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Chapter Directory 888 I Want To Tell The World
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"You are back..."

     Trying to open his sleepy eyes, Chen Fei'er whispered: "What time is it?"

     Lu Chen put the hand that was just outstretched through the back of her neck, and carefully embraced her in his arms, and said: "Just came back, it's still early, you go to sleep."

     Chen Fei'er turned to her side to cling to Lu Chen. She readjusted her posture to make herself more comfortable, rubbing her head in Lu Chen's arms, like a cat eager to be pet, but also playfully light. Take a bite.

     Lu Chen laughed blankly, only feeling happy and peaceful in his heart, extremely contented.

     The two people just hugged each other without speaking, and they could feel the warmth and love from each other, and only hope that time can stay in this moment forever.

     Lu Chen is the most popular male star in China. Chen Fei'er is also eligible to be named the most famous female star. The two have a common career and their own careers. The time spent together is not as long as the time spent working together.

     Therefore, whether it is Lu Chen nevertheless Chen Fei'er, they cherish the private time that belongs to two people, and make each other a spiritual harbor in the busy life.

     Drowsiness came quietly, and Lu Chen couldn't help yawning from the exhaustion of running all the way.

     However, at this moment, Chen Fei'er suddenly said: "I...I have something to tell you."Lu Chen's mind was already a little confused, and he subconsciously asked: "What's the matter?"

     He did not hear the hesitation and anxiety in his girlfriend's voice.

     Chen Fei'er bit his lip and said softly, "I have it."


     Lu Chen smacked his lips and asked vaguely: "What's there?"

     The next moment, as if a lightning bolt flashed in his mind, his consciousness suddenly became sober!

     Lu Chen opened his eyes abruptly, and asked incredulously: "You mean...pregnant?"

     Chen Fei'er hugged him tightly, buried his head in his arms and nodded.


     A huge joy arose in his heart, and instantly flooded Lu Chen's whole body, making him feel electric shock from the top of his head to the feet, and the whole person was trembling with can't help.

     I am going to be a father.

     At this moment, Lu Chen can't wait to announce to the world-I am going to be a father!

     The surprise and happiness came so suddenly that he couldn't believe it. He immediately asked impatient: "When did you find out? Have you been checked in the hospital? How long has it been?"

     In fact, think about it carefully. Some time ago, when the two were together, they didn't take protective measures seriously, especially when the passion came up and didn't care so much. Chen Fei'er's pregnancy was not a particularly big accident.Chen Fei'er raised his head from his arms and blushed, "I was a little skeptical last week. When you went to Hangzhou, I bought a pregnancy test stick for a test. Then I went to the hospital for a review the day before yesterday. There were four weeks. too much."

     Lu Chen couldn't help complaining: "Why didn't you tell me about such a big thing?"

     Chen Fei'er pouted and said: "I'm afraid it will affect your work, and it will only take a day or two..."

     She looked at Lu Chen seriously, with an uneasy expression flashing in her eyes: "You, won't you be upset?"

     Lu Chen was stunned, not to know whether to laugh or cry: "How can I be unhappy, I'm happy!"

     At this moment, Lu Chen finally felt Chen Fei'er's inner weakness and anxiety, act without taking time to think and hugged her firmly: "Fei'er, let's get married!"

     He wanted to say this a long time ago, and now it's a bit late, but just say it!

     Chen Fei'er trembled all over, his eyes sparkling.

     She will not tell Lu Chen that she has been waiting for his words.

     Because of the family relationship, she has an inexplicable fear of two people getting married and living together. She sees more of the division and combination of men and women in the entertainment circle, and does not have 100% confidence in the relationship with Lu Chen.Until now, after hearing Lu Chen's unwavering request, she finally realized her heart clearly.

     Let's get married!

     Chen Fei'er nodded vigorously, tears falling from the corners of his eyes.

     "do not Cry…"

     Lu Chen felt very distressed, and quickly kissed the tears on her face: "This is not good for the baby."

     Chen Fei'er rubbed hard on his pajamas, wiped away his tears, and said, "Start caring for your baby now. Will you love your baby more than me in the future?"

     Lu Chen knew that this was not the time to make sense, so he hurriedly coaxed: "How could it be possible, I love my baby and you, you are the most important thing!"

     Chen Fei'er gave a "hum" and said dissatisfied: "It will coax me, who knows what you think?"

     Lu Chen only smiled bitterly.

     But Chen Fei'er's mood finally calmed down. She leaned into Lu Chen's arms again and asked softly: "You like boys nevertheless girls, do you think auntie likes boys more?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "My mom doesn't value males and attach less importance to females. I like girls more. How can I say that my daughter is a sweet little padded jacket for my father!"

     Chen Fei'er pinched him: "Nevertheless, your little lover in your previous life!"Lu Chen surrendered: "In fact, we can give birth to a few more, boys and girls are the best lively."

     Chen Fei'er pinches the point again: "You treat me as a pig!"

     She said again: "I want to give birth to two, one is too lonely..."

     Lu Chen became more excited as he thought about it: "No matter how many children you have, the first one is the most important. I will call my sister now and ask her to stop all of your work arrangements for this year, and I will give it to mom. Also make a call..."

     Chen Fei'er was speechless: "It's midnight now, don't talk about it..."

     She still hesitated.

     Lu Chen objected: "How can you not say it, let's just say it, I want to blog."

     He smiled and said, "I want to tell everyone that I am going to be a father!"

     I want to tell the world the happiness I have!


     Chen Fei'er said ashamed: "We are not married yet, so it's not good to let everyone know. Besides, if you post a blog post, others will say that you use my pregnancy to hype the new album, OK!"


     Lu Chen patted his head. He is a bit muddled in the brain. The entertainment industry is too complicated. It can be low-key and nevertheless. Try to be low-key: "Then we will go home and register together in a few days, and then we will talk to mom. By the way Set the wedding date."Chen Fei'er nodded obediently.

     Lu Chen suppressed his excitement and said: "It's late, let's sleep, rest is very important."

     He reached out and turned off the night light, and the bedroom suddenly plunged into darkness.

     But for the rest of the time, Lu Chen basically couldn't sleep. Holding Chen Fei'er, he recalled the past bits and pieces of the two, looking forward to a happy and happy life in the future.

     Tonight is doomed to sleepless.

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