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Chapter Directory 873 Director's Dream
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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For 18-year-old Xia Sang, the birthday party tonight is undoubtedly a dream.

     She met her favorite and admired idol Lu Chen, received a gift from Lu Chen personally, and cut the birthday cake with Lu Chen, and then watched by the thousands and tens of thousands netizens with Lu Chen sang a song in chorus.

     There were three or four thousand people who watched the birthday party in the WeChat group live broadcast room of the Haijin Lu Chen support group. However, when everyone discovered that Lu Chen was here in person, the news quickly spread to all the fan groups, and a large number of fans flocked. But, almost squeezed the live broadcast room.

     As the Female Lead tonight, Xia Sang not only received countless blessings, but also countless envy and jealousy.

     Not only that, she also appeared on the entertainment section of major media with Lu Chen the next day, and was known as the luckiest and happiest fan.

     For such a title, Xia Sang does not think it is the slightest exaggeration.

     After fulfilling the dream of a die-hard fan and leaving an interesting story, Lu Chen returned to Dengfeng to continue the shooting of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer".

     Time seemed to flow, entering the end of December in the blink of an eye.

     "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" Film Crew has been shooting at Dengfeng for more than a month.

     During this period of more than a month, the existence of Film Crew has had a lot of impact on Dengfeng's local area.The first is Shaolin Temple. After the Shaolin Temple Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was formally established, Chen Fei Media's first batch of 100 million funds was immediately put in place, and the renovation and expansion project of Shaolin Temple was quickly put on the agenda.

     Shaolin Temple is a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit. The repair and reconstruction of the cultural protection unit is not so easy. The funds are still out of the question and must be approved by the superior authority.

     Fortunately, the support from the Dengfeng government is extremely strong, and there is no need for state investment, and the Shaolin Temple does need to be repaired and maintained, so the relevant approval documents were quickly implemented.

     After obtaining the approval, the Shaolin Industrial Company initiated a project bidding for the first time, inviting domestic qualified ancient architecture Company to bid, and then the project was launched vigorously.

     Shaolin Temple closed the temple for three months. On the one hand, it needed to be repaired and expanded. On the other hand, it was also necessary to cooperate with the shooting work of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" Film Crew. Otherwise, there would be tourists' interference, which would cause a lot of management troubles. .

     Today's Shaolin Temple has a very different layout. The area of the temple has been expanded by two-thirds. In addition, a new site has been opened up for the construction of the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Research Center and the Shaolin Martial Arts Center.According to the plan, the renovation and expansion project will last for two years, but the first phase of the project will be completed before the Spring Festival next year. During the Spring Festival, the door will be officially opened to welcome guests, allowing people across the country to see the beauty of Shaolin Temple.

     The current Shaolin Temple is more than usual, and its popularity is at least ten times higher than before. The number of fans of Shaolin Temple's official V on Inspur blogs has exceeded the million mark.

     This is due to the "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" Film Crew from time to time releasing stills, including many Shaolin Temple landscapes, as well as Lu Chen's shots in the Shaolin Temple.

     In addition, Lu Chen also revealed on his blog that after Shooting finished the trilogy of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", he is likely to specialize in Shooting a movie for Shaolin Temple, telling the story of the Sui and Tang Dynasty thirteen stick monks saving the Tang emperor.

     It is through all kinds of propaganda that this thousand-year-old temple glowed with unprecedented vitality, and then in the near future, it will become a shining symbol in the Lu Chen Wuxia big IP plan.

     In this process, Lu Chen and the newly born Shaolin Temple experienced the most important transformation in life.

     That is the evolution from an actor to a director!

     The entertainment industry is a big river and lake, and the people in the rivers and lakes naturally have levels, and directors, especially film directors, are definitely on the top.

     When Lu Chen nevertheless vagabond singer, Shooting's first MV, he had the idea of being a director.This idea became strong when he was shooting TV Series such as "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House". By the time the first movie "A Chinese Ghost Story", he was already studying and preparing.

     It is not easy to become a real director, a film director.

     A qualified film director must first have professional knowledge, know how to master the entire artistic style of the film, and have the skills to achieve the required artistic effects of the film.

     According to the movie script, the director controls the details and development process of the movie plot. He also guides the actors' performances, including personally setting shooting positions and actions for the actors and assisting the actors to cultivate the emotions of the performance.

     In addition, the film director has to organize and select film shooting venues, and manage technical aspects such as camera placement, lighting, setting pattern, soundtrack content and time coordination, and so on.

     In the entertainment industry, many celebrities have experience as directors, and even some well-known writers have mixed with show business community Shooting's own works, but most of these directors are actually playing tickets, and they don’t need to master so much. Skills, or to manage so much work, it is enough to hand over the main work to the producer, the assistant director, and the cameraman to make false claims.What Lu Chen wants to do is not this kind of vase director who has a name but no reality. Even if the other road is very difficult and full of risks and thorns, he has no regrets!

     From the beginning of "Blue Life and Death", he has been studying, squeezing time out of busy work to acquire knowledge and working hard in the direction he wants.

     Being a director is not for Lu Chen to improve his compelling character, but for his own efforts to realize the three dreams that have never been realized in the dream world!

     Make a movie that truly belongs to you!

     Now Lu Chen is no longer satisfied with using the memory of the dream world to obtain achievements and glory. He hopes to win everyone's applause through his own efforts.

     Fortunately, Lu Chen has the basic conditions far beyond ordinary people. The first part of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" "Sword leaves Mount Hua" invited the great director Chen Guozhi. Under the careful guidance of this senior master, His skill in directing has accumulated little by little.

     The second part of "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", "Invincible in the East", is Lu Chen's sword test after Yicheng.

     From the initial jerky to the gradual running-in proficiency, from the uneasy anxiety to the calm performance, Lu Chen walked more and more smoothly on this directorial road!But for many fans of Lu Chen, what they are looking forward to is not Lu Chen's first directed film, but Lu Chen's third album to be released on January 1, 2019.

     The name of this Album is called "Lu Chen"!

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