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Chapter Directory 892 New Game
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"I'm back!"

     Shi Kai opened the door happily and shouted at the roommates who were sitting in the living room.

     One of his roommates, Min Wenlin, was playing a game and said without looking back: "Why come back so late? Have you eaten dinner? There are leftovers in the kitchen. You heat it yourself."

     Another roommate smiled and said, "Hurry up, waiting for you to download a copy together!"

     "What copy..."

     Shi Kai grinned and said, "I don't want to play Magic Sword anymore. I'm going to change the game."


     The three roommates all had a surprise, turning their heads to look at Shi Kai. Min Wenlin even stood up and reached out to touch Shi Kai's forehead: "You don't have a fever, right?"

     "Magic Sword" is an online game launched by the famous game company Tempest in China last year. The fantasy RPG category has won the love of a group of gamers with its sophisticated production.

     Shi Kai is a fan of "Magic Sword". He started playing as soon as he opened the server. He is a senior player of "Magic Sword". He is currently at level 72 and belongs to the First Army in the entire server.

     The most important thing is that all three roommates played "Magic Sword" under the leadership of Shi Kai. Now Shi Kai suddenly said that they would not play "Magic Sword" and want to play something else. Why are they not surprised?

     "Go! Go! Go!"Shi Kai avoided Min Wenlin's salty pig hand, and said disgustedly: "You just made a fuss!"

     He sat down in his computer chair, took out four game cards from the handbag he just brought back, and said with a smile: "Let’s play "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" together!"

     Shi Kai is a technician for an Internet Company in Shancheng. He has been working in Shancheng for three years after graduating from university. In order to save living expenses, he and several colleagues in the Company rented this house together.

     Everyone is of the same age, and the usual relationship is very good. What is rare is that they all like to play games, so often play online games together and PK to clean up the copy, which can be regarded as a rare leisure fun in life.

     Due to the high skill of playing games, Shi Kai as it should be by rights became the leading brother among the four.

     "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer?"

     Min Wenlin picked up a game card resting on the computer table and asked hesitantly: "Is it fun?"

     He knows the game "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" that has been very popular some time ago, but now there are so many new games, and he is playing "Magic Sword" again, so he didn't pay much attention.

     Shi Kai picked up the tea cup and drank a big sip of tea, and said, "The vice president of our union recommended to me. He went in for a trial when the server opened on the 1st. It feels very good. The most important thing is to charge now The standard has come out, very kind and honest!"A roommate was surprised: "Does it charge?"

     "Magic Sword" is a free online game.

     Shi Kai sneered and said: "The fee is good. The free Motherf*cker is all pits. Take "Magic Sword" as an example. We are also very high-level? Yesterday we were not cut down by a little RMB soldier. wanna die?"

     The three roommates nodded sadly.

     Like Shi Kai, they are from ordinary people. Although the consumption in Shancheng is not particularly high, the usual expenses on clothing, food, housing and transport are not low, so life can be saved as much as possible.

     When I played "Magic Sword" with Shi Kai, I also liked this game for free, but when I first entered the pit, this game was good, and now the operator is dig for thoughts to make money and launched a variety of fee-based props. .

     The most typical thing is to smash a weapon. A 50-level golden weapon smashes a 9-star weapon. It costs at least 5,000 yuan. If a few soul gems are inlaid, tens of thousands are normal. How can they afford to smash it?

     I don’t smash the equipment. I have no level. But those smashed equipment. For example, last night Shi Kai took everyone to brush the BOSS, and he encountered a little soldier who robbed the monster. I thought that four-on-one could be easily done. Don't want to abuse the other party.The reason is simple. Although the opponent's level is low, he wears a 9-star soul gold outfit, and one sword is just seconds away. Min Wenlin, a thin-skinned mage, can cut Shi Kai and this MT knight can't make up for blood with medicine. A.

     It's simply extraordinary shame and humiliation!

     Is there any way? Who told them not to throw money.

     Shi Kai said: "I don't want to play this kind of free game anymore. The newly released "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" doesn't have any paid items, so it sells some cards. It costs 5 cents an hour or 50 yuan a month."

     50 yuan per hour or 50 yuan per month?

     This is really not expensive, and the most important thing is that there are no chargeable items, which means that it is fair to all game players, and there will be no situation where the four of them are PK but a low-level opponent.

     Shi Kai patted the game cards on the table and said, "I bought four monthly cards and opened the new server at 8pm. Let's play the new server together!"

     Min Wenlin asked: "Then what about our "Magic Sword" account?"

     Shi Kai waved his hand: "It's all on the Internet and sell it. How much can be sold? By the way..."

     He remembered something and said excitedly: "The auction house trading system is built in "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer". If we have good equipment, we can put it in the auction house for auction of silver or RMB!"

     "That's OK?"The three roommates were amazed. Generally speaking, the equipment transaction in the game is very troublesome. Your own transaction is easy to be deceived. The transaction fee and transaction fee will be deducted from the third-party platform transaction, and the payment time is long.

     "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" actually supports cash auctions, which is really great for a game party like them!

     If you are lucky to produce a piece of top-quality equipment, hang it up and sell it for hundreds or thousands of them.

     A roommate shouted: "Stop talking, download the client now!"


     Everyone hurriedly took action and closed "Magic Sword" one after another, downloaded the client according to the URL on the game card, and then linked their respective "Magic Sword" accounts to third-party platforms for sale.

     Their equipment is all self-made, basically worthless, but the account level is not bad, more or less can sell for three or four hundred yuan, mosquitoes are meaty even though they are small!

     As a result, Min Wenlin discovered that there were a large number of "Magic Sword" accounts for sale these days, many of which were made by RMB. The number of tens of thousands of dollars was sold for two to three thousand, which is simply a sale!

     Although it is not certain that this situation is due to "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", but the market for "Magic Sword" is clearly and easy to see. The four-person account is estimated to have to be sold at a discount. .But everyone doesn't care anymore. Anyway, if you make up your mind to play a new game, it's not a pity that the deceptive "Magic Sword" is lost for nothing. I simply mark it up at half the price, and then wait for the download to end and install the new client.

     At 8 o'clock in the evening, before the new server opened, four good friends successfully registered an account and logged in to "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer".

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