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Chapter Directory 864 Pressure From Success
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a craze for qigong in China. At that time, many so-called qigong masters emerged. It has fooled a large number of ordinary people.

     At that time, under the flicker of a certain master, many people thought they could receive the signals of the universe with a steel pot on their heads, and then they would become immortal without being sick, and they made a ridiculous farce.

     Later, nevertheless, under the attack of the country, these masters were vanish without trace. With the advent of the information age, the people's intelligence gradually improved. Although the phenomenon of swindling and kidnapping has not been completely eliminated, it can not cause any trouble.

     Lu Chen is determined to build a big Wuxia IP project. He has conducted related investigations and checked a lot of information. Therefore, he understands the situation well. At that time, the mainland and Hongkong filmed some old Wuxia films, which is quite similar to this Qigong fever. Associated.

     He didn't expect that he brought a new Wuxia craze, and some scum appeared. Adjust one's head and turn one's face became a "Tai Chi Master" or "National Sword Master". Its routine is not much different from that of decades, but Use the network as a platform for hype.

     For example, the video of a Taiji master named Wang Fang who shakes up more than a dozen people has been uploaded on the Internet, and he was dug out, and he was a disciple of a certain qigong master back then!With reason and emotion, Lu Chen can't tolerate such swindlers coming out to bluff and deceive, smearing a layer of mud on the Wuxia culture he advocates.

     So he directly and plainspoken denounced the other party as a liar on his blog, calling on fans not to be credulous.

     To this end, Lu Chen has opened two new blog posts, expounding his views in detail.

     First of all, new Wuxia such as "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" belong to fantasy literature. It is an artistic story based on traditional history and martial arts. The internal strength and true energy in it are just like magic in fantasy. The same, they are all made up.

     Secondly, the source of Chinese martial arts is distant and the flow is long, but the situation of inheritance and dating is quite serious. The ancient martial arts skills have been passed down to today, and there have been great changes. Basically, the routines of strengthening the body are mainly used.

     For example, Tai Chi, Tai Chi is undoubtedly the quintessence of the country. As a set of martial arts for physical training, it is very valuable, but it is not a problem to put Tai Chi in the movie, and it is nonsense to perform it in reality.

     Sanda and Lu Chen's own kung fu are actually practical skills just like free fighting and boxing. Their level of ability is improved through rigorous training and combat. Any healthy person can learn it. There is nothing mysterious in it.So videos like Wang Fang and others say that they are magic tricks are regarded as compliments. They are purely acting. Those who are shocked and shaken down are all support, and I can't believe it at all!

     As soon as Lu Chen's blog post came out, it can be said that all the skins on the masters were pulled off mercilessly, and at the same time, they were supported and approved by fans.

     "That's right, I just watched those videos are too fake, they are so powerful, why don't they go to heaven?"

     "To support My Chen, we should crack down on these slanderous masters!"

     "Those people are so funny, what they say is that you can defeat a blockbuster with one shot, I feel that I can beat two masters alone!

     "I can fight three!"

     "To be honest, their acting skills are so bad, it makes me embarrassed and cancerous."

     "it's so funny……"

     And Lu Chen's blog post was also reprinted in large numbers by many online media, to a large extent, the original source was cleared, many noxious winds, evil influences were eliminated, and Wuxia was also rectified, and the name "Wuxia" was not turned into a tool for fraud.

     But this inevitably touched the interests of those so-called masters.

     The routines of these "masters" are in fact the same as they did in the past. They first put a layer of mystery on themselves, raise their value through propaganda and hype, and then use them to make profits.They cheated not only ordinary people, but also the wealthy people. When the Qigong craze was prevalent, many officials, businessmen and even scholars were deceived, not knowing how much money was cheated.

     Lu Chen's approach is undoubtedly cutting off their money. How can they be tolerated?

     So these "masters" grouped and fought back against Lu Chen. Some of them directly screamed at Lu Chen, some expressed disdain as beneath contempt to Lu Chen, and some clamored to compete with Lu Chen.

     A large number of naval forces also poured into Lu Chen's blog, making trouble in the comment area to obscure the facts.

     Among them, the one who danced the most was undoubtedly that Wang Fang.

     He first stated that Lu Chen didn't know anything at all about Tai Chi, and then he was very excited when interviewed by a certain media reporter. He punched him a few times, pinched his right index finger and thumb together and said that he was doing the work. With a distance of dozens of steps, Lu Chen can be killed with a finger.

     In the end, the "master" explained that killing was illegal, so he wouldn't do it.

     As a result, this interview video was posted on the blog, which immediately attracted the ridicule of countless netizens.

     "Oh, I'm so scared, I can stab people to death in the air!"

     "Just poking, poking to death counts me as losing."

     "Look for the mental shadow area of Lu Chen, hahaha.""What a shit master, watching his interview is an insult to IQ!"

     "The clown is just a grandstanding..."

     Lu Chen, who was busy with filming, didn't bother to respond at all.

     But Wang Fang didn’t know which muscle was cramping. He went into battle bare-breasted. He posted on his newly opened blog that he wanted to have an open and fair duel with Lu Chen to get his name right. .

     And he claims to knock Lu Chen to the ground within three moves!

     It was really lively right now. The news that "Tai Chi Master" Wang Fang wanted to challenge Lu Chen spread all over the Internet instantly, attracting the attention of countless people, and a large number of people who did not know the truth expressed love to hear and see.

     "real or fake?"

     When Lu Chen got the news, he had just finished shooting a set of shots, and he didn't have time to wipe his sweat, so he heard from his assistant what made him not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     The assistant quickly handed him the tablet: "It's true."

     Lu Chen took a look, and it was indeed that Wang Fang who challenged himself on the blog.

     Really speechless!

     Although I don't think of this person, just watching the video will tell what the other person is. Lu Chen can't think of the circuit structure in his head, and he really wants to challenge himself.Rude said, even if Lu Chen hadn't learned kungfu and didn't know how to fight, he could beat him with three punches and two legs!

     Could it be that this is the legend that the highest state of a fool is to fool himself?


     The question is how should he deal with this farce?

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