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Chapter Directory 909 Zhong Ai's Life (Continued 2)
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Before the following song starts to sing..."

     After singing "Cultivating Love", Lu Chen's forehead was sweaty, but his mood was just right. He didn't have any thoughts of rest. He smiled in front of tens of thousands of viewers and said, "I ask everyone to do me a favor. "

     help? What can I do for you?

     Everyone is very curious, and many people shouted out directly. Fortunately, Lu Chen didn't put his appetite on the table, and immediately went on to say: "This job is actually very simple. First put down the light sticks and cheer cards in your hands."

     The fans immediately followed suit, so fast that they seemed to have practiced it a long time ago.

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Now pick up your mobile phones, please turn on the flash and wave it along with the singing!"

     The next moment, the prelude to the music sounded, and everyone instantly understood-"The Brightest Star in the Night Sky"!

     This song is also one of Lu Chen's classic masterpieces. It is a milestone from his folk style to light rock and roll. It is deeply loved by countless fans.

     In the auditorium, fans by the thousands and tens of thousands held up their mobile phones, letting the bright lights wave with the melody of the song, as if the stars in the night sky intertwined with a gorgeous galaxy.This scene was clearly recorded by a high-altitude camera and became one of the most exciting scenes of this concert tonight, which was imitated by many vagabond singers later.

     "The brightest star in the night sky, can you hear clearly, the person who looks up, the loneliness and sighs in my heart."

     "The brightest star in the night sky, can you remember the figure that walked with me and disappeared in the wind?"

     "I pray for a transparent heart and tearful eyes..."

     "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky" first appeared on the stage of "Singing China". It is with this work that Lu Chen won the national championship of "Singing China", and since then embarked on the road to a superstar.

     Later, he re-performed the song at many music festivals and attracted many fans. The significance of this song to Lu Chen is actually no less than "My old classmate".

     Looking back on the four years of time and singing this song again, Lu Chen's heart is really full of emotions. When he was curled up on the narrow single bed in the basement, he never thought that he could be the brightest in the night sky. That star is watched by hundreds of millions of people?

     Destiny is so wonderful. He deeply knows the source of his success, so even if he has invincible popularity and countless wealth, he has never lost himself.

     Don't forget your original intention, so that you can go further and more steadily on the road of life.Always believe in the existence of light!

     "Whenever I can't find the meaning of existence, whenever I get lost in the dark..."

     "OH~The brightest star in the night sky, please light me up~"

     The camera shot across the auditorium and suddenly froze on an audience member. The young fan held his girlfriend tightly in his arms, cheeks streaming with tears and sang along.

     He cried and sang heartbreakingly, and the flashes of the mobile phones around him reflected the tears on his face.

     The pictures appeared on three large screens simultaneously, and the audience suddenly burst into applause and shouts.

     No one laughed at his fragility, laughed at him crying like a child, because people with stories are easily moved by this song, it is not shameful to cry, but the shame is the numbness of the heart!

     In the night sky tonight, Lu Chen is the brightest star, and the 83,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium are also releasing their own light!

     The atmosphere of the scene reached a climax in this song "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky".

     When Lu Chen finished singing the song, he closed his eyes facing the audience and listened to the cheers from everyone.

     He raised his right hand and pressed it on his chest, feeling his heart, as if it were beating powerfully with the 83,000 hearts on the scene!After a long time, Lu Chen opened his eyes, put down his hands and smiled: "Wait a moment, come back soon!"

     Nirvana Band immediately took over the stage, so that the atmosphere on the scene would not cool down.

     Back in the background, Lu Chen is already sweat profusely.

     He poured his emotions into every song, and sang with his heart and soul, without any perfunctory or compromise, and naturally a lot of physical exhaustion.

     However, his long-term martial arts training has made him fully able to withstand such pressure.

     "Very wonderful!"

     Chen Fei'er, who was guarding the backstage, gave Lu Chen a warm hug and smiled: "The atmosphere on site is so good!"

     Lu Chen kissed his girlfriend on the cheek and quickly changed his costume.

     Outside Nirvana Band just finished a passionate four-color performance, and look completely new Lu Chen appeared again.

     The applause exploded in an instant, and the audience was already impatient.

     Especially the fans of Lu Chen, they are reluctant to leave Lu Chen for even one second, just a few minutes have already brought their emotions to the culmination.


     Lu Chen coughed twice and asked, "Are everyone ready?"

     This sentence is a bit boring to ask, what should you prepare?

     But wherever the fans care so much, they immediately replied loudly: "Ready!"Lu Chen laughed and said: "Now that we are all ready, let us welcome a few big brothers together. They are all good teachers and helpful friends in my life, so the following song is composed by me and these big brothers. Get up and sing."

     "First of all welcome... Brother Tan Hong!"

     A beam of lights hit the entrance and exit of the backstage. Tan Hong, wearing a casual suit, waved to the audience with a smile, and walked towards Lu Chen unhurriedly.


     A loud noise broke out again in the Olympic Stadium main stadium, which was the sound of countless applause and shouts.

     Tonight at Lu Chen's first solo concert, it was not too surprising that Tan Hong appeared as a guest performer, because in Lu Chen's singing career, Tan Hong's help to him is well known.

     The friendship between the two is also praised!

     Although Tan Hong has already withdrawn from the music scene, but Lu Chen's singing, he will come to join in anyway.

     The two hugged each other, Tan Hong patted Lu Chen's shoulder hard, everything is said without saying!

     Lu Chen continued: "Next, please..."

     "Big Brother Liu Gangsheng!"

     The applause and noise that gradually subsided suddenly rose again, almost overturning the dome of the stadium.Liu Gangsheng is Hongkong's number one Heavenly King superstar, as well as a three-dimensional superstar of film and television, and an evergreen tree in the entertainment circle. In terms of domestic popularity, he is going to surpass Tan Hong.

     Lu Chen invited two big names all at once, and people couldn't help but look forward to their collaboration songs.

     But it's not over yet.

     After embracing Liu Gangsheng, Lu Chen said: "The last big brother..."

     "Brother Liao Jia!"

     Three big brothers, plus Lu Chen, a total of four big names, they work together to perform a song, then no matter what the song is, it will be included in the history of the Chinese music scene!

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