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Chapter Directory 866 Win-win Cooperation
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Dengfeng City hosted the "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" Film Crew so ceremoniously. Of course, I have a lot of knowledge about Lu Chen. I know that Chen Fei Media has strong strength, and the film and television series produced are all big sellers and have great influence .

     It is this influence that they want to use, hoping to use the east wind of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" to promote the development of local tourism, but they did not expect Lu Chen to offer to donate a huge sum of money to Shaolin Temple.

     Everyone was dumbfounded for a while.

     Mayor Lu is not an ordinary person after all, and he can remain calm while shocked, and ask: "Mr. Lu Chen, what is the nature of your company's donation? We can discuss it."

     When he wanted to come, Lu Chen couldn't have paid out 30 million for nothing, right? To say that government support is needed to meet Shooting needs is just a polite remark, because he has already expressed his strong support before, and Dengfeng's sincerity is beyond doubt.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It is the nature of the donation. No additional conditions are required. As long as Mayor Lu agrees, 30 million can be transferred to your designated account tomorrow."

     Lu Chen can understand the other party's doubts, and I am afraid that he will feel inconceivable if it is replaced by himself.

     But Lu Chen's donation of 30 million yuan is by no means a panic because of excessive money, or a confusion of his mind.The first is the need for film Shooting. He didn't tell lies on this point. Taking the current situation of Shaolin Temple as the shooting location for the second and third parts of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", it is obviously unqualified.

     Of course, as Mayor Lu said, you can change to Songshan Temple Shooting. It's nothing more than a change of signs. It doesn't need to be so laborious.

     However, Shaolin Temple is Shaolin Temple and cannot be replaced by Songshan Temple. In Lu Chen's Wuxia IP plan, this thousand-year-old temple has a very special status.

     The world martial arts out of Shaolin!

     In Wuxia's works such as "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", "Heaven Slaying the Dragon", "The Eight Parts of the Dragon" and so on, Shaolin Temple is the leader of the martial arts. It can't be an old temple, right?

     If Lu Chen wants to promote Wuxia culture, he cannot ignore Shaolin Temple, and the historical origin of Shaolin Temple is also very suitable for Wuxia culture. It is simple to change places and signboards, but it loses the most essential things.

     Therefore, the Shaolin Temple not only cannot be moved, but it must be perfected to form a real hot spot.

     He has invested 30 million now, and the return he can get in the future will be ten or even a hundred times. The most direct benefit is that with this cause and effect, shooting at Shaolin Temple in the future will be simple and easy. The local government will receive substantial benefits and will strongly support it. And cooperate.Officials, including Mayor Lu, finally realized that Lu Chen was not joking, but really wanted to take out real money, and he was definitely not drunk and confused.

     Because Chen Fei'er, Lu Xi and others who were sitting next to each other did not appear surprised, obviously they knew it a long time ago.

     Lu Chen added another sentence: "I have to emphasize that this money can only be used in Shaolin Temple. I hope Mayor Lu can understand."

     Mayor Lu woke up and laughed: "I can understand and understand. To be honest, I was really a little confused just now, but I believe in the sincerity of your company, and of course our government will strongly support it."

     After a pause, he said, "However, Mr. Lu Chen, with all due respect, is that Shaolin Temple is a historical site and a cultural preservation unit in our region. Because of the lack of funds, it had not been well repaired and protected, but it was unreasonable. You should let the Company pay the money."

     When the mayor's words changed, everyone in the room was stunned.

     Lu Chen and others are naturally wondering-don't you need the money delivered to the door, don't you want to save face?

     The subordinate officials dumbstruck, especially the director of the local tourism bureau, flushed.Even if the money is earmarked for exclusive use, it will be of great benefit to the overall tourism industry in Dengfeng. Mayor Lu shut out Chen Fei Media’s goodwill, and why?

     He wanted to shout a few times, but he didn't dare to speak. The depression in his heart was really speechless.

     I saw Mayor Lu smile and said, “However, we really need the help of external funds, so my suggestion is to follow the Ningshan model and set up a Songshan Shaolin Temple Industrial Development Company, which is composed of our municipal government, Shaolin Temple and Chen Fei Media. What do you think of holding shares, Mr. Lu Chen?"

     Lu Chen didn't expect Mayor Lu to make such a suggestion, but he immediately understood the other party's thinking, and couldn't help but admire him-this mayor is really good!

     On the one hand, Dengfeng can accept Chen Fei Media's capital investment in the right and self-confident, to build a new tourist hotspot around Shaolin Temple and promote the local tourism industry.

     On the other hand, Chen Fei Media is also tied to this tank, which is conducive to future development.

     He imitated Ningshan. In order to be able to pull the Film Crew of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", Ningshan directly gave up the shares of Ningshan Film and Television City to Chen Fei Media. Facts have proved that this is a win-win cooperation and can be called a commercial Success stories.Mayor Lu apparently researched and said the term "Ningshan Mode", but although he is the mayor of Dengfeng, he cannot fully imitate Ningshan. Ningshan Film and Television City has included the core essence of Ningshan Scenic Area, Songshan Shaolin Temple Industry. The development of the Company is also limited to Shaolin Temple.

     If the shares of Songshan Scenic Area were given up, it would inevitably be blocked by vested interests, and Chen Fei Media would not have such a big appetite. Now it is only Shaolin Temple, and there will definitely be no local resistance. Give strong support.

     To build a nest and attract the phoenix with a little bit of face and face, it is rare that the Mayor Lu’s proposal was undoubtedly just thought of by him, not an old belly case, but it is very in line with the actual situation, and it is also a win-win cooperation.

     At this moment, those in charge suddenly opened up to a wide panorama in their hearts, and the tourism director stared at Lu Chen with stern eyes.

     They couldn't think of a reason for Lu Chen's refusal.

     Of course, it is impossible for Lu Chen to refuse. He looked at Lu Xi next to him and said with a smile: "I think this is very good, but if you invest in the establishment of Company, then 30 million will definitely not be enough. We will discuss the specifics in detail."

     "In addition..."

     Lu Chen turned to Chen Fei'er: "Fei'er, come on."Chen Fei'er nodded and said softly: "In addition, Lu Chen and I have decided to donate another 20 million yuan in our own name for the construction of local academies in Dengfeng City and funding for poor students."

     Mayor Lu was stunned, his expression became serious, and he raised his palm.

     Soon, warm applause sounded in the box!

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