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Chapter Directory 817 Zhao Haichao's Beautiful New World
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Ningshan Film and Television City, an antique block in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

     The gentle breeze smokes the willows, the fragrance of flowers is intoxicating, and it is the season of spring in the southern country.

     On the Long Street Ancient Road, a bluestone road stretched straight forward. In front of a magnificent mansion, a two-foot-high flagpole was erected in the two stone altars on the left and right, and a green flag was flying on the top of the pole.

     I saw a bare fangs and brandish claws embroidered with yellow silk threads on the right banner. The flag fluttered with the wind, making the lion more vigorous. The left banner was embroidered with four blacks of "Fuwei Escort". The words, the silver hook and iron strokes are extraordinary!

     The red lacquered gate of the mansion, the cup-sized copper nails on the door gleamed, and the plaque on the top of the door reads "Fuwei Escort" in large gold lacquer characters, and the horizontal script "Total Number" in two small characters below.

     In the two rows of benches at the entrance, there are eight men who have finished their attire, all of them with straight backs, showing a sense of bravery. (Note 1)

     The sound of horseshoes of "Da Da Da" sounded suddenly, and five knights filed out from the side door of the dart board. Among them, the young knight in the lead was wearing a brocade shirt with a long sword hanging from his waist, and Junxiu's face wore a slight smile.

     A dozen meters away from the knight, two 4K digital cameras worth millions of dollars aimed at them from different positions, taking real-time images into the lens.

     Farther afield, it was all busy Film Crew staff.As the protagonist of Shooting today, Zhao Haichao, riding on a white horse, feels really complicated.

     He had imagined, longed for, and looked forward to thousands of times, but when this moment really came, he found that he was not as excited and excited as he had imagined, and even panicked due to it.

     Perhaps is because I have been lost, disappointed, and sentimental countless times!

     Zhao Haichao is a graduate of the Beijing Film and Television Acting Department in 2015. It has been four or five years since he entered the film and television industry. He is no longer a newcomer, but he has not become popular after making several film and television dramas. The situation can be said to be quite similar. Embarrassment.

     Zhao Haichao's appearance is actually very good, otherwise it would not have been possible to defeat hundreds of competitors that year, and was admitted to the Beijing Film Acting Department with high scores, but his luck was not good. The roles he played were all small supporting roles. Several dramas are also very popular, and they have not accumulated much popularity in the past few years.

     Career did not improve, but youth flowed mercilessly as if water flowed. At the end of last year, Zhao Haichao took all his savings and borrowed a lot of money from relatives and friends, and negotiated with the broker Company to terminate the contract.

     The company, the broker who received a compensation, didn't embarrass him. Everyone was part without hard feelings, and it was nothing great.

     Jingying’s signboard is very loud, but how many students graduate each year who can stand out among one's peers?The competition in this industry is too fierce. The newcomers entering the circle are one after another. If you want to be famous, it is unreliable to rely on academic qualifications. You have to know how to hype, have someone to support, and be willing to pay...not necessarily red.

     Zhao Haichao's family is barely well-off, and it is not easy to support him to study in Beijing Film. There is no other fundamental impotent for him to use.

     He also never counts on his family, thinking that he can always break into the sky with his own efforts and talents.

     However, the cruel reality made the once innocent boy mature quickly, but because of his unfailing persistence and stubborn character, he did not completely abandon his bottom line.

     Two months ago, when Zhao Haichao posted his resume to Chen Fei Media’s mailbox, he actually didn’t expect him to get a chance at all, because the movie "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" received too much attention, like He is an obscure and unknown actor, what is the difference between submitting a resume and buying lottery tickets?

     At that time, Zhao Haichao had already thought about it. If he couldn’t find any chance in the capital, he would agree to the invitation of a senior brother to go to the Deep Sea in the South to shoot a web drama. Although it is also a small role, he can make at least tens of thousands of dollars. money.

     Zhao Haichao didn't even want to call in his dreams. Only two days after he submitted his resume, he received a call from Chen Fei Media and asked him to come to the interview!When he first received the call, Zhao Haichao thought someone had pranked with him or encountered a liar.

     Then what happened next was just a dream for him-the interview was successful once, there was no deceit and no unspoken rules, the contract treatment was not high but fair and reasonable, and the role was nevertheless an important male partner!

     Recalling the news that he had passed the interview of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" in the circle of friends, classmates and friends all thought he was joking, and even some people ridiculed, the smile on Zhao Haichao's face became brighter.


     A loud voice drew his mind back, causing his body to tremble with a can't help.


     Zhao Haichao was greatly relieved immediately, and quickly pulled the reins to stop the mount, and rolled over and dismounted cleanly.

     He learned how to ride a horse more than a year ago when he was shooting a costume film. After a lot of hardship and hard work, he has mastered a skill even though he is not as good as those of real riders.

     At that time, Zhao Haichao thought that it's always good to have more skills. He can't be the protagonist and can't enjoy the treatment of being photographed immediately after being carried on his back. If he knows how to ride a horse, he might have a few more chances to show his face.The opportunity is to follow someone who is prepared. Now it comes in handy. In fact, during the interview, he was asked if he can ride a horse. Zhao Haichao thought this should be his own scoring item.

     "Good performance..."

     Director Chen Guozhi got up from his chair and said to Zhao Haichao: "Get ready for the next scene!"

     "The next one is the real test..."

     This is what Lu Chen said to Zhao Haichao, who has always been by Chen Guozhi's side.

     Chen Guozhi’s directing "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" is limited to the first "Sword leaves Mount Hua", and Lu Chen decided to direct the last two films himself. He is very aware of his weakness in the direction of directors, so this time he invited Chen Guozhi to come over, and he was also a "apprenticeship" Learning art".

     Chen Guozhi's director skills are profound and he is willing to give pointers. Although the shooting time is not long, Lu Chen has already benefited a lot. After shooting this film, he has the basis for independent directing.

     Lu Chen was also very satisfied with Zhao Haichao's performance just now. At the beginning, he decided to choose Zhao Haichao to play Lin Pingzhi. The facts proved that his vision was correct.

     This is a piece of uncut jade, a little bit of thinking can bloom its due light!

     Lu Chen is also looking forward to the same performance in the next game.

     "Director Chen, Director Lu, I will work hard!"Zhao Haichao nodded vigorously, inexplicably surprised.

     It’s not easy for him to see a big director like Chen Guozhi. He can’t talk to a big guy like Lu Chen at all, and his treatment is totally different from the current one!

     He seemed to see that a beautiful new world was opening the door to him.

     Life has changed since then!

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