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Chapter Directory 39 Chapter 37: True Divine Skills
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Bai Song and Liu Jing took turns to Loot the corpse. Metaphysically speaking, this behavior is called a change of luck. Both Bai Song and Liu Jing had bad hands. This time it was Liu Jing's turn to touch it.

     "Hey, something dropped." Liu Jing held a book in her hand and looked at it carefully: "Charge Skill Book? Who learned it?"

     "Wow, I finally exploded the Skill Book." Bai Song Rude took the Skill Book in one hand, and then looked at it like a happy horse: "We are like crows in the sky. We are generally black."

     In fact, the Skill Book can be taken directly, but if you read it carefully, there is a very small chance that you will increase your proficiency. Bai Song didn't have time to read it carefully.

     Hey, actually there is not much egg use, nor can it add too much proficiency.

     System Message: You have learned "Charges".

     Sure enough, the progress bar for checking the proficiency is empty, which is within Bai Song's expectation. Even people who know this skill in previous life have no time to read it carefully. The chances are too small and time is wasted. If there is this time to waste, it is better to practice more, and the proficiency will rise.

     This is related to the Attributes of comprehension, which is not available on the panel of comprehension, and even in the later stages of previous life, there is still a debate about whether there are any substantial Attributes of comprehension.No equipment or props that add savvy have ever appeared, maybe there are... but no one has come up with it, it's very mysterious!

     Regardless of these, for Bai Song, the purpose now is not to solve the mystery of understanding, the most important thing is to hurry up to Level 10.

     Click to view Charges.

     Charges: Leap forward to the target, causing 200% physical damages of the attack, and stunned for 1~2 seconds when hitting weak points.

     This skill is one of Thief's most common skills. Bai Song is too familiar with it. He used to be the same as Thief, but used this skill as a simple rush.

     However, after a god-level Thief invented another usage, this skill became incredible, and countless Thief frantically brushed the proficiency of this skill.

     Itchy hands for a while, Bai Song did not let Liu Jing go to blame, but directly turned on Sneaking and found a single Puppet Miner. Liu Jing saw Bai Song like a child getting a brainwashing toy, so she sat on the floor and watched. He pretended to be forced.

     Bai Song did not use the slash for the first time. Although the slash is to increase the attack speed and increase the probability of critical hit / sudden attack, but the damage will be reduced by 70%. Decline in normal damages will also cause critical hit / sudden attack damages to decrease.Although he did not launch a slash, Bai Song's movements were still clean under high Agility. He slashed Puppet Miner's back weakness with a single stab. His luck was not very good and he did not launch a critical hit / sudden attack.

     Puppet Miner's turning movement is very slow, which is enough for Bai Song to launch the second knife. The knife must be retracted to accumulate power, and the second knife cut can have normal damages. This is actually very consistent with real life. In reality, if you stretch out your fist to hit someone, you will have to take it back after you hit a punch before you hit the second punch.

     If you don’t close your fist and then slam it, the explosive power of your muscles and the inertial Strength cannot be maximized. If you fight with other people and do not retract your fist, you will be beaten to a mental retardation.

     Unless you have learned Wing Chun!

     Bai Song's knife closing action was simple and not fancy, but it was much faster than ordinary Thief. The second knife was swung down as scheduled, this time it finally triggered a critical hit / sudden attack.

     But this time Bai Song didn't take the knife back, but after the knife left Puppet Miner, he quickly launched a slash.



     A currently inconceivable Damages floated on Puppet Miner's head, and even Liu Jing's original indifferent expression showed a moment of surprise.

     After falling to the ground, Puppet Miner suffocated helplessly under Bai Song's slashing attack."How did you do it?" Bai Song moved too fast. In Liu Jing's eyes, Bai Song just slashed Puppet Miner lightly, and Puppet Miner fell directly to the ground.

     Bai Song sent Liu Jing the description of the Charges skills he just learned, but did not explain that the previous life Liu Jing did not enter the game. Bai Song wanted to see Liu Jing's game talent.

     This doesn't mean anything else, but according to Liu Jing's game talent, by the way, it is also good to decide which difficulty level of Hidden Class inheritance should be completed by Liu Jing.

     "What do you mean, you used this?" Liu Jing asked puzzledly: "But in terms of the skill description, isn't it a raid skill?"

     "En." Bai Song said back.

     "Are you using a sudden impact to directly transfer to Puppet Miner?" Liu Jing suddenly understood: "I know this. I have watched Wing Chun on TV. Your principle is similar to that of Wing Chun, right? Cunjin."

     Bai Song nodded. Fortunately, Liu Jing's talent is not too bad. Although he didn't realize it in the first time, it is not bad to be able to guess the principle.

     In fact, the higher the level, the higher the proficiency, even the top masters, you can’t see how Bai Song did it under close observation.Because after the Charges Level-up, the extra actions will be simplified, it looks like it is the second time without closing the knife, Bai Song will not be able to see it without saying. The master of previous life has also discovered it a long time ago, and has not been seen by anyone. It was the technique that came out to the effect on a show in order to attract fans.

     After exploding this technique, he was admired by countless Thief for a while, and countless Thief madly studied his video. In the peak period, he also created many skills to share, and other Thief learned his skills. But then Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent and he has no choice but to fall out of the tip of Thief's pyramid.

     His fate also gave Bai Song a warning, not to expose his housekeeping skills to others casually, so Bai Song gave Liu Jing a little bit. Liu Jing is not a stupid person, he understands these things.

     In fact, Liu Jing said Cun Jin, right, not right.

     Cun Jin is achieved through a special technique that allows muscle Strength to erupt. This is achieved by using the impact force caused by a fixed distance displacement to create an effect similar to Cun Jin.

     One thing to note here is that when closing the knife, you must let the knife leave the target, but you don't need to leave the tip of the knife on the target.

     Otherwise, when there are so many mythical people, and everyone has a coincidence to misuse assault skills as melee skills, is this technique so simple that only a few people have mastered it for so many years?"Okay, see if you can do it." Liu Jing said calmly: "Work!"

     Bai Song went straight to the supervisor’s place after hearing this, which made Liu Jing stunned: "Young man, don't swell!"

     However, Bai Song didn't seem to hear Liu Jing's words. Instead, he grabbed a handful of stones and handed them to Liu Jing's hands, and said two words seriously: "Pull the monster."