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Chapter Directory 184 Chapter 181: First-person Shooting Online Games
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Wind Sprout Village, on the top of the back mountain.

     "Climbing this mountain is really a waste of energy. Just get a Mount." Bai Song gnawed on dry bread in one hand and Millet Porridge in the other. Now Millet Porridge can't keep up with the physical strength that Millet Porridge can add. Drink or make do.

     "It's just that the Mount space still needs a certain level. Don't think about it." Bai Song took out the Hand Glider. At this time, a player passed by the top of the mountain and saw Bai Song's Hand Glider.

     "Hey, buddy, are you a flying machine?" The player was curious, but he was not surprised. Now that the game has been reached, there are others who have hand gliders and other projectiles.

     Just in his tone, he still revealed a bit of envy.

     Bai Song just took it out and didn’t fly, and nodded to the player. The player looked at Bai Song and made no secret of his envy: "It’s so cool, alas, it’s a pity that I can only sit with a wolf on the road. ."

     After speaking, the player released a wolf, said hello to Bai Song, and left.

     Riding a wolf? Bai Song looked at the player's fading back and couldn't help but analyze: "He should be a summoner or a beast master..."

     After speaking, Bai Song was immediately inspired: "I almost forgot that in "Myth", there is no restriction that you must mount to ride. It is not a Mount that can be a Mount as long as it is obedient."The degree of freedom in "Myth" is very high, and some people may even have an illusion and confuse the real world with the mythical world. It is because "Myth" rarely has the fixed framework in traditional games.

     "That's right." Bai Song slapped his forehead and took out the black jade flute from his backpack: "The skeleton monster that uses the skull space should also be used as a Mount, but..."

     Looking at the three Demonic Cats stored in the Skeleton Space, even if the degree of freedom is high, it is impossible to ride it. In reality, it is impossible to ride a cat.

     In this way, the quality of the skull space of the black jade flute becomes more important. Bai Song puts the black jade flute into his backpack, and then he finds that there is a strange phenomenon in the heart of the machine.

     Bai Song took out the mechanical heart and switched to map mode, and instantly found a group of small red dots: "Huh? So fast, after breaking through the mechanical door, they have already passed the gatekeeper."

     However, it is reasonable to think about it. After all, the previous 100-person BOSS was almost attacked by the group of animals. Without your own control, there is no pressure to think about.

     "Well, we have reached the intersection. Except for the six red dots scattered on the other roads, most people are on the right path in the middle." Bai Song put away the Hand Glider, walked to a stone and sat and watched: "To Don't make them more difficult?"But then Bai Song gave up this idea. Let’s not talk about how powerful the other party is. It doesn’t make sense to interfere. The two core treasures of the first three levels have been taken away by him, although there are some dark gold items in the rest. , But not necessary.

     "On the fourth floor, they can't get through at present, but...everything is in case." Bai Song sat and looked at Mechanical Heart: "After all, the first few of them are almost even more difficult for a hundred-person BOSS. I've beaten all the clowns I dealt with."

     And from the red dots that appeared on the Mechanical Heart, this time the number of people was obviously more than the others, especially the people in the middle road were the most.

     Bai Song walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down, and found that the cave was still the same as what he saw when he went up the mountain. There was no half of the movement, and there were so many people. The news has not been leaked, but the other party's origin is not simple.

     Bai Song is most afraid that the other party is the kind of top-ranking Guild senior figure. Even Bai Song of the first-class Guild elite team has to admit that his strength alone is much worse than that of an elite team of the other party.

     Not being able to beat the fourth layer now is absolute, but not being able to live now does not mean that you will not be able to live in the future. What you are fancy to is missed by the big forces, and that taste is not too wonderful.At this time, Bai Song found the heart of the machine, half of the red dots on the sidewalk were hung up, and only a few others ran out, but Bai Song was even more solemn: "When you reach a dead end, there is still room to escape. It seems that this is the case. Trouble."

     As for the red dot in the middle, after paying less than half of the price, he went directly to the lobby on the second floor. Bai Song was a little surprised by the strength he showed.

     From the point of view of the red dot, the opponent should not be the same group of people, not the same team. From the good point of view, this group of people will have infighting.

     On the bad side...there are several more competitors, and they are all of the same strength, otherwise they won't have the qualifications to be involved.

     Bai Song thought for a moment. If he went down and watched it, he would be in danger of exposing himself, so Bai Song directly connected Xiao Wu through the Mechanical Heart. At this time, the screen of the Mechanical Heart appeared from Xiao Wu's perspective.

     Putting the small map in the lower right corner, Bai Song found a three-person thick tree on the top of the mountain, and then climbed directly to the tree, which has a very comfortable flat wide branch.

     In the past, Bai Song would come here to rest occasionally, and it took an hour for a trip, which was very comfortable.

     No one found it here, and then directly poured it into Xiao Wu's body through the mechanical heart. Bai Song now seemed to be Xiao Wu's brain, as long as Xiao Wu gave instructions in his brain, Xiao Wu would do it.As for the undead flame tortoise Bai Song does not care about it, as long as the undead flame tortoise in the cave does not deliberately provoke some big bosses, usually other big bosses don't bother to trouble him.

     Except for the existence of high-end combat power, the undead Sun Ghost in the cave basically beats the mobs every day to play, either absorbs the experience, or simply plays like a cat and puppy.

     Bai Song, who controls Xiao Wu, can feel that his Spirit fatigue is declining. Fortunately, Bai Song has used a little mechanical heart energy to consolidate the Spirit link, which reduces the speed of Spirit consumption.

     The energy consumption is very low and less than one percent. This is not enough to make Bai Song feel distressed. After all, Xiao Wu has completely controlled it. What she is doing now is just optimizing or unlocking a new posture, and the energy consumption must be small.

     Through Xiao Wu's perspective, Bai Song tentatively gave instructions to chop and chop in his head, and it turned out that Xiao Wu shot a knife into the air in an instant.

     It just feels a bit awkward, how can it feel like playing a first-person shooter game? It's just that the weapon in the hand has been changed from a gun to a melee weapon, but the first-person shooter also has a character with a knife.

     Xiao Wu's ultimate move, Infinite Wind Blade, has long-range capabilities as soon as it is turned on. If you add a quasi-center to the angle of view, then you are playing a first-person shooter game.
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