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Chapter Directory 894 Home Harbor
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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On January 15th, Lu Chen returned to the capital after completing the nationwide sales promotion tour of the new Album.

     In less than half a month, he traveled to seven major cities in China and stayed in Hongkong for two days. Finally, he flew back to the capital from Baodao, with a total distance of thousands of kilometers.

     In each city, Lu Chen has been enthusiastically welcomed by local fans, so that the Xinhua Bookstore signed in the next few cities has restricted the number of people who can enter, and it is screened by computer ranking, otherwise the reception pressure It's too huge.

     Although it was very hard work, the results were remarkable. Since the new album of "Lu Chen" was released on the 1st, as of the evening of the 14th, the total sales reached 6.5 million copies.

     Although most of them are digital albums, this result has broken the first and second week sales records of the first two albums, and it is only a matter of time before the total sales record is broken.

     Not only in China, but with such a high sales volume in the world, it is definitely among the best. It is enough to discuss two disparate things together with several top singers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

     Therefore, some people in the show business community jealously commented that the album sales record set by Lu Chen can only be broken by himself, without any exceptions!Proportion to the sales volume of Album is the public praise of fans. Lu Chen used his third album to defend his unshakable king status in the pop music scene, and he also established a solid foundation for the title of "most outstanding creator". Of the monument.

     Driven by this album, the originally quiet pop music scene became active again. Many vagabond singers and Record Media Company are seeking Chinese-style works, hoping to take advantage of this wave of popularity.

     But for Lu Chen, no matter how high the sales of the new Album, how enthusiastic the market is, it is insignificant. The most important thing is to return home to accompany Chen Fei'er.

     Opening the door with the key, Lu Chen put his suitcase on the wall and immediately smelled the scent of food.


     Lu Chen couldn't help being a little surprised, because there are very few restaurants in the house, and he cooks all meals at home occasionally.

     With a hint of doubt, he put on his shoes and walked towards the kitchen.

     On the outside table, there were several plates of steaming home-cooked dishes. The dishes were very simple, mainly scrambled eggs, braised pork and small green vegetables, as well as a plate of fried peanuts.

     In the kitchen, a beautiful lady in an apron was making soup. She took the lid of the casserole cautious and solemn, scooped some soup with a spoon, and then added some salt to cover it again.Suddenly, both hands stretched out from behind her and hugged her waist.


     Chen Fei'er was startled, the spoon in his hand almost fell off.

     Lu Chen held her in his arms, put his chin on her shoulder, sniffed the breath of his lover greedily, and asked with a smile: "How do you think of cooking by yourself?"

     "You scared me to death!"

     After waking up, Chen Fei'er tapped his head with a spoon, and said bitterly: "Suddenly, what about a sudden attack? It doesn't matter if it scares me, what should I do if it scares the baby?"

     The baby hasn't formed yet, right? Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "My wife, I know I was wrong."

     Chen Fei'er hēng hēng: "You have no conscience, knowing that you are coming back today, so I specially cook for you, but I didn't expect you..."

     Lu Chen hugged her tightly: "I was really wrong."

     With that said, he leaned over and kissed Chen Fei'er on the cheek to express his apologies.

     Chen Fei'er was grinned by his scum, twisting his head to dodge, and was kissed by Lu Chen.

     reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds, the two embraced and kissed each other in the kitchen.But considering the baby in Chen Fei'er’s belly, although the love is burning, the two nevertheless controlled themselves very well. Chen Fei'er is in the first trimester, during which the placenta is in the forming stage and is in an unstable state. The secretion of progesterone to prevent miscarriage is not sufficient, and miscarriage or threatened miscarriage is most likely to occur.

     The first baby of the two should be cautious and timid.

     "Try my craft..."

     Chen Fei'er asked Lu Chen to sit down at the dining table, scooped him a bowl of soup and served another bowl of rice, and looked at him expectantly.

     Lu Chen also rude, first put a scrambled egg with chopsticks into his mouth, and drank two more mouthfuls of soup.

     After swallowing in three mouthfuls, he praised: "It's really good, so delicious!"

     Chen Fei'er gave Lu Chen a white look and said, "You will make me happy. I just started to learn how to cook. Where did you come from? Your acting skills are also out of the question!"

     "It's pretty good for beginners..."

     Lu Chen smiled and asked: "How do you think about cooking by yourself? Didn't you say to find a nanny to take care of you? Didn't my sister find it for you?"

     He discussed with Lu Xi before leaving Beijing to find an experienced nanny to take care of Chen Fei'er.Chen Fei'er said: "Sister Lu Xi told me, but I don't need other people's care for the time being. I'll talk about it later, staying at home is boring, so I learned to cook by myself."

     She picked Lu Chen with chopsticks and vegetables: "Hurry up, I've already eaten it."

     Although Chen Fei'er's skill as a beginner is not very good, the eggs are a little burnt, the vegetables are too old, and the chicken soup is not delicious enough, but Lu Chen still eats with keen interest and ate three bowls in a row. rice.

     After eating, Lu Chen took care of the work of cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks.

     At this moment, it was already dark, and through the glass window of the kitchen, one could see the lights of thousands of houses outside.

     Although his body is still very tired, Lu Chen's spirit is completely relaxed. No matter how hard he is outside, his home will always be a warm harbor, especially for stars like him and Chen Fei'er, which are so plain but warm. Rare in daily life at home.

     Put all the dishes and chopsticks in the dishwasher, wipe the table clean, Lu Chen washed his hands and returned to the living room.

     Chen Fei'er is sitting on the sofa watching TV, and the big screen of the laser projection is playing the picture of Lu Chen's signing at North City on the island yesterday.

     "A sorrowful and lonely standing in the window, I pretend that you haven't left behind the door, the old place is like revisiting the full moon and it is more lonely, and the sober candlelight in the middle of the night cannot bear to criticize me."A pot wandering roam far and wide is hard to get into the throat. After you leave, the wine warms the memory and misses thin..."

     Lu Chen in the picture is singing "East Wind Broken" in Album. This work with strong Chinese flavor is widely acclaimed. Together with "Blue and White Porcelain", it is regarded as a masterpiece of "Chinese style". It is currently muddled and completely collapsing.

     Lu Chen sang three songs at the signing event in North City on the island, and "Dongfeng Broken" was considered the finale.

     He walked over and sat down on the sofa, gently embracing Chen Fei'er in his arms.

     The two were silent, but they were incredibly warm and sweet.

     And the singing continued.


     Who is playing a piece of Dongfengpo with the pipa,

     time peeling off the wall and seeing when I was young,

     I still remember that we were still very young,

     But now the sound of guqin faintly waits for me, you have never heard of it.



     Note: "East Wind Breaking" wordings: Fang Wenshan/Composer: Jay Chou
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