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Chapter Directory 891 Chinese Style
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On January 1, 2019, Lu Chen's third personal album "Lu Chen" was officially launched. The sales volume of WeChat music on that day reached 1,076,549 copies, setting an unprecedented and amazing record.

     In addition, Xinhua Bookstores across the country have sold more than 100,000 genuine CDs. This part of the sales is new and not included in the previously booked Album package. It is also a very impressive result.

     The reason is first of all Lu Chen's huge popularity in China. His Inspur blog has close to 120 million followers, and the number of fans is unmatched. It is the most dazzling star in the entertainment industry. .

     In fact, it is nearly two years away from the last album, "Lu Chen" Album. Fans' needs have accumulated to a very deep level, so it is normal to burst out all at once.

     Finally, there is the quality of Album.

     No surprises, this new Album named after Lu Chen himself, all the works in it are Lu Chen's original works, even most of the composing music is his own hands, which is rare in the domestic pop music scene.

     And Lu Chen's music works are recognized outside the show business community circle of high quality. One of his songs is at least a boutique level, and there are no shortage of classics. The public praise is unmatched.So fans who like him believe that the new Album will never disappoint, and everyone is very willing to spend a pack of cigarettes or a box of lunch to buy a copy of the original.

     After purchasing CDRecord, some fans deliberately bought a CD player that they didn't have before, because the sound quality of the CD is better than that of the digital version.

     The facts did not disappoint the fans. This album of "Lu Chen" is impeccable in terms of production level, and the first work is commendable. Hearing the ten songs from the beginning to the end, there are surprises and touches every minute!

     Show business community Many people in the industry also pay attention to this new album. They also bought the digital version as soon as possible. Impatient auditioned and analyzed. Some critics were keenly aware of the changing trend of Lu Chen’s musical style. Pieces of fresh and hot articles are posted on the blog.

     Among them, the most cited word is undoubtedly the "Chinese style"!

     "Chinese style" is not a particularly new ranking. It has been proposed in the pop music world a long time ago. It mainly uses the characteristics of traditional and national music to create popular trends, but most of them are nondescript and have no influence. force.And Lu Chen really brought the "Chinese style" into the world of fans. His first "Jiangnan" won numerous applause, and the theme song "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" was sublimated. Now the newly released "Blue and White Porcelain", "Dongfeng Broken" and "Firework Easy to Cold" have undoubtedly put a distinctive brand on this Album.

     Some music critics expressed excitedly on their blog that the era of "Chinese style" in the pop music world has arrived!

     As a result, the three words "Chinese style" quickly appeared on the blog's hot word list on the homepage and were discussed by countless people.

     As the first person to bury funerary dolls, Lu Chen's mood is not very good.

     In the afternoon, he participated in the new Album promotion and sales activity at Xinhua Bookstore in Wangfujing. He signed for more than 4 hours and signed thousands of copies. As a result, after the end, his right hand was completely unconscious and he had dinner. I can’t even hold the chopsticks.

     At this moment, Lu Xi and Chen Fei'er were frightened. They hurriedly took Lu Chen to the hospital. Considering that it is more appropriate to see a Chinese medicine doctor in this situation, I deliberately found a well-known Chinese medicine doctor for diagnosis and treatment through the relationship.

     Lu Chen felt that the two women made a fuss about nothing. His problem was actually muscle swelling. Cold compresses and then hot compresses should be able to solve them, but they couldn't hold back their concern and had to accept the arrangement honestly.After seeing it, the doctor said that the problem was not serious, so he prescribed medicine and performed acupuncture.

     As a result, Chen Fei'er took a picture of his acupuncture and put it on his blog, with the words "distressed" and a silent expression of tears.

     The fans suddenly exploded!

     "What's the matter? My Chen, what's the matter?"

     "Oh, the hands are planted!"

     "Distressed My Chen, is it because I signed too many signatures in the afternoon? No wonder My Fei distressed."

     "In the afternoon, Lu Chen signed for Wangfujing. There were too many people and I couldn't squeeze in. I was lucky."

     "I want to cry when I look at it, so please tell Lu Chen not to be so desperate."

     "Is the Haijin signing available tomorrow? I am very conflicted."

     "me too……"

     The fans of Chen Fei'er and Lu Chen have a high degree of overlap. Most of the fans said that they felt very distressed when they saw the photos, and asked Lu Chen to be careful not to fight too hard.

     Lu Chen's body has always been healthy, and he is able to fight, signing and signing to the point of entering the hospital, the reason can only be that the signing is too long and too long.

     After Lu Chen returned home from acupuncture and moxibustion, he also updated his blog. First of all, he thanked the fans for their relationship. His hands have been treated much better. The Haijin signing meeting will be held on time tomorrow and will not be cancelled."Don't fight like that..."

     Chen Fei'er rubbed the medicinal oil on Lu Chen, and said, "Tomorrow the Haijin side will let them pay attention to controlling the number of people. They can no longer be like the Heavenly King side of Fujing today, and they will all sign fees!"

     She knows that Lu Chen's efforts are not just to promote Album sales. To be honest, for the two of them now, no matter how much money they have, it is only a number, and the lives they have earned will not be spent.

     The most important nevertheless fan, Lu Chen is used to not letting down fans, but he has too many fans.

     "No big problem..."

     Lu Chen squeezed his fist and stretched his five fingers with a smile: "I was not used to signing so many before. Just get used to it a few times. It can also be exercised."

     Chen Fei'er bitterly squeezed a few times: "See if you can!"

     After all, Lu Chen rushed to Haijin the next morning for the second signing.

     What moved him was that although Haijin’s fans were no less enthusiastic than those in Beijing, at the Xinhua Bookstore signing site in Haijin, everyone lined up with everything clear and in good order, and almost everyone had Album but none Ask for his signature.

     These fans obviously know what happened last night. Everyone doesn't want to burden Lu Chen. They just want to meet Lu Chen and say a few words and take another photo.In view of this, Lu Chen specially sang two songs from Album at the signing site.

     The scene of this signing event was posted on the Internet by many fans’ mobile phone Shooting, which aroused heated discussions among netizens.

     As Lu Chen said, he has the best fans in the world!

     Next in Huhai, Hangzhou, Shenhai, Shancheng, Shacheng...

     Lu Chen swept through most of China like a whirlwind, taking his new Album to a whole new level!

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