meal. Everyone hopes to eat delicious food, not cold rice or rotten ingredients that have been fried several times. The past ridicules and complaints are actually the need for higher spiritual enjoyment.

     At this point, "Protagonist and Supporting Actor" turned his colleagues into scum in seconds!

     On the New Year’s Day, on the CCTV website, the number of hits for "Protagonist and Supporting Role" easily exceeded 10 million, and the search volume of the search engine also exceeded 10 million, showing the popularity of this program.

     The influence of "Protagonist and Supporting Actor" has spread widely because of the Internet. In many forums, post bars, and WeChat groups, various memes and jokes have appeared, such as "Captain Don't Shoot" and "I didn't expect your XXX to have such thick eyebrows." The big-eyed people are also betraying the revolution" stems are flying all over the sky!

     Gao Desheng has been silent for several years, and Lin Kai is about to withdraw from the show business circle, but with the "Protagonist and Supporting Actor", the two became popular again, and their popularity is far greater than ever!

     Then a careful audience discovered that the author of "Protagonist and Supporting Actor" was actually Lu Chen.

     At first, there were still people who didn't believe it, but only after looking through the show video to find the subtitles were they truly sure and was shocked again.

     Is this Lu Chen that Lu Chen?When did Lu Chen start writing sketches?

     Fans who are puzzled, puzzled, puzzled, and curious went to the Inspur blog to verify, @了Lu Chen, Chen Fei Media, CCTV and even Chen Guozhi.

     Then the director nevertheless Da Chen responded in the first place: Lu Chen is Lu Chen, not someone else!

     Fans are blown up like this-I'll take it, the idol is too awesome!

     Everyone knows that Lu Chen’s talent in pop music creation is unmatched, and he also knows that he can write such wonderful scripts as "Blue Life and Death" and "My Love from the Star". I didn't expect to have the same in the creation of sketches. Amazing talent.

     Not only the creation of "Protagonist and Supporting Actor", everyone also found that this year's Spring Festival Gala, Lu Chen produced more than just a sketch script. In the five most popular festivals, in addition to this sketch, a group of stars sang together. "Tomorrow Will Be Better" is also written by Lu Chen!

     "Knock your sleeping heart gently, and slowly open Your Eyes."

     "Look at the busy world, is it still turning around alone!"

     "The spring breeze is incomprehensible, and it blows the heart of the young man, making the tears on yesterday's face dry with memory!"

     "Look up for the wings of the sky..."The song "Tomorrow Will Be Better" is a completely new work. There are many singers, Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er, Liu Gangsheng, Fang Yuehua, Zhang Fang Fang... all of them are big celebrities.

     This work has a beautiful melody and elegant style, full of positive energy, and also contains a strong humanistic feelings. It is easy to resonate with the audience. Through the singing of seven singers, it became popular in Jiangnan North overnight.

     This is not over yet, even the ending song of the Spring Festival Gala "Unforgettable Tonight" is also from Lu Chen!

     In the previous Spring Festival Gala, the ending song was pure music, the work of a deceased musician. It has not changed in the past two decades. This year is a major change.

     "Unforgettable Tonight" has a slow and melodious rhythm, a cordial and distant meaning, and is easy to get close to the hearts of the audience. It is also easy to sing in the mouth. This song has strong emotional tension and penetration, and it indicates that the feast will be scattered. The sincere blessings of the affectionate farewell, and expressed the infinite expectation and good wishes for meeting again in the coming year.

     The song was sung by the famous female singer Lin Yuan. She sang the song in a soft and delicate voice with a soft and beautiful voice. If it weren't for the ending song, she would definitely rank high.Three of the first five works of the Spring Festival Gala were produced by Lu Chen. One "Tomorrow will be better" and one "Unforgettable Tonight" show his talents in different fields of music and songs, which is impressive!

     Some music critics sighed in his blog, saying that Lu Chen is a music genius is considered to be contempt and belittle, he has the qualifications to become the godfather of pop music.

     What is lacking is just a few crowns and the thickness of time!


     Note: "Tomorrow will be better" wordings: Luo Dayou, Zhang Dachun, Xu Naisheng, Li Shouquan, Zhang Aijia, Qiu Fusheng, Zhan Hongzhi/Composer: Luo Dayou
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