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Chapter Directory 823 Opposition
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The little fresh meat artist is also a unique landscape in the domestic entertainment circle.

     In fact, in the earliest days, this now mixed appellation was given to Japan and South Korea stars by fans, referring to young, handsome, and robust male artists. It is a typical online term.

     In recent years, as small fresh meat artists have become popular, there have been many more stars of the same type in the domestic entertainment circle. Their characteristics are often very similar. First of all, they are young enough, and more than 30 are considered "old bacon", with fair skin style. Fashion, publicity and hype are extremely strong, and usually singing without singing skills, acting without acting skills, but can be muddled and completely collapsing.

     When Lu Chen debuted, he was once classified as a small fresh meat by some media, but he quickly became a perfect star with both idol and strength by virtue of his extraordinary talent and healthy and tough image.

     As for Huo Feile, his debut time was actually later than Lu Chen, but he became popular very quickly.

     Huo Feile was the first to sign with the industry's well-known agent, Company Tae-Sok, and soon debuted under Tae-Sok's support. He starred in a TV Series with good ratings and quickly became popular with Junxiu's image.

     Just after gaining popularity, Huo Feile turned his face with Tae-shik, was fought by Xue Zang in a sensational lawsuit for half a year, and then fell into the arms of another agent, Company CKG.After signing CKG again, Huo Feile's career is propitious wind throughout the journey, he has filmed a number of film and television dramas continuously, and has released his own Record, becoming a leader among young meat artists and has a large number of fans.

     Huo Feile's remuneration is very high. CKG's price is that TV Series will go to one million in one episode, and it will start at least 50 million movies, and there must be a box office share.

     Let’s not talk about whether there is water in such a high salary. Of course, CKG has the confidence to offer such a price. Huo Feile also has 20 million fans on the Inspur blog, endorsing a number of international brands.

     Lu Chen didn’t know Huo Feile, and he didn’t even meet the other person. Originally, the two sides had no intersection. However, when Chen Fei Media announced Shooting "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", CKG's agent used to look for it. Huo Feile was recommended to come to seek cooperation.

     At that time, Chen Fei Media was nevertheless a little interested. After all, Huo Feile's popularity and market value are here. His joining will undoubtedly expand the target audience of the film and help increase the box office.

     However, the price offered by CKG shocked Lu Xi. It was an unacceptable price, so he had to decline.

     As it is said that business is not righteous, and cooperation is not a common occurrence, Chen Fei Media and CKG will not say that they have turned their faces and made conflicts. Then there was no news.What people didn't expect was that Huo Feile actually joined Marriott Pictures to star in "Youth Journey", and "Youth Journey" took the lead in "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" and launched a publicity campaign against Wuxia movies.

     Regardless of whether the marketing account on the blog is instructed by anyone, the violent news that it broke inevitably made the two movies and even the two leading actors antagonize, plus a lot of media fanning hype, it soon became Hot topics on the blog.

     Huo Feile fans are the first to stir up trouble.

     Fans of Huo Feile call themselves "music fans". Most of them are teenage girls. The post-zeros are many, and the post-nines are relatively old, and their life values are not mature, and they often chase stars very well. .

     As soon as the marketing account broke the news, a "music fan" immediately went to Chen Fei Media's blog to mock, saying that Chen Fei Media was blind as a bat (figuratively), and turned my house out of Fei Le. Now he has been beaten in the face. Right!

     Of course, Chen Fei Media's official blog is impossible to care about with these fans, and it is too lazy to pay attention.

     When the other party saw Chen Fei Media's official blog, there was no response. It is estimated that they felt very dissatisfied. They immediately called a group of allies to help out and swiped the screen in the comment area.As a result, Chen Fei Media's official blog hadn't spoken yet. Lu Chen's fans became angry when they learned of the situation. The Lu Family Army support group roared over and watched these "music fans" inhuman.

     In the past two years, the Lu Chen fan support group with the Lu Family Army at its core feels a bit lonely and desperate for defeat. Apart from the daily support for Lu Chen, it rarely talks about whom it will fight with.

     Now I finally came across something fun, it was simply a hundred answers to a single call, which crushed the "music fans" in minutes.

     Compared with the number of fans and combat power, the two are really not on the same level.

     But here comes the problem. Most of these "music fans" are spoiled little girls, who are usually petted at home, and they are also highly praised on the Internet. Where have they been so angry?

     After a loss, they naturally look for helpers, and the WeChat group of friends cried everywhere, expanding the online battlefield from the blog to Lu Chen's official post.

     This can be regarded as stabbing a hornet's nest. Lu Chen has hundreds of millions of fans on Inspur blog, and tens of millions of followers on Post Bar. Now someone comes to ask for something, he immediately withdraws.

     Not only had to pump, but also had to counter-explode, and there was no need to mobilize. Several large groups worked together and exploded Huo Feile's post. Winning was effortless.The fighting power of Lu Chen fans is so strong that Huo Feile's official post bar has to restrict the level of the posters and delete a large number of posts. Although the storm is suppressed, it is tantamount to surrendering.

     Fans of Huo Feile were unwilling to be content, and they made noises everywhere on the Internet, saying that fans of Lu Chen relied on many men, a great force to bully their little girls and put on a stalker posture.

     But so far, neither Chen Fei Media nor CKG have directly participated in it. After all, fan tearing is a common thing. Unless it becomes uncontrollable, it will be too LOW if the official rolls up their sleeves and ends. .

     As for Huo Feile himself, he also didn't make any comments. He just kept scrolling the Film Crew of "Youth Journey" on the blog, tidbits, etc., to cooperate with the promotion of Marriott Pictures.

     Compared to the Gu Lei who jumped up and down against Lu Chen some time ago, his posture is undoubtedly much colder and arrogant.

     However, those media who are afraid of the world will stir up the battle between the fans on both sides, and they also put Huo Feile and Lu Chen, "Youth Journey" and "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" on the opposite side.

     If "Youth Journey" is a big success and won a considerable box office, does it mean that you have won the crown that originally belonged to "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer"?

     So, did Huo Feile, who was rejected by Chen Fei Media, complete a beautiful counterattack?The emergence of this trend of public opinion has made Lu Xi, who has always been paying attention to online publicity, pay attention to it. That's why she called Lu Chen.

     If you do not occupy the position of public opinion, then wait for it to be occupied by your opponent!

     Lu Xi knows this truth very well.

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