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Chapter Directory 13 Chapter 12: Robbing Treasures
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing Bai Cheng's unobtrusive leader in the distance playing the purple Demonic Cat, Bai Song couldn't help but nodded secretly. It seemed that the guy was not a pure dude and had some real skills.

     The purple Demonic Cat was originally an Agility-type BOSS, but Bai Cheng Leader led the team to compress the activity space of the purple Demonic Cat BOSS. Although the purple Demonic Cat has one claw, it can't hold up a lot of people. The front one is dead, and the back one quickly makes up.

     The purple Demonic Cat was trapped in place, and the bows and arrows in the back row and fireballs hiding the sky and covering the earth flew from the sky. Although the Damages were not high, after the base number was large, the purple Demonic Cat had begun to show weakness.

     The Scattered people team outside began to slowly approach again, but compared with the initial momentum, the number has dropped drastically. After all, the three people are not high-level. Apart from Bai Song and Fermented Beancurd, which lowered the average number, most of the Scattered people are still five Level 6.

     In a peaceful state, you cannot PK below Level 10, but you are now in the BOSS battlefield. Two rows of archers lined up neatly, a row of elite Warriors pulled out their weapons, glare like a tiger watching his prey, watching the scattered Scattered people.

     "Wait, where are you going." As soon as Fermented Beancurd was about to slide down the tree, Bai Song grabbed the back of Fermented Beancurd's clothes like an animal's neck."Oh, Brother Song, you let me go, I'm going to pick up a gold pot." Fermented Beancurd hung in the air, his hands and feet like tortoises paddling: "It's late, the boss is going to hang up."

     As soon as Fermented Beancurd's voice fell, I heard a "bang". Fermented Beancurd fell severely to the ground. Bai Song smiled apologetically at him. He is Quan Min a little bit more, and Strength is not enough to directly bring Fermented Beancurd up.

     "I'm sorry." Bai Song smiled and apologized to Fermented Beancurd. He wanted to say something, but think about it, the two are just come together by chance as strangers. My own persuasion might make Fermented Beancurd suspicious.

     "Really..." Fermented Beancurd patted the dust on his body, walked a few steps to see that Bai Song did not follow him, then turned his head and asked: "Brother Song, why don't you come down? It's okay if you can grab it."

     "I won't go." Bai Song shook his head and rejected Fermented Beancurd's proposal.

     System Message: The player "Fermented Beancurd" has requested to add you as a friend.

     Fermented Beancurd beckoned to Bai Song: "Brother Song add a friend, I'll grab it soon, I'll let you know."

     Bai Song smiled and pressed consent.

     "BOSS is dying, go grab the golden weapon."

     When Fermented Beancurd saw that he couldn't break through, he shouted in fear.In front of the golden objects, the Scattered people players suddenly became agitated. It's not real here. Maybe in reality, these people will bow their heads in front of the power, but this is a game after all. What's so great about dying once?

     Of course, the single player still dare not fight against Guild, it is really annoying, and it is not difficult to kill you to delete your account. But the law doesn’t blame the public, and the Glorious Guild dare to hunt down so many Scattered people.

     But Scattered people are Scattered people after all. With the cooperation of Glorious Guild, it is difficult to break through the defense line composed of Glorious Guild. To intercept the Quest of Scattered people, Bai Cheng handed it a knife, and with that knife he took his own subordinates to resist the Scattered people's attack.

     Although I was dissatisfied with Bai Cheng, since I was assigned to this Quest, I did my best to do my best. He is such a person, he doesn't do anything to kill him, but since he did it, no matter how much he did it, he had to do it to the best degree.

     Scattered people can't organize an effective offense. Although other Guilds have come here, they are all small Guilds who are not good enough. The big Guilds all have their own plans. Without getting accurate information, no big Guild will easily change their plans.

     Especially this kind of information is vague, if you want to mix, you have to bet at least two groups of Quest. If nothing is gained, a lot of time is wasted, not to mention or even the core member's equipment is exploded, no Guild Master can bear such a responsibility.Not sending a delegation does not mean not sending people to look at the situation. Each Guild has sent some special investigations, and they are all Thief who have learned Sneaking.

     "Boss, Glorious Guild is pushing a high-level BOSS. The BOSS level is temporarily unknown. The Identification Skill is all question marks."

     "How is the current progress?"

     "Look at that, it's about to be pushed away..."

     "Fuck, then you pay me and the nonsense, hurry up Sneaking and touch the equipment."

     This conversation happened between many spies and their own Guild Master.

     Bai Song was standing on the tree, live high and look down watching the situation in the field. Suddenly he noticed that behind the Scattered people team, several Thief-like people disappeared from his field of vision. Although Bai Song has turned on the perception system, and his own listening position has reached the level of the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy), but there are too many people below, and the panel Perception only has 1 point which is not enough to judge those. Thief's position.

     Strong as the boss of the Seven Monsters in the South of the Yangtze River, the old blind man surnamed Ke, who has focused on listening to the body and distinguishing positions for decades, will also be disturbed by sound waves not knowing what to do. Of course, if Bai Song stacks Perception, it can turn on the function of locking the sound wave to eliminate noise.

     Persevering with a knife, and never let the Scattered people break through his defense. At this time, a subordinate who was responsible for detection said: "Boss, a few Thief disappeared behind him.""Young Master Bai, Thief slipped past and couldn't be intercepted, please pay attention." After the knife was finished, he hung up his voice and went into battle in person to fight with the Scattered people player.

     In the early stage, for Thief who had learned Sneaking in advance, there was no particularly good detection method. Of course, Bai Cheng did not expect to stop those Thief with a single blow. After all, in Bai Cheng's eyes, Yi Dao is a person who has more than enough defense and insufficient offense, and he dare not expect him to bring you any surprises.

     "Hey!" Bai Cheng raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and said to a few players who hadn't done anything on the team channel.

     The players each took out a bucket of oil from their backpacks. Several people looked at each other, and after making sure that there was nothing wrong, they poured the oil on the ground. When they finished pouring, it happened to be in the shape of a circle. After pouring, they reported "completed" on the channel.

     After Bai Cheng heard it, he shouted: "Diffuse! Shrink!"

     After speaking, the melee, regardless of whether it was holding a shield or holding a sword, moved closer to the purple Demonic Cat. On the contrary, all the long-range players with magic staff's bows and arrows withdrew to the position outside the circle.

     After watching the team rectify, Bai Cheng did not give an order. Instead, he personally threw a small fireball on the oil ring, and the entire oil ring was ignited."Why didn't you hear about this person in later generations?" Bai Song looked at Bai Cheng's face in confusion, recalling that he had no impression of his name or appearance, and sighed: "Leader is in order, and he also used acquisitions. The oil, which creates an effect similar to a wall of fire to prevent thieves, is actually quite capable."