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Chapter Directory 914 The New Book "Super Urban Legend" Has Been Released. I Sincerely Invite All Readers And Friends To Come And Visit!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Super Urban Legend" Book Number: 1009968026

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     The new book is about urban abilities, passionate battles, and a magnificent background story. I believe you will not be disappointed!


     Once helped Nuwa to mend the sky, once ruled the water with Dayu, once fished with Jiang Shang, once talked to Lao Tzu, once traveled to Beihai and Mu Cangwu, and once went to Qingming with a sword...

     When the ninth generation Jiang Hailiu, who was born in response to the catastrophe, awakened, he found himself facing an unprecedented test.

     The civilization and modern main world, the supernaturally ruled inner world, the mysterious and unpredictable world, the catastrophe is approaching, and he has lost a supreme magical power, and has countless causal entanglements!

     Re-enter the cultivate road, try to turn the sky, criss-crossed three realms, and achieve an eternal and immortal super legend!


     Midsummer, Cannes.

     The weather in August was extremely hot, and the temperature soared to 35 degrees that day. On both sides of the narrow roads of Tianyang Street, the stunted sidewalk trees were dispirited and downcast by the high temperature, and a few of them were desperately hissing on the trees. Calling endlessly, it makes people listen agitated too much.Tianyang Street is located in the Xicheng District of Cannes City. It was originally the village road of Tianyang Village. Because the city has expanded rapidly in recent years, the original suburbs have been included in the main urban area. Therefore, Tianyang Village has become a village within the city. Changed to streets.

     Regardless of the messy environment here, there are illegal buildings built by private construction everywhere, all kinds of wires and communication cables are stretched like a spider web, and the door is mostly peasant uncles wearing vests, big pants and broken slippers, but these All local villagers are potential millionaires or even multi-millionaires, and the registered permanent residence in the village has always been inaccessible.

     There are more than three Tianyang Streets. There are many migrant workers, many rented houses, and many Internet cafes. There are 20 to 30 small and medium Internet cafes on the hundreds of meters long street. There are many hidden in the alleys, usually only regular customers find.

     The characteristic of these Internet cafes is that they are cheap. They only cost 1 yuan per hour to surf the Internet. Regular customers can get another 20% off. They are almost affordable. The most important thing is that they do not need to check their ID cards because they are all operated without a license.

     The Red Star Internet cafe is one of them. The small room is full of nearly 30 computers. The screen host uses the products eliminated from the big Internet cafe, but it is enough and to spare to watch movies and play online games.

     Although the place is narrow and the hardware is outdated, the business of Internet cafes is very good. Not only do they have no spare machines, but there are also many people who crowded in to watch others play while waiting for a seat.The vertical air conditioner in the corner tried his best to blow out the cool breeze, but sadly found that exhausting freon could not reduce the fiery atmosphere in the room, let alone dispel the billowing smoke inside.

     Especially those young people who play online games, all of them wail like ghosts and howl like wolves until the end of the battle.

     "Breast me, I'm going to die!"

     "Damn, how come you add state, can you play it?"

     "Up, up, up, I'll cover!"

     "Rely on it..."

     In sharp contrast, a thin teenager of 16 or 7 years old sitting next to the air conditioner, wearing a headset and making no sound, eyes concentrated one's attention completely staring at the computer screen with brilliant pictures, using the right hand to control the mouse and the left hand The five fingers tapped quickly on the keyboard, and the movements were unusually skilful and smooth.

     This teenager is playing the very popular online game "Demon Fairy". "Demon Fairy" belongs to the RPG online game of fantasy cultivation type. Players can choose the monster race or the fairy race to play the game. His profession includes sword repair, magic repair, and tool. Repair, repair and so on.

     The role he operates is the sword repair of the fairy clan. The level of 1st level 27 is not very high, but he is challenging the level 60 wild BOSS Taoist Master, and nevertheless singles out!Switching to an ordinary player, this behavior is completely killing, because the Taoist Master belongs to the elite BOSS, and usually requires a team with a perfect level of 1 to 30 career to get it done.
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