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Chapter Directory 803 Happy Holiday
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Lu Chen, who is in the whirlpool of public opinion, is very indifferent as the subject of many show business communities.

     Since his debut, he has continuously launched works, his popularity has soared, and his commercial value has increased. Similar situations have appeared more and more. It has long been a surprise, and it is not worth making a fuss about nothing.

     It's nothing more than that some people's hype is particularly fierce this time.

     His response is to ignore it for the time being and watch the development of the situation coldly. If this wave of hype can subside on its own, it would be great. If it spreads further, then consider taking appropriate measures.

     Now if Lu Chen jumps out in a hurry to pinch the opponent, he will really fall into the trap. Maybe some celebrities like to use tears to counter-speculate in this situation, but Lu Chen really disdains it.

     In contrast, he pays more attention to his girlfriend who is far away in Ningshan.

     "Ah, I didn't expect that the scenery in my aunt's hometown was so good..."

     Chen Fei'er said happily on the phone: "I like it very much, and I feel that it's great to film here!"

     Lu Chen lived in Ningshan for a few years when he was a child. Of course, he knew that the scenery of Ningshan was very good, but he hadn't been back to Ningshan in the past ten years, and he didn't know how the situation there is now.

     Hearing what Chen Fei'er said, he was relieved, smiled and asked, "Then when are you going to come back?"Originally half of my hometown, my mother personally called, the uncle and the county magistrate both ran to the capital to seek help. Lu Chen was really not good at giving face, since he met the conditions, of course everyone was happy!

     "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" was shot three times in a row. Of course, it was impossible to shoot in one place. Ningshan was included in the Shooting location, and it was a win-win situation.

     "Let's play for two more days..."

     Chen Fei'er laughed and said: "The scenery here is very original, and spring comes earlier in the mountains, and the climate is much more comfortable than Beijing. Today, I just climbed Qing Ningshan with sister Lu Xi and burned incense at Yunchan Temple. "

     "I will go to the film and television city tomorrow to take a look, and take a few real makeup photos by the way!"

     She was obviously addicted to play.

     What else can Lu Chen say?

     "Well then, just have a good time and just play for a few more days. Well, by the way, happy holidays!"


     Chen Fei'er was stunned at first, and then he woke up: "Ah, today is Women's Day, so do you have any gifts for me?"

     Lu Chen sighed: "Did you not see the big red envelope I sent you using WeChat?"

     WeChat just launched the red envelope function during the New Year, and he sent millions of red envelopes during the New Year.

     Chen Fei'er is certainly not bad for money, but mainly nevertheless.She was really happy: "Hehe, I didn't even notice, Thank you dear!"

     The two were tired and crooked for a few more minutes, and then Chen Fei'er reluctantly handed the phone to Lu Xi.

     "Sister, happy holidays!"

     Lu Xi said angrily: "Okay, don't follow me, tell you business!"

     Lu Chen coughed twice and said, "Okay..."

     What Lu Xi and Lu Chen said was a real business, and it was not a trivial matter. The Ningshan County Government intends to sell the shares of Ningshan Film and Television City to Chen Fei Media. The highest transfer ratio is 49%!

     The intention of the Ningshan County Government is obvious. It wants to tie Chen Fei Media to the development of Ningshan's tourism industry, and use the influence of Chen Fei Media for publicity and promotion. In addition, it also wants to recoup part of the investment and fill the government. Budget expenditures have been pulled on the lapels exposes the elbows.

     Of course, Ningshan County does not ask for it unilaterally. Ningshan Film and Television City has been basically completed, with huge investment in facilities and complete facilities. The most important thing is that it contains the most elite tourist resources in Qing Ningshan, with extremely high potential value.

     As the domestic tourism industry is booming today, as long as it is operated properly, the future return on this investment will undoubtedly be very high, but Lu Xi dare not decide on his own for projects involving several hundred million yuan.Lu Chen thought for a while and said, "Sister, I don't have much experience in this area. You have to decide, but I have a suggestion. If you decide to invest, then bring Mushi with you!"

     Last time Li Mushi complained to Lu Chen, saying that he did not play with his own investment project, so this time I included Li Mushi, fulfilling the promise and sharing the pressure of Chen Fei Media, and added a piece of insurance to this investment. .

     With the participation of Li Mushi, who represents Li Family, it can really reduce a lot of trouble.

     Although this is a bit ridiculous, it is true. Lu Chen doesn't care about making more or less, but he doesn't want to get in trouble for making money!

     Lu Xi understood in a second: "Your suggestion is correct, then I will contact Mushi to see if she is interested."

     Lu Chen is pleased: "That's it, yes, you know the situation over there, on behalf of me and the Company, donating some money to the widows or poor students in the county, it is half the heart of my hometown."

     Lu Chen has always been very attentive in charity, and rewarded Sangzi as it should be, and can also establish a more friendly relationship with the Ningshan county government, which is conducive to the development of shooting work in the future.

     Lu Xi agreed.Things went well in Ningshan, but the troubles Lu Chen faced were not reduced at all. Gu Lei became addicted to the heat, and he didn't respond when he saw Lu Chen, and the hype became more and more free of abuse of the consequences.

     "Gu Lei confidently shoots the Wuxia movie and bursts out Lu Chen! 》

     "Who is the real hardcore Kung Fu star, Gu Lei has something to say." 》

     "New Seven Heroes and Five Righteousnesses VS The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, who will become the box office champion of this summer season?" 》

     "Gu Lei was interviewed by a reporter from NetEase and frankly said that he has no pressure on Lu Chen. 》


     His speculation was in full swing. Others watched with enthusiasm, and the original small troopers were also deliberately expanded. All kinds of true and false news were flying all over the Internet.

     As a result, the fans who have been waiting for Lu Chen to fight back can't help but become anxious. Everyone is angry at the shameless and dirty of Gu Lei and his like, and worried that Lu Chen will be affected, so they rushed to his blog to support or inquire.

     Lu Chen remained silent, as if waiting for something.

     On the evening of March 9, Chen Fei'er updated her blog. The subject of her new blog post was a photo.

     The Chen Fei'er in the photo is wearing a finely embroidered goose yellow embellished smoky shirt, with crested gold hairpin inserted in his lightly and slowly curled thick hair, slightly pink and beautiful eyes with a smile, and lazily leaning against a flower stamen On the first blooming peach blossom tree.Behind her is a green forest. A stream winds through the forest. A stone bridge is flying on it. Under the bridge, three or five white ducks are playing in the water. People and scenery are perfectly blended together. To the extreme!

     This blog post has no text content other than the photo, just @了Lu Chen, plus a playful emoji.

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