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Chapter Directory 90 Chapter 88: Task Completion (for Recommendation)
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

It was another early morning, and there was still dust on the stage, and the morning sun sprinkled on the blue tiles and slid into the compound.


     The wooden door was slowly pushed open.

     Liu Jing yawned, holding a toothbrush in her hand, and there are residual traces of toothpaste at the corner of her mouth: "Get up, if you don't go back, I will leave you here."

     Bai Song lay on the bed, muttering as if talking in a dream: "Brother, leave me alone and run, I am sealed by this evil bed."

     Liu Jing walked out after listening. After a while, Liu Jing walked in again. The toothbrush in his hand had been put back, and there were obvious water stains on his hands.

     "Fuck Fuck, I'm so cold, stop making trouble... I'll get up."

     Liu Jing deliberately soaked her hands with cold water, then put her hands into Bai Song's clothes, and immediately awakened Bai Song.

     "Well, I have lifted the seal on you." Liu Jing said solemnly: "It's breakfast, we have to go back after eating."

     Bai Song glanced at Liu Jing faintly. After getting up from the bed, it is naturally impossible to go back to sleep again.

     Breakfast is sweet potato porridge. The crystal clear rice grains are combined with the orange and reddish grains, which looks light and delicious. There are two kinds of flatbread in the big plate, one is slightly sweet and the other is slightly salty.Bai Song thanked the host for the host’s hospitality, took the slightly sweet kind of flatbread and took a bite, and drank two more porridges. The faint sweetness still echoed in the mouth after swallowing.

     This kind of taste is actually very common, but it can only be understood after experiencing too much prosperity and loneliness, and it is plain and plain.

     The storage space behind the van is not small enough to take the luggage away.

     Bai Song yawned in the car and fell asleep again. When he woke up, Liu Jing shook him up.

     "By the way, I'm going to be late today, so let's play first." Liu Jing said to Bai Song before driving away.

     Bai Song glanced at Zhang Qing, turned his back and waved to indicate understanding.

     When he got home, Su Qiuyu had already gone to work. Bai Song took his towel and washed his face with cold water, and instantly became sober a lot.

     After looking at the little nutrient solution Bai Song sighed, he hung the nutrient solution into the position where it was changed, and lay directly into the game cabin.

     The birds on the tree were chirping, and with the sudden appearance of Bai Song, they were so scared that they flew to the farther tree.

     Bai Song rubbed his eyes with the palm of his hand, remembering that there was a broken star mine in his backpack, and Bai Song directly read the City's Return Scroll.

     With an inconspicuous white light, Bai Song appeared in the teleportation back to the city area.

     Barr Blacksmith's Shop.make your day's plan early in the morning, the lazy people sleep, and the diligent people have already fought bloody battles in the monster area outside, and there are few players in the Blacksmith's Shop in the morning.

     Old Barr was beating and revising it early in the morning. When Bai Song came in, he suddenly remembered something and stopped what he was doing: "Young adventurer, have you returned from the sea? If you are interested, talk about your gains."

     Bai Song didn't talk too much nonsense and directly opened the door and see the mountain, and directly showed a small piece of Broken Star Ore to the old Barr.

     Old Barr took Broken Star Ore from Bai Song, carefully observed the fiery red fine lines, and said in surprise: "This is the real Broken Star Ore."

     "Oh." Barr's tone was another turning point: "Unfortunately, it's too small to do anything. It's already very satisfying to see that, young people, are you interested in learning and becoming a blacksmith?"

     "Uncle Barr, you asked me the day we met, and I had the same answer at the time." Bai Song shook his head. He didn't have much time to work as a blacksmith. He looked at the old Barr and looked a little displeased with Bai Song again. Take out a piece from the backpack: "I am an adventurer. I hope to be able to dig out the precious mine when I find it, but I don't have time to strike iron.

     "Is that so?" Barr stroked the beard of his chin, as if thinking about something.Bai Song watched Barr thinking there and raised the corner of his mouth. Then he kept taking out the broken star mine from his backpack, and he was surprised when he finished the last Barr.

     "So much, where did you get it?" Barr sighed after asking this sentence, "Should it be a shipwreck? It's really your luck that you can find it."

     In fact, in the latter sentence, Barr realized that he shouldn't ask. If the adventurer becomes unhappy, these mines will be out of play.

     "This is the iron pick I used for a long time. At that time, my digging ability was still very low, but my talent for ironing and forging was very high. The master and his old man gave me this iron pick." Barr smiled. He shook his head: "This is in line with your requirements, even laymen can use it."

     Bai Song saw it and Rude took it directly. This iron pick can only be regarded as a high-quality intermediate iron pick, and there is still a gap between it and a high-level iron pick.

     But the precious thing is that it can be equipped without a professional level.

     The draft of broken steel (gold): Increase the mining speed to a certain extent, and reduce the probability of ore damage.

     Intermediate Mining: When you hold a pickaxe, you will automatically get Intermediate Mining, and the skill will disappear automatically when you leave your hand.Explanation: This is a boring work of a prop master. Even a person without any ability will get good mining strength by holding it.

     "Thank you Uncle Barr, I am very satisfied with your gift." Bai Song thanked Barr.

     "These minerals have been enough for me for a long time. If you get them later, maybe the price I will give will not be too high." Barr reminded Bai Song.

     Bai Song smiled slightly and said goodbye and left. The price Barr said would not be too high was actually the market price given by ordinary NPCs. The Star Broken Mine was rare in the early stage, and several Star Broken Veins will be discovered a little later.

     But for NPC, there is nothing in the early and late stages, their market price is the market price in the NPC world.

     In fact, this is just the Quest that Bai Song needs to level up. This Quest is unique. Unless Barr Broken Star Ore runs out, the Quest of Broken Star Mine will continue to be released.

     Bai Song went outside the town for a few laps, and found that there was no Glorious Guild following him and no one was bothering him. There were even two Glorious Guilds passing by without taking a second look at him.

     "That guy has given up?" Bai Song squinted and said with a smile: "Or he is too busy to find me? Well, that's right, he probably discovered the island, and he is probably happily on the island these past two days. Level up."Thinking of the island discovery, Bai Song was also a little annoyed. A few days ago, his vigilance was too bad or Bai Cheng was underestimated, and he didn't even know that he was followed by an expert.

     "However, if he thinks he can occupy the island with peace of mind, then he is wrong." Bai Song's smile was a little cold.

     At this time, Bai Song's communicator rang.