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Chapter Directory 822 Spoiler
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The original version of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" was first published on Inspur Reading. It was published online, and it didn't make much impact at the beginning. Readers only clicked on it.

     But the big waves are rushing to the sand. The light of this pioneering Wuxia can not be concealed after all. It has been loved by a group of readers, and it has spread in the online world, and finally printed in large quantities.

     So far, "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" has been reprinted 5 times, with a total of more than 10 million prints, and has also been translated into multiple languages and published abroad, with countless fans.

     After "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" created by the same author took over the banner of the new school Wuxia, and was listed on the Xinhua Bookstore's best-selling list as soon as it went on the market, demonstrating its great strength.

     Coupled with Chen Fei Media's announcement that it has bought the adaptation copyright of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", as long as the show business community is not stupid, it can be seen that a hot IP is taking shape and the market has great potential.

     The most important thing is that many people have a superstitious admiration for Lu Chen, because the projects he involves have never failed, and all of them are very profitable. By the way, the collaborators are full of food.

     Now that Lu Chen bets on Wuxia IP, who doesn't want to follow suit?It is a pity that it is not realistic to work directly with Chen Fei Media. It is not a question of money, but Chen Fei Media is very picky about its partners. This piece of fat is not so easy to eat.

     Since the cooperation failed, then do it by yourself. After Chen Fei Media announced Shooting "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" movie, many big companies in the industry set up projects to shoot the same type of film and television works, and even followed the trend of "The Smiling, The copyrights of "Proud Wanderer" are all hot-selling, and they have been hyped up in the market.

     The competition is so fierce, it is natural that the sword moves with side stroke (modern idiom) is indispensable.

     Some time ago, Dadi Pictures Shooting's "New Seven Heroes and Five Righteousnesses" was very popular. The lead actor Gu Lei not only jumped up and down on the blog, but even challenged Lu Chen and desperately kept the heat up.

     Although Gu Lei was despised and condemned by Lu Chen fans for this reason, his cheeky and enthusiastic effect was really good. Not only did he make his fame and fame, he was even taken with "New Seven Heroes and Five Righteousness". Many people know that if it weren't for Lu Chen's interaction with Chen Fei'er to suppress it later, it would have been a lot of money.

     With "successful precedents" such as Gu Lei and "New Seven Heroes and Five Righteousness", there are naturally many people who have learned the same way, and many of them are savvy people who choose to suddenly "bright the sword" at a critical moment.

     sword pointing at the upcoming summer file!And this bright sword is just Marriott Pictures, which has recently become famous in the film and television industry.

     Marriott Pictures is a recruit in the film and television industry. It has only been established for a few years, but its background is very big-the wholly-owned subsidiary of Marriott Group.

     The core of the Marriott Group, Marriott Real Estate, is one of the top ten real estate developers in China. It can be said to have a strong financial position. It has shown great ambitions just after entering the film and television industry. The show business community is a piece of wind sighing and crane calling.

     At the beginning of this year, Marriott Pictures spent a huge sum of money to buy the film and television rights of the popular new Wuxia "Youth Journey" and announced that it would start filming this year with a total investment of 150 million.

     At that time, this caused a great sensation in the industry. Many people were admired by Marriott Pictures' handwriting. Many people were happy to watch the good show. They wanted to know what this predatory crocodile would stir up the Red Sea. Fengyun!

     However, what is unexpected is that since Marriott Pictures announced Shooting "Juvenile Rivers and Lakes", there has been no heavy news, and it suddenly became silent, making people feel a little confused.

     Later, some sporadic news showed that Marriott Pictures was not talking about fun, but really invested in Shooting, but they even made the opening ceremony so low-key that there was not much media coverage.Now is the age of information, the era of the big information explosion, Marriott Pictures plays a low-key, naturally no one is idle to hype, and even the influence of the fairly popular IP of "Youth Journey" has been weakened a lot.

     Some people in the industry even ridiculed Marriott Pictures secretly, believing that Marriott Pictures’ lack of experience was taken advantage of. It is a question of whether "Juvenile Rivers and Lakes" can be filmed. Maybe a lot of money was lost in the end.

     Similar cases are not uncommon. Don’t look at the booming movie market now. Many film and television companies have made a lot of money, which has caused countless capitals to bend down. It is not that I have not seen the bones inside!

     However, it turned out to be a slap in the face of these people. On June 5th, Marriott Pictures suddenly released the first trailer of "Journey to the Rivers and Lakes" on its official V!

     At the same time, the V number of the movie "Juvenile Rivers and Lakes" was also officially launched on Inspur blog. Many famous actors who participated in the film Shooting forwarded the official V at the same time, which opened the publicity curtain with a thunderous speed.

     Many people in the show business community have been stunned. The confidentiality work of Marriott Pictures has done really well. There was no wind leaking out in advance, and the sudden exposure of fierce materials was almost unpredictable!

     Suddenly, the movie "Journey to the Rivers and Lakes" became a hot spot on blogs and on the Internet.The trailer of Official V was reposted in large numbers.

     As far as the trailer itself is concerned, there are undoubtedly a lot of highlights, whether it is character modeling, fighting scenes, special effects and soundtracks, they are all excellent. The carefully edited 2 minutes and 20 seconds video has reached the blockbuster due. level.

     Several big-name actors appeared in the trailer, which immediately attracted the attention of a large number of fans.

     And the sudden effort of Marriott Pictures has undoubtedly created tremendous pressure on colleagues, especially those who are in Shooting Production of the same type of film.

     The new Wuxia movie has been hot enough and long enough. Marriott Pictures is the first to release a trailer, and judging from the trailer, its completion has been very high.

     On June 6th, Marriott Pictures Official V announced again that "Juvenile Rivers and Lakes" will officially land in major domestic theaters on July 15th, and a large-scale promotional event will be launched before the release. Its peripheral products will also be launched simultaneously !

     Then on the blog, a marketing account with more than one million fans revealed that Huo Feile, the lead actor of "Juvenile Rivers and Lakes", originally intended to play the role in "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", but was rejected by Chen Fei Media.

     As a result, now "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" has skipped tickets for the summer season, "Youth Wanderer" is actually a step ahead!Once this incident was exposed, it immediately caused a heated discussion on the Internet. As a result, Huo Feile's fans had a violent conflict with Lu Chen's fans!

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