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Chapter Directory 808 Xinmiao
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The arrival of 170 students made the newly built Jingwu Hall very lively.

     Under the leadership of their respective teachers, 10 teams conducted a series of basic training for film and television shooting.

     The three-day period is very short, and what students can learn is actually very limited. Unless they are the kind of peerless genius, it is impossible for these young people to become qualified martial arts through three days of study.

     The instructors of the Lu family class mainly let them experience the shooting process of the film and television series by themselves. Simple pairing, holding coercion, swinging guns and swords... including making various actions in front of the green screen, and synthesizing them through computer special effects!

     The scene and the angle of view are based on the clear shooting, the big scene is not the key to the big movement, the small scene is the details, and then the big depression angle is used to reflect the big movement of the person kicking over a circle, the elevation angle is used to express a certain partial movement, and the depth lens The fighting situation...

     According to Lu Chen’s standards, Wuxia Kung Fu Film Shooting has very deep skills. He spent a long time organizing memories from the dream world, compiling a set of detailed martial arts film Shooting theoretical plans, and then continuing through actual shooting. Gain experience.

     At the time of Shooting "A Chinese Ghost Story" film, Lu Chen gave a small test, the fighting and fighting between righteous and evil in the film were performed brilliantly and extremely stimulating, which became an important factor in the success of the film.From that time on, Lu Chen took the role of action director by mastering the Lu family class.

     But "A Chinese Ghost Story" is not a real Wuxia film, and there are not many fighting scenes. It is time for this "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" to really test him.

     The existing twenty or thirty members of the Lu family class are far from enough to support Lu Chen's grand Wuxia IP project.

     These young people from all over the country, with dreams and enthusiasm, are undoubtedly seeds.

     Regarding the seeds, Lu Chen is willing to spend time, energy and money on watering and training. The three-day training and learning in Jingwu Hall is just the beginning.

     For these young students, in three days, they seemed to have experienced a baptism of life. First of all, their vision suddenly broke away from the original narrow scope and entered a broader and magical world.

     Everyone has watched movies and TV, and has seen all kinds of special effects in movies and TV shows, but when you and your companions do a few prescribed actions in front of the green giant screen as required, and then see the wonderful movie-level special effects shots synthesized on the screen, this feeling is It is truly unparalleled and wonderful!

     The students suddenly realized that they were so close to their dreams, as if taking another step forward, they would be able to step into a circle envied by countless people and enjoy the highly anticipated scenery.This kind of cognition has brought them great excitement, making them devote themselves to daily training with the utmost enthusiasm.

     The most important thing is that during these three days, Lu Chen has been in the Jingwu Hall, supervising their training!

     "These seedlings are very good..."

     Wan Yong said to Lu Chen: "At least 70% to 80% can meet our requirements. It's a shame to be eliminated."

     According to Lu Chen's plan, the Lu family class will select 20 to 30 people from this group of students to sign up for training, participate in the shooting of the movie "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", and even become the backbone of the future Lu family class. power.

     However, Wan Yong didn't expect that these students from the sea elections had such a good basic quality, and basically all of them could endure hardships and study hard. Thinking about eliminating most of them in the future, I can't help feeling regretful.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Twenty to thirty people are guaranteed. There are no problems with more potential good seedlings. As long as you choose, you can select all of them!"

     The Lu family class expands to 100+ members, and it costs 30 to 40 million yuan a year to enough and to spare, which is nothing compared to the investment and income of Shooting a movie.

     And in the future, after the Lu Family class becomes famous in the show business community, it is impossible to make only one movie a year, and it may not be enough to meet Lu Chen's Wuxia big IP plan.If you really are free, you can also do outsourcing tasks, or even run a business, and there are too many ways to make money.

     So there are really good talents, and they can't be missed.

     Wan Yong laughed and rubbed his hands with satisfaction.

     The Lu family class was founded by Lu Chen, but the actual manager is Wan Yong, who has been the head of the Lu family class.

     Lu Chen trusted him very much, not only gave him a generous salary, but also gave him enough power.

     The scholar died for his confidant, and Wan Yong also spotted Lu Chen, the BOSS. Even though there were many people who came to dig corners in secret, and even offered several times the treatment, he had never been tempted.

     Because Wan Yong believes that the future with Lu Chen is the brightest.

     In fact, Lu Chen has never let him down, and he will never let Lu Chen down!

     "Speaking of good seedlings..."

     Wan Yong said: "I found a few very good ones!"

     Lu Chen's expression moved, and he asked, "Which ones are they?"

     Through observations over the past few days, he also found several outstanding students, and wondered if someone who Wan Yong valued had crashed.

     Wan Yong pointed out to Lu Chen: "This one here, this one over there, by the way, there is this one, called Meng Hu..."

     "The young man is very talented, I want to accept him as an apprentice!"Lu Chen smiled suddenly.

     He beckoned to the student named Meng Hu: "Meng Hu student, please come here."

     When he was called by Lu Chen, Meng Hu was practicing with the teacher. He didn't pay attention at first. Nevertheless only reacted when he was reminded by the teacher: "Huh? Teacher Lu is looking for me?"

     He felt like he was in a dream, very unreal.

     The instructor smiled and said: "Silly youngster, hurry over, the BOSS should be after you!"

     Meng Hu's face flushed instantly, and he trot to the front of Lu Chen and Wan Yong dazedly, and stammered: "Lu, Teacher Lu, Wan Jiaoxi, are you looking for me?"

     The other students who were also on the training ground saw it, and they all showed envy and even jealousy.

     Lu Chen was in Jingwu Hall for three days, and nevertheless named a certain student for the first time.

     Meng Hu, this is going to be lucky!

     Looking at the uneasy teenager in front of him, Lu Chen smiled and asked, "Is your name Meng Hu?"

     Meng Hu settled down and quickly replied: "Yes, Meng of Mencius, Tiger of Tiger, I am 18 years old this year, Nanyue Hengshan New Martial Arts School..."

     When he was nervous, he read the lines from the audition again.

     "Nanyue Hengshan New Martial Arts School?"Lu Chen nodded: "I remember that there are several students in your school who have passed the audition, and they are very talented."

     Meng Hu didn't know how to answer, and scratched his head with a smirk.

     Wan Yong rolled his eyes silently-this young man is so tender!

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