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Chapter Directory 890 The Best Fans In The World
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Having finalized plans and arrangements related to Chen Fei'er with her sister, Lu Chen was determined and sat down in the study.

     Turning on the computer, he first logged into the Inspur blog, and found that many show business community people @了自己, who followed each other, were all celebrating the launch of the new Album and wishing them great sales.

     This morning, Lu Chen's third album "Lu Chen" was officially launched nationwide. The digital version of the Album will be released on WeChat Music at 9 o'clock for all fans to purchase and download. Listen first!

     It was already past 10 o'clock. After Lu Chen replied to a few friends on his blog, he clicked on the main WeChat music site to check the sales of digital albums.


     According to data from WeChat Music, in just over an hour, the new album of "Lu Chen" has been purchased and downloaded more than 200,000 times!

     The world's Record industry has long since declined. The tapes and CDs in the past have basically withdrawn from the stage. Although CDRecord still has a market in certain groups of people, there is no way to compare it with before.

     After entering the new century, digital music is the real mainstream.

     This time Lu Chen released a new album, using a model of simultaneous online and offline sales. Online is a digital album, and offline is a CD set of different versions.Relying on the huge fan base, the relatively expensive offline pre-sales have achieved excellent results, and the hot sales of online and network distribution are completely reasonable. After all, the price of a legal digital album is only 10 yuan, which is equivalent to 1 song 1 yuan, no matter which fan can get it.

     But more than 200,000 sets were sold in one hour, which really broke the record, reaching the point where other vagabond singers are completely looking up!

     Excluding the cost of channels, the cost of digital edition production and distribution can be said to be negligible, 200,000 is 2 million in sales, and the profit is very amazing.

     And this is just the beginning. According to such a hot trend, it may not be a dream to exceed one million on the first day!

     However, Lu Chen did not be wild with joy because of this. In the face of Chen Fei'er's pregnancy and the surprise of becoming a father, whether it was 200,000 nevertheless 1 million on the first day of sales, it was nothing.

     In contrast, he is more concerned about the public praise of this new Album market.

     The new album of "Lu Chen" contains 5 old songs and 5 new works. The 5 old songs are not really old. They are all works just released last year. The new works are really new works.

     In the style of Album, "Lu Chen" presents diversified characteristics. The works in it cover folk songs, love songs and Chinese style, and the latter is precisely what he mainly promotes.From "Jiangnan" to "A Laugh from the Sea" to "Blue and White Porcelain", Lu Chen's position for his third album is to follow the past and herald the future, to create a new style, but can it win the recognition and love of fans? It depends on the market response these days.

     "What are you looking at?"

     While Lu Chen was browsing the web, Chen Fei'er, who had just freshened up, also came to the study.

     Lu Chen stretched out his hands and let Chen Fei'er sit on him.

     Holding his lover and sniffing her scent, Lu Chen smiled and said, "I'm watching Album sales."


     Chen Fei'er twisted his body to make him sit more comfortable, and asked, "How is it?"


     Lu Chen sketch in light shades said: "More than 200,000 sets have been released."

     Chen Fei'er opened his eyes wide: "This is going to be one million on the first day, ah, I want to have a new album too!"

     Lu Chen said sternly: "What new album is coming out, your job now is to nurture and give birth to a child!"

     Chen Fei'er grinned: "Then I won't work anymore, you have to support me."

     Lu Chen seek but fail to get: "Keep you forever!"

     The two stayed in the study for a while, and then went out for lunch together.

     As a result, just after I went downstairs, my sister called. I wanted to talk with Chen Fei'er at noon.Her pregnancy is really a big deal.

     After lunch, Lu Chen rushed to Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore to attend the signing ceremony of the new Album.

     According to the plan, in the next week, he will successively fly to many major cities in China for Album signing activities, and at the same time build momentum for his first national tour.

     This is a pre-arranged arrangement and cannot be changed because of Chen Fei'er's pregnancy accident. But after the concert, Lu Chen decided to reduce his work drastically and spend more time with his lover.

     The signing started at 2 o'clock. Lu Chen arrived at the bookstore of Xinhua Bookstore at 1:20, and found that it was already crowded with people from the first floor to the third floor. Not one drop can trickle through!

     Although the bookstore has arranged a lot of staff to maintain order, the scene obviously exceeded their expectations. A staff member held up an electric horn and shouted desperately to get everyone to line up to keep order.

     "Lu Chen!" "Lu Chen!"

     Most of these enthusiastic fans are young people, and most of them are girls. They are holding the new Album that has just been launched and shouting the name of Lu Chen.

     Seeing this posture, Lu Chen, who was accustomed to the big scene, was also shocked.He got up from the internal elevator of the bookstore, so he immediately discussed with the staff to start the signing in advance to avoid chaos.

     When Lu Chen appeared in front of the fans, the whole floor was boiling!

     "Thank you everyone!"

     Lu Chen took the electric speaker and said to a crowd of excited fans: "I will start signing now. There is only a small request. I hope everyone will wait patiently and not be crowded. Just come today to ensure that everyone has a share. I'll finish signing it at night!"

     The signing point is on the third floor, and the fans' team descends from the third floor to the door on the first floor. It is conceivable that the amount of work required to complete the signing is huge.

     But Lu Chen didn't want to disappoint the fans who came to support him so hard, so he immediately started work.

     One after another fans came up, smiling, communicating, signing, and taking photos. It seemed simple, but when the number accumulated to hundreds or thousands, it was definitely very hard work.

     From about 1:20 in the afternoon, until after 5 o'clock, Lu Chen basically rested except drinking a few times. His face was stiff with a smile, his throat became hoarse, and his signing hand was swollen.

     If it weren't for his physical strength, his body was strong enough and he couldn't support it at all.In the end, it was the fans who felt distressed. Even though the fans at the back waited for several hours, it can be seen that Lu Chen has worked so hard, and they all said that they don't want to sign any more. It's enough to take a photo together.

     This made Lu Chen's heart warm. After returning home at night, he updated his blog.

     The content is very simple, a photo of the signing site plus a sentence.

     I have the best fans in the world!

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