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Chapter Directory 911 Zhong Ai's Life (Continued Bell 4)
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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At this moment tonight, the 83,000 spectators in the main stadium of the Beijing Olympic Sports Center have experienced a journey of surprise, emotion, excitement, and reluctance.

     What was pleasantly surprised was that the four big names of Lu Chen, Tan Hong, Liu Gangsheng and Liao Jia sang together, allowing everyone to witness the birth of a Heavenly King Band-the vertical line, moved by the inspirational song "True Hero" Upward, passionate new songs and new works, but it is the departure of the three big brothers.

     It is very likely that only this time, the same scene will not repeat itself!

     Although all the audience and fans shouted together and expected them to come back once, it was a pity.

     And Lu Chen's first solo concert continued.

     For the audience, time flies so fast. Lu Chen took them to review his musical history, from folk songs to light rock to love songs, and finally Chinese style. In more than three hours, he A total of 29 works were sung!

     Generally speaking, it takes about three or four hours to sing one by one, and the repertoire is up to 30.

     Most of these works are from Lu Chen's three albums-"My old classmate", "Ordinary Road" and "Lu Chen". There are two new songs and new works, all of which are composed by Lu Chen wordings, covering all of his The classic works, let the fans enjoy a feast of music gluttony.

     It's just that this concert has come to an end.Lu Chen changed his clothes three times, and his voice became a little hoarse. His singing and seriousness in the work cost him too much physical strength and emotion, but he still insisted on being full of vigor.

     "The following song..."

     Holding the microphone, Lu Chen said solemnly: "It's kind of special, because it's not for you, but for the one I love the most!"

     Before he finished speaking, a fan immediately yelled: "Chen Fei'er!"

     Who else is Lu Chen's favorite besides Chen Fei'er? Is he going to confess in public? Today is Valentine's Day!

     When Lu Chen chose to book his first concert on this special day, fans, including many media, were speculating that Lu Chen would propose to Chen Fei'er on the spot in all likelihood.

     The two have been in love for four years and have always been regarded as the best couple in the entertainment industry. This love affair that everyone envy should also come to fruition, thanks to the popularity of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er and the show business community. Status and marriage will not affect their careers.

     "guessed wrong!"

     Lu Chen denied it with a smile. He smiled and said: "This person I love the most is my mother. She is sitting among you now. I want to use this song to express my love and gratitude for her! "The camera on the scene promptly pointed the camera at the middle of the first row of the VIP seat, and pointed it at Fang Yun who was sitting there. There were tears in the corners of her eyes and a gratified smile on her face.

     Four years ago, Fang Yun never thought that there would be such a day when she sat in a venue with tens of thousands of people watching her son’s concert, and shared the glory and glory of Lu Chen with everyone!

     Her heart is full of pride.

     On the left side of Fang Yun sits Chen Fei'er. The prospective mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are very close holding hands. On the right are Lu Xi and Lu Xue, all of them appear in the camera.

     "Mother Lu!"

     The audience burst into applause instantly, cheering for Fang Yun.

     Lu Ma is the fan's nickname for Lu Chen's mother, and everyone is expressing their deep gratitude to Lu Chen.

     Because there would be no Lu Chen without Lu Ma, and without the surprise and touch that Lu Chen brought to everyone today!

     "When You're Old, my hair is gray and sleepy."

     "When You're Old, can't walk anymore, take a nap by the fire, remembering youth..."

     "How many people have loved your youthful Shi-Chen (two hours), admiring your beautiful fake or true heart, and only one person still loves your pious soul..."Lu Chen sang for Fang Yun, it was the song "When You're Old" which everyone what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail. It is not the first time he sang for his mother, but this time it has a different meaning. general.

     Sitting in front of the piano, Lu Chen plays and sings. His voice is deep and calm, but it contains deep gratitude and love, and it touches everyone's heartstrings.

     Many fans sang along spontaneously.

     "There is only one person who still loves your pious soul, loves the wrinkles on your old face..."

     "When You're Old, eyebrows are drooping and the lights are dim."

     "The wind is blowing, your news, this is the song in my heart..."

     There is no sentimental nostalgia, no madness of wanton indulgence, no excitement of enthusiasm, and some are just warm and moving, bringing the atmosphere of the scene into another world.

     "...When I am old, I really hope that this song was sung for you!"

     When Lu Chen finished singing the last sentence, he stood up and bowed deeply to where Fang Yun was.

     Thank you, mom!

     The audience thunderous applause, this is the warmest and most touching scene of the entire concert tonight.

     But what has everyone been waiting for?Lu Chen obviously won't let the fans down. He brewed his emotions for a while, and then said: "This song "When You're Old" is for my mother, my favorite person, and the following song..."

     "For the most important person in my life!"

     "Chen Fei'er!"

     This time, the audience didn't play oolong anymore. By the fans of the thousands and tens of thousands, different mouths, same voice, it was loud and simple.

     The camera lens also aimed at the shy Chen Fei'er simultaneously.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, the name of this song is "I Only Care About You"!"

     His eyes crossed the distance between the stage and the auditorium, and met Chen Fei'er with wet eyes.

     You are the most important person in my life!

     "If there were no Meeting you, I would be there,

     How is your life, should you cherish your life?

     Maybe know someone and live an ordinary life,

     I don't know if it will be, but love is as sweet as honey!

     Let time not rush, I only care about you...

     delighted to (do sth, idiom) Infect your breath!

     Life can get a confidant,

     It is not a pity to lose the power of life.

     ..."This is a love song of affectionate confession. It has a beautiful melody and profound and timeless lyrics. It is a sincere and incomparable inner feeling and monologue. It is a sentimental and firm belief in love.

     "I Only Care About You" is very retro in its creative style, leaning towards love songs from the 1980s and 1990s. The composing music accompaniment is very simple and simple, which can be said to be quite "not Lu Chen".

     But it is this simple and simple, but it can directly hit people's hearts and awaken the audience's yearning and touch for love. It is undoubtedly one of the works most suitable for singing on this special day today.

     "So I beg you not to let me leave you, except for you, I can't feel a trace of affection!"

     In the singing, Chen Fei'er's tears were no longer suppressed.


     Note: "I Only Care About You" wordings: Shen Zhi / Composer: Miki Gang
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