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Chapter Directory 906 Zhong Ai's Life (middle)
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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At 7:10 in the evening, in the VIP lounge of the Olympic Sports Center, it was like another world.

     The thick walls block all the noise from the outside world and make the stylishly decorated room very quiet. The black coffee table is placed with exquisite tea sets, and the light fragrance of tea is floating in the air.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er snuggled and sat on the soft sofa, quietly enjoying their time alone.


     Chen Fei'er put his face on Lu Chen's shoulder and asked with a chuckle, "The first solo concert."

     Lu Chen thought for a while and replied: "It's a little bit, not as nervous as expected. It feels like going to an important ceremony to resolve my wish."

     As he said, he turned his head and kissed Chen Fei'er on the face: "Happy Valentine's Day."

     "What about the present?"

     Chen Fei'er asked angrily: "Is there only a bunch of flowers?"

     This morning, Lu Chen gave her a bouquet of roses, which are now in the lounge.

     Of course, Chen Fei'er doesn’t really care what gift Lu Chen gives, a bunch of flowers or a flower, as long as it can represent her heart, it’s enough. She deliberately asks this way because of the sentiment, and by the way, it distracts Lu Chen’s attention and makes him Relax.

     In a concert, Chen Fei'er's experience can kill Lu Chen in seconds.Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course it is more than that, but it will be kept secret for the time being, and I will give it to you later."


     Chen Fei'er gave him an arrogantly blank look, and magically pulled out a long box from the front coffee table: "This is my gift to you. Isn't it better than you?"

     Lu Chen was somewhat taken aback, and immediately smiled: "Thank you wife!"

     This box is really big enough. The outside is wrapped in colored paper, and it is not clear what is inside.

     Chen Fei'er said with joy: "Open it and take a look."

     Lu Chen nodded, and immediately opened the wrapping paper.

     Inside is a guitar case. The golden emblem on the surface of the case does not belong to any famous brand, but Lu Chen, who has a deep understanding of guitars, nevertheless recognizes it as the master of piano maker Prandello. Exclusive logo.

     Prandello is the world's top guitar maker. It often takes months to half a year to make a guitar, and it takes longer if it is a personal order.

     Prandello's handmade guitars are regarded as treasures in the industry. Many big singers are proud of owning one of his guitars, but it is not easy to order one, and money cannot be bought.Lu Chen did not expect Chen Fei'er to give a Prandello handmade guitar as a gift. He opened the case almost impatiently.

     A velvet-wrapped guitar appeared in his sight, so beautiful that it was suffocating!

     Lu Chen once played a Prandello handmade guitar, but compared with this one, it's just a bit worse in appearance, and it is definitely a work of art that can make lovers crazy.

     Chen Fei'er leaned on Lu Chen and said, "I ordered this the year before, and I asked someone to ask for it. I just got it last month. Do you like it?"

     Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "I like it!"

     Compared to the guitar, what he likes more is Chen Fei'er's dedication and true love for himself.

     If you have a wife like this, what can your husband ask for?

     Chen Fei'er pursed his lips and smiled: "If you like it, try the tone."

     Lu Chen rubbed his hands: "I am a little bit reluctant to use it..."

     Many people custom purchase Prandello's works for collection. Occasionally, they are cautious and solemn, and they are rarely used for playing and performing.

     But this actually violates the meaning of an musical instrument itself, because musical instruments are used for performance.

     Lu Chen took the guitar out and tried the feel and tone, and it was really impeccable.

     "That night I will use this guitar to sing a song..."Click!

     At this moment, the door of the room was knocked softly.

     Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er looked at each other and smiled. Lu Chen put the guitar back in the case and said loudly, "Please come in."

     One of his assistants opened the door but did not come in. The probe said, "Brother Chen, time is almost up."

     Lu Chen nodded: "I see."

     When the assistant closed the door again, Chen Fei'er kissed Lu Chen tenderly and said, "Go, I will watch you here, and perform well!"

     Lu Chen opened his arms and hugged his girlfriend, then got up and left the lounge.

     His glorious moment is coming!

     At this moment, there are more than 80,000 seats in the main stadium of the Olympic Sports Center, and countless enthusiastic fans hold high support sticks and fluorescent cards, and the bright light surpasses the stars in the sky.

     The official start time of tonight's concert was 7:30, and it is now 7:25. The audience began to get excited, and they didn't know who opened their heads first. There was a tide of shouts from the audience.

     "Lu Chen!" "Lu Chen!" "Lu Chen!"

     Everyone already impatiently wants to see Lu Chen come on stage.

     With the passage of time, the call not only did not stop, but became louder and more enthusiastic.

     "Lu Chen ~"Those fans who like Lu Chen seem to be about to vent the emotions accumulated after waiting for four years at this time, bringing the concert that has not officially started to a climax.

     At 7:29, the lights focused on the stage suddenly dimmed, and the fog machine arranged around released a large amount of dry ice and white fog. The giant LED screen used as the background of the stage and the three screens suspended in the air showed a countdown. Picture.

     "20, 19, 18..."

     The call of the audience turned into a counting sound: "...10, 9, 8, 7..."

     "3, 2, 1!"


     The whole venue suddenly became extremely quiet, and time seemed to freeze at this moment, only the sound of guqin gently plucked into everyone's ears.

     What a familiar melody!

     In the center of the stage, the lifting platform that had sunk below slowly rose, and a beam of spotlights suddenly fell.

     Envelop Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen wore a pair of worn-out jeans and a T-shirt worth up to 20 or 30 yuan. He sat on a stool holding a guitar, facing the microphone and camera, and showed a faint smile.In his first solo concert debut, Lu Chen gave everyone a big surprise. His dress was simple to the extreme. He was not at all like a superstar with a wealth of billions. The wandering vagabond singer struggling hard at the bottom.

     Only the first and most die-hard fans of Lu Chen can understand. Lu Chen's outfit is exactly what he looked like when he sang in a bar and on a live broadcast platform!

     Time goes by, and the original intention remains unchanged. No matter how the world changes, he is telling everyone...

     Lu Chen is still that Lu Chen!

     And the song that touched countless people and has been sung by countless people.

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