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Chapter Directory 895 Sweet And Sour
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Beijing New Times Art Park, Chen Fei Media headquarters.

     "Ms. Lu is early!" "Ms. Chen is early!" "Hi boss!" "Hi wife boss..."

     When Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er appeared in the Company together, the reaction of the employees was extremely enthusiastic, especially those newcomers who had just joined the Company not long ago, with their eyes shining.

     After nearly two years of development, today Chen Fei Media has become a well-known company in the industry. Although it has not yet achieved a predatory scale, its rapid rise has left all its competitors far behind. Revenue is even hitting new highs.

     In contrast, due to the rapid development of various businesses and the increasing number of employees, this office building is currently overwhelmed. The Company is negotiating with the park management committee to rent a nearby 7-storey building. , To meet the needs of Company expansion.

     In the future, Chen Fei Media will be divided into multiple companies such as music, film and television, digital special effects, and performing arts training.

     In the VIP reception room of the Company, Lu Chen met several guests who came to visit Chen Fei Media headquarters today. They were all from Capital City TV, including Chen Qi who had a good relationship with Lu Chen.Chen Qi met Lu Chen when he first debuted. The former also gave Lu Chen a lot of help. After Lu Chen became famous, he has a long-term and good relationship with Capital City TV, which also depends on the deputy director.

     But now Chen Qi has been promoted by one level. At the end of last year, he replaced the former director of Capital City TV and became the new director of Capital City TV. Today is also his first visit to Chen Fei Media as the new director.

     From deputy director to director, it’s just a step of promotion. In fact, the status of the two is completely different. At Chen Qi's current level, he went to the Chen Fei Media headquarters to find Lu Chen in person. Honor is degraded.

     But Chen Qi didn't put on the air of a big boss. In front of Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er and Lu Xi, he was still amiable with a smile.

     When he saw Lu Chen, he joked: "Big star, you finally came back. I am here in the capital and hope that you will have gray hair."

     Chen Qi had an appointment with Lu Chen half a month ago, but Lu Chen just started the nationwide sales promotion of the new Album, so the meeting time was set today.

     Lu Chen was ashamed: "Director Chen, you put me under a lot of pressure by saying that."

     Chen Qi Hahaha; "You are under a lot of pressure, but I am under even more pressure. Tell me the truth, is Star Factory planning to cooperate with Xiangnan TV on new programs?"Lu Chen helplessly: "Taiwan Chief Chen, although I have shares in the Star Factory, it doesn't matter."

     He didn't expect Chen Qi to come over and talk to himself about this. Obviously, the cooperation negotiation between Star Factory and Xiangnan TV leaked the news, and it was known by this side.

     When Lu Chen went to Hangzhou to participate in the Zhedong TV New Year's Eve concert more than half a month ago, Tian Tian approached him to discuss the new variety show project and also talked about Xiangnan TV at that time.

     Lu Chen gave her a new program planning plan, and she never took care of it in the future, because Tian Tian, who is in charge of the Star Factory, has long been able to assume personal responsibility and does not require him to work hard.

     The most important thing is that even though it has a large number of shares in Star Factory Media, no matter it is Lu Chen nevertheless Chen Fei'er, he never interferes with the operation of this company and allows Tian Tian to exert his talents.

     So whether Tian Tian is cooperating with Zhedong TV nevertheless Xiangnan TV, Lu Chen will support it.

     But now Chen Qi came to the door to ask him personally. He was a little embarrassed and could only explain it tactfully.

     Chen Qi is dissatisfied: "Your youngster is becoming less and less kind and honest. The last New Year's Eve concert I asked you not to invite you, and now you are running to cooperate with Xiangnan TV. Don’t say you don’t care. The plan for the new project is definitely Did you take it out?"

     Lu Chen was dumb.In fact, the program plan that Lu Chen dumped to Tian Tian is still strictly confidential. It will not be officially released until the creative copyright registration is completed. It is limited to a small part of the content.

     But in the cooperation negotiations with Xiangnan TV, she didn't need to come up with a specific plan. People looked for Lu Chen, a well-known brand, and she was very sincere in cooperation.

     As for Capital City TV, I just heard the wind, of course, it is impossible to learn more, but Chen Qi knows Lu Chen too well and knows the inside story behind the scenery of Star Factory, so he intuitively made an accurate judgment.

     Lu Chen's title of "touch base matter and turn it to gold" in the show business community industry is unknown to everyone. As the director of Capital City TV, how can Chen Qi tolerate a potentially explosive audience? Is the variety show prying away for Xiangnan TV?

     We must know that Xiangnan TV is the biggest competitor for Capital City TV!

     Chen Qi continued: "I was right? I knew that little girl didn't have that kind of ability. She still had to listen to you, so why not talk to us on Capital City TV?"

     The director of Tangtang Satellite TV played a rogue, Lu Chen also not to know whether to laugh or cry, and said with a wry smile: "Director Chen, I really don't care about the Star Factory. If you want to cooperate, just talk to Tian Tian. Now, I think she will definitely give you face."

     "Do you think I didn't look for her?"Chen Qi said angrily: "That girl, ghost, hold me here and bargain with Xiangnan TV. Unless the talk is broken, it is almost impossible for me to have it."

     Chen Fei'er couldn't help but laugh.

     "dare you laugh…"

     Chen Qi bitter and hateful: "Don't forget, how Xiangnan TV treated your husband back then!"

     Chen Fei'er pursed his lips and said with a smile: "Director Chen, if I don't speak, I'll take a look."

     Chen Qi silently pointed to the big star in his family, with an expression of hate iron for not becoming steel.

     Lu Xi really watched it, and said, "Director Chen, it's useless for you to talk to Lu Chen. He really doesn't care about Star Factory, but there is still a lot we can do with Capital City TV."

     Chen Qi actually waited for this sentence and immediately smiled and said: "Well, Lu Chen's first concert at Olympic Sports has to be recorded and broadcasted to us. In addition, if the Star Factory talks with Xiangnan TV, priority should be given. Consider us, and talk to us first on new projects in the future..."

     He said several items in one breath, obviously he was prepared early, but he was just advancing before retreating.

     Lu Chen’s first solo concert will be held on February 14 at the Beijing Olympic Sports Center. As the first stop of his national tour, this concert has attracted countless attention and can be regarded as a popular music scene in China this year. A big event.In order to ensure the income of tickets, individual concerts usually do not have live TV broadcasts, or even record broadcasts. At most, they sell online versions. Under normal circumstances, TV stations will not record celebrity concerts, at most they will be a news interview.

     But Lu Chen's influence is too great, so Capital City TV hopes to be able to record this concert, in addition to being used for program broadcasts, it will also be used as an important material for Lu Chen's personal documentary.

     Chen Qi must swallow this piece of sweet pastry!

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