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Chapter Directory 857 Erupted
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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This song "The Rainy Season at the Age of Seventeen" was specially written by Lu Chen for the Little Tiger Group's first concert tonight. This song is full of youthfulness and memories of youthful time. The lyrics Simple and plain, the beautiful melody contains a touch of sadness, and the sour and sour first love.

     The age of seventeen or eighteen is the most beautiful stage of life. Just bid farewell to childishness and innocence, full of longing and yearning for the future, hazy feelings began to sprout...

     Maybe there is still naivety, maybe passionate impulse, maybe still don't understand what true love is, but when everyone recalls this time, I believe most of them will smile sincerely.

     Singing this song, Lu Chen also recalled that he was seventeen years old. At that time, he had already tasted the taste of first love. He thought that this feeling would last forever until the end of time, but he was arguing. come to nothing.

     Looking back now, there are regrets and sadness, and these regrets and sadness are all integrated into the singing.


     The rainy season at the age of seventeen,

     We have common expectations,

     I once hugged each other tightly.

     The rainy season at the age of seventeen,

     Recalling the bits and pieces of childhood,

     But found that growth has slowly approached.

     ..."When the same melody sounded again, the harmony of the three members of the Little Tiger Group became the main voice, and the spotlight that fell on Lu Chen shifted to them.

     This is an obvious metaphor, representing the inheritance of "new" and "old". Of course, Lu Chen is certainly not an "old man", but he is a recognized mentor of the Little Tiger Group.

     This song "The Rainy Season at the Age of Seventeen" was first sung by Lu Chen, and nevertheless gave it to Little Tiger Group.

     After a song was sung, the audience suddenly thunderous applause, countless fans jumped with excitement, waved the light stick in their hands desperately, shouted oneself hoarse, calling out the names of the three members of Lu Chen and Little Tiger Group.

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen bowed to express his gratitude to the audience, and then prepared to leave.

     But at this moment, Zhang Junzhi suddenly rushed over and hugged Lu Chen tightly with his arms wide open.

     Lu Chen was stunned for a moment, then smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

     As a result, Hu Yiran and Yue Yang also rushed over, and the three teenagers surrounded Lu Chen together!

     This is not the script arrangement for this concert tonight, but the admiration and admiration of Lu Chen from their hearts, as well as their deep gratitude.

     Without Lu Chen, there would be no Little Tiger Group. Without Lu Chen, they would not have such a brilliant life now!Therefore, the three talents made such a move. Although a little impulsive, it is precisely the feelings that a teenager should have.

     "Encore!" "Encore!"

     The audience quickly woke up and shouted and sang another slogan neatly, instantly pushing the atmosphere of the audience to the climax, turning the Workers' Stadium into a noisy ocean!

     As the so-called hospitality is difficult, Lu Chen can't let the tens of thousands of audiences down, so he and the Little Tiger Group once again joined forces to sing the song "Stars Are Still Bright".

     This song is a newly released music single by Little Tiger Group, also by Lu Chen. When the song "The stars are still bright, the sincerity remains the same, only tears and sweat can wash away the sorrows and joys..." the song sounded, The audience immediately entered the cantata mode.

     Even though many years have passed, now the young boys and girls are entering middle-aged and old age, their temples are stained with silver frost, but they still remember the scene at the Beijing Workers' Gymnasium tonight!

     Although the audience was still shouting "Encore!", Lu Chen nevertheless chose to leave the stage and gave the stage to the Little Tiger Group because the latter was the real protagonist tonight.

     "Lu Chen, Thank you!"

     Having just returned to the backstage, Sister Li, who had been waiting there, gave Lu Chen a strong hug.Lu Chen smiled and said, "Sister Li, what is your kindness with me."

     Lu Chen participated in the Little Tiger Group concert tonight, which was invited by Sister Li. Sister Li is one of Chen Fei'er's best friends and is also his friend.

     In addition to personal friendship, the manager of Sister Li nevertheless Chen Fei Charity Fund, it is precisely because of her hard work that Chen Fei Charity Fund develops smoothly, so that the donated money can be truly implemented to those who need help. People.

     At present in China, Chen Fei Charity Fund's reputation has always maintained a top level, which is inseparable from Sister Li's serious and hard management, and she only receives a symbolic salary in the foundation.

     Wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes, Sister Li said: "Then I won't say much, I'll send you back."

     Lu Chen shook his head: "No trouble, I can go back by myself."

     He knows very well how much effort Sister Li has put in for his only son, and what great expectations he has poured into him. Today, watching Zhang Junzhi stand confidently on the stage and sing, I believe it will be a great satisfaction for her. And happiness.

     How could Lu Chen let her send herself back at this time?

     After saying goodbye to Sister Li, Lu Chen left Gongti and returned to his home in Zichengyuan.

     "Are you back so soon?"Hearing the sound of the door, Chen Fei'er rushed out of the study and asked in surprise: "The Little Tiger Group concert is over?"

     Lu Chen took off his coat and hung it up, and replied: "Not yet, I will come back early after I finish singing, so as not to leave the venue and be surrounded by others."

     Chen Fei'er said with a smile: "I saw your singing video on the Internet..."

     Although the Little Tiger Group’s first concert was not broadcast live, almost everyone in the tens of thousands of viewers has a mobile phone. It’s normal to upload a few paragraphs of Shooting to the Internet.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "These fans are very enthusiastic."

     Chen Fei'er gave him a blank look and said: "You are ashamed to say, you know or not, your current blog is almost exploded!"


     Lu Chen couldn't help being taken aback: "What happened?"

     What happened recently? There seems to be nothing, that is, the total box office of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" has exceeded 1.5 billion, but this will not make people come to the blog?

     "You can see by yourself!"

     And looking at the results made Lu Chen very speechless.

     His blog comment area was exploded, and it has something to do with being a guest at the Little Tiger Group concert tonight, because countless fans are very angry about it.Even Lu Chen's students have held concerts, but he himself has not held a concert so far, and he has not disclosed the news in this regard. It feels like he has given up his singing career.

     So the resentment of the fans broke out. Agree by chance left a message on his blog, complaining, complaining, slamming...

     Think about it, it's time to give an explanation!

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