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Chapter Directory 142 Chapter 139: Fighting Against Female Thieves
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Dwarves are a race in Western mythology. They have maintained a high frequency of appearances in comics, movies, movies, and games, and their views on dwarves are also different.

     Dwarves stubbornly like to drink well, but no matter how you don't like dwarves, you can't deny their accomplishments in smelting, forging, construction, and mechanical technology.

     Especially for machinery, the craftsmanship of the dwarves can be called the first, just like the mechanical girl Thief like Taoist Master.

     "Human, don't you intend to run away." The female Thief did not immediately attack Bai Song and stood still.

     Bai Song looked at the female Thief blankly. The female Thief is a level 20 BOSS humanoid monster. Although it is a BOSS, because it is a Thief profession, Hit Points (HP) will not be too thick when the attack is super high.

     Withdrawing a Refined Poison dagger inserted in the waist beforehand, Bai Song aimed at the female Thief and threw it quickly. At the start, he still chose to use a long-range attack to test it safely.


     The Refined Poison dagger bounced off the hard rock leaving a shallow scratch. The female Thief BOSS had already disappeared in front of Bai Song's eyes, and the surrounding area was empty.

     Bai Song did not show a surprised expression on her face. The female Thief BOSS had her own stealth function when she jumped. When she disappeared, Bai Song turned on Perception early.Standing in place, Bai Song looks like panic in the eyes of the female Thief BOSS, not knowing what to do. Her Jump ability is very strong, and her body is light and can stay in the air for a long time.

     Aiming at the place of Bai Song, the female Thief BOSS lit the fuse of the bomb. There were three bombs in total. They were kind of simple earth bombs but their power should not be underestimated.

     When she was about to throw a bomb in the sky, she saw Bai Song rushing in her direction with a jump, which immediately made her panic. She still had a bomb in her hand!

     Bai Song has already put on rocket boots and turned on Rocket Jump. The reduction of Movement Speed by 10% will not affect Bai Song's flexibility too much.

     The female Thief BOSS immediately put on a defensive stance, her flexibility in the air is far better than Bai Song, and her face is terribly calm.

     Strongly hide!

     Bai Song disappeared in the air, and the female Thief BOSS hesitated for a moment or maintained a defensive posture, always vigilant.

     A sharp cold light suddenly struck, and the female Thief BOSS used a thin long knife to successfully block the blow.

     After she took a closer look, she realized that it was just an ordinary dagger. When she didn’t give her any more, Bai Song hit her smooth belly with a knee, and Bai Song instantly stabbed her with a cone while her head was slightly lowered. On her neck.

     Instant injection!A large amount of paralysis medicine poured into the body of the female Thief BOSS, and she fell from the air with a painful expression on her face.

     She is a mechanical product, and the principle of the paralysis medicine is to paralyze the nerves, so it should be of no use to her.

     But she was not a pure robot, he was transformed from a cyborg and a cyborg, and relied on the guardian mechanical heart to replenish energy. The place Bai Song picked was the place of the corporate-body. The advanced paralysis potion temporarily paralyzed the part of the corporate-body.

     She is now very difficult to move, barely got up, but Bai Song did not give her too much time for her to recover.

     Holding the Poisonous Dagger in his hand, Bai Song rushed towards the female Thief BOSS, and stabbed it with a dagger without any disguise. The female Thief just reluctantly used a thin knife to block with one hand.

     The timing of the judgment was very accurate or she was blocked by her. This stage was a bit difficult, and Bai Song kicked her in the hand.

     The thin long knife rotated several times in the air, and plunged one end to the ground three meters away.

     Ring of the Three Corpses is on!

     Facing the poor woman Thief who was unable to fight back, Bai Song didn't seem to have any pity for her. Various skills were applied to her like howling wind and torrential rain.The female Thief BOSS is not completely paralyzed, but it is a little inconvenient to move. It is clear that the body is able to move but there is not much difference between it and not being able to move. With Bai Song's full firepower, she can't even fight back, let alone fight.

     The Hit Points (HP) of the female Thief BOSS is not thick at first, and the current Bai Song is called Level 15, but it is actually not the case. In addition to the output method, there are also equipment factors.

     The Poisonous Dagger requirement is the Agility requirement. Bai Song is equipped with the special ability of the Spectral Cloak at Level 15 because of the addition of points. Normally, this is approximately equal to two Level 10 dark gold weapons.

     Coupled with the transformation, the crispy Bai Song of the same level can basically achieve a pseudo spike.

     This pseudo-second kill does not mean instant kill. Bai Song can play around 3 Damages in one second. In terms of Bai Song’s current Attack Power, it can eat 3 Damages and the crispy skin that is not dead unless the reaction can be within one second. Use Life-saving skills or have passive Life-saving equipment.

     So this pseudo-second kill means a one-second kill, and many other factors must be considered. For BOSS and the like, there are still levels to suppress.

     This is so, the female Thief BOSS has already been killed by Bai Song half of the Hit Points (HP). When the female Thief BOSS escaped invisibility, Bai Song also made up for it.It seems that Bai Song did a lot of actions, but in fact it was only four seconds later. Bai Song injected a gold coin potion to partially paralyze the female Thief BOSScorporeal-body for four seconds.

     It sounds exaggerated, even Bai Song thinks it is exaggerated, this is a full four seconds of controlling the boss higher than himself!

     It seems that the crystal flower associated with the broken star is too valuable. The huge gap between the large amount of injection and the instant injection is as big as the sky and the earth.

     But an instant injection is different. Ingestion is basically a drop without wasting. This is the biggest gap.

     You should know that you should know that the injection is not suitable for fast injection. The faster the injection, the more painful it is, and it is easy to cause bad effects on the body.

     Getting an injection soon is not good for your body, let alone an instant injection...

     Bai Song directly started the storm chase and chased the female Thief BOSS. In his heart, he did not have blind confidence in this instant injection. After all, the first part of the female Thief BOSS must be relatively poor and cannot be compared with other BOSS.

     It is impossible for a female Thief BOSS to escape from this area. Her mission is to guard this area. She will refresh in this area if she dies. If she really escapes outside...then there will be no chance to refresh.Bai Song was eager to catch up, naturally not wanting to give her time to regain the blood. With the gust of chase turned on, even if it was slowed down by the rocket boots, it was faster than usual.

     After finding the position of the female Thief BOSS, Bai Song touched her waist, and suddenly two daggers came out. (.)