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Chapter Directory 852 First Have Confidence
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Since the birth of film, this industry for entertainment has grown to a huge scale today.

     In 2016, the global movie box office was 45 billion U.S. dollars, but this is only a part of the film industry. The overall industry scale exceeds 200 billion U.S. dollars, and it maintains a continuous growth trend.

     The American film industry, represented by Hollywood, occupies more than half of it. In the past ten years, the domestic film industry has boomed, the market size has grown, and the box office has not lost to the United States, and domestic films are no longer beaten by Hollywood movies. The army was defeated and grabbed a large piece of cake.

     But in many respects, there is still a huge gap between domestic films and Hollywood blockbuster, the most typical of which is undoubtedly film peripheral products.

     Many Hollywood movies, especially the comic reforms, only account for 15-25% of the total revenue at the box office. In addition, most of the value is generated by peripheral products, brand licensing, and copyright transfers, and the profits are amazing.

     For example, the net profit of movie peripheral products can reach 50-60%, which is much more than the box office share. However, domestic movies have not made achievements in this area for a long time. Although there are also many movies that have launched some peripheral products, they often sell poorly. The movie Company basically gave up this one.

     The reason is very complicated.This phenomenon was broken by "A Chinese Ghost Story" last year. The sales of "A Chinese Ghost Story" peripheral products exceeded 100 million. At that time, there was an earthquake in the industry, which caused many people to cast their eyes on it.

     The "Journey to the Rivers and Lakes" released in the summer file launched a lot of peripheral products. As a result, the movie box office was disastrous and the audience was publicly praised. Even these peripheral products were backlogged in the warehouse, and finally they were cleared at a loss.

     What everyone didn’t expect was that the first part of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" produced by Chen Fei Media, under the unfavorable market situation, not only incurred tens of millions in publicity costs, but also invested huge amounts in peripheral products. Capital, appeared in the shops of major theaters on the first day of the show.

     Many people in the show business community believed that Lu Chen was overwhelmed by the success of "A Chinese Ghost Story". When the public praise of the Wuxia film market has been corrupted, they dared to spend money to do things around. Throw it into the water.

     As a result, the facts slapped these people in the face severely. The peripheral sales of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" have soared with the growth of the box office, breaking the 100 million yuan in just 8 days, breaking the record of "A Chinese Ghost Story" It's not a problem at all.Among the peripheral products of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", the best-selling mobile phone case is the mobile phone case. A total of 1.5 million Wuxia wind mobile phone cases that are suitable for popular smartphones have been sold at an average price of 28 yuan per unit. Calculating, this piece alone has achieved sales of 42 million yuan.

     Everyone knows that the manufacturing cost of products like mobile phone sets is very low. Even if you add the share to the surrounding stores, Chen Fei Media can earn at least 30 million!

     There are also figures such as figures, stationery, toys, simulation props, etc., among which the huge profits are simply eye-catching.

     My colleagues watched their eyes eagerly, and they were looking for answers at the same time.

     Why is the movie made by Lu Chen so successful, and why is "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" so popular around it?

     "The first thing is to have confidence..."

     In a private club in Beijing, when Li Mushi posed this question to Lu Chen curiously, his answer was simple: "If you don't have confidence, how can you succeed."

     In terms of peripheral products, domestic films have never been confident, because there are too many examples of failures, which makes the producers dare not invest in them, and do not pay attention to them.

     The habitual concept of domestic filmmakers is that the movie surroundings are the world of Hollywood blockbuster. It is enough to mix up the familiar meanings of the domestic surroundings. Over time, everyone has become accustomed to it.But Lu Chen's idea is different. He attaches great importance to the surrounding area of the film and is willing to invest in it.

     For example, for the design of peripheral products, all the best domestic designers are invited, and the processing and manufacturing are also outsourced to relevant enterprises with first-class strength and technology. We will never churn out large quantities without regard for quality.

     Like dolls, there are a few dollars for a few dollars, and there are dozens of craftsmanship for dozens of dollars. The cost of hundreds of dollars is not uncommon, and the number of productions is also critical.

     Lu Chen is willing to spend money and dare to spend money, so whether it is "A Chinese Ghost Story" nevertheless "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", the peripheral products launched are comparable in quality to Hollywood blockbuster peripherals, plus one order The number of systems is large enough, and the cost has been reduced, which is more than a little bit stronger than the domestic counterparts.

     Like a mobile phone case priced at 28 yuan, the material is the best plastic, the non-toxic and environmentally friendly feel is first-rate, and the printing adopts the most advanced technology, which can guarantee that the pattern will not fade for 5 years.

     Although the cost is high, Chen Fei Media ordered 5 million in one order, which was naturally diluted.

     Most of the people who are willing to spend money on the surroundings are real fans, but even if they are real fans, it is not a money bag that can be fooled casually. They can naturally distinguish a product with carelessness.Therefore, the big sales around "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" were not obtained by luck. First, it was based on Lu Chen's confidence in the box office of the movie. He dared to invest and smashed money, and he was rewarded accordingly.

     Other film Company, may not have such courage.

     "Peripheral sales exceeded 100 million, plus the box office is almost 1 billion..."

     Although Li Mushi is from everyone and holds a NASDAQ-listed Company in his hand, he can't help feeling jealous: "Adding brand authorization or something, it will eventually be 2 billion, ten times the output!"

     "This is just a movie, I want to open a movie company..."

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "Miss Mushi, your Zhong chou (crowdfunding) network is no worse than any domestic movie company."

     Li Mushi shook his head and said: "The market value may be comparable, but the profit is really out of the question, the competition is too great."

     After Zhong chou (crowdfunding) was successfully listed on NASDAQ, similar websites like Company appeared after rain, the spring bamboo. Although the former occupies more than half of the market, the competitive pressure is also enormous.

     The result of fierce competition is the decline in profits, and in order to ensure market share, the investment must not be small at all, and the profits are really not as good as Chen Fei Media.After spitting out bitter water, Li Mushi's beautiful eyes flowed, falling on Lu Chen's face, and said: "Mr. Lu, you are a shareholder of Zhong chou (crowdfunding).com. You can't take dividends and not do anything, right? Hurry up and think of something new. Recruit it!"

     Lu Chen spread his hands: "What new tricks can I have, I have already stood aside and do nothing."

     Li Mushi is unreasonable: "Then out of the question, don't you have many ideas? Give me a new industry idea that can be listed, then I will let you go today!"

     Lu Chen is speechless-really think he is an omnipotent god?

     However, he really had some ideas.

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