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Chapter Directory 185 Chapter 182: Xiao Wu's Body Is So Fun
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The remote control distance of Mechanical Heart is actually not long. Bai Song is not too far away from the cave at the top of the mountain. If it is farther away, it cannot be controlled like this in the town center of Wind Sprout Village.

     Control in the cave is actually the best, but Bai Song cannot use skills during the control period. Even if Sneaking is done in advance, it will come out. The most important thing is that once the control is turned on, it means that he has no defense.

     When the time comes to be interrupted by things like bats swimming around in the cave, it will be very irritable. After losing control, Xiao Wu can’t control herself immediately, and will be discovered by someone or interrupted during the battle. When Xiao Wu died, the loss would be great.

     Bai Song previously gave instructions to let her and the flame tortoise level safely. I believe that if there is no accident in time, the level should still be useful in the future.

     This plan Bai Song was only used after the brain. In fact, when the plan to train Xiao Wu Lieyang Turtle was out, the first problem that passed Bai Song's brain was not a monster's problem.

     The first question is how to let players discover this cave in the future, and how can they not be found by other players.

     Bai Song's solution is not to pay too much attention to the initial players in the early stage. When there are too many people, Bai Song gives Xiao Wu a black robe that hides her identity and puts it on her.As for the flame tortoise, it is even simpler. The size of the flame tortoise is larger than a ball, and it can be understood as a summoned beast or a pet.

     It's not that strange for such a mysterious female player to take a tortoise to practice level in the cave, even if one or two occasionally feel abnormal, it is useless.

     Bai Song looked at the situation in the cave with Xiao Wu's vision. Xiao Wu's occupation is Thief, so Sneaking is naturally no problem.

     Moreover, Xiao Wu's Sneaking level is very high, and ordinary players' detection methods are useless at all, and even advanced detection will not be discovered if Bai Song is handled properly.

     Because high-level investigations are all in a small area, as long as they reasonably avoid those small-area illuminated areas and get stuck in the dead corners of the investigation area, it is also impossible to detect them.

     This Sneaking skill makes Bai Song a little envious. You have to know that Bai Song's own Sneaking skill is still a popular product, and it has not been upgraded until now. The promotion process of Volkswagen's Sneaking level is very slow. Even if you live in the shadows all day, there is no quick way.

     In order to get familiar with the fighting state, Bai Song picked a small group of spiders, which looked like five. One of them was a small elite monster with a level of about Level 18, and the other small spiders were only at Level 16.Compared to dual wielding, Bai Song prefers to hold it with one hand, but Xiao Wu's weapon is a pair of slender swords. In order to play the weapon perfectly, Bai Song still chooses dual wielding.

     Xiao Wu’s weapon Attack Power is more powerful than his own dagger by three points. With the addition of BOSS’s Attributes, Bai Song controlled Xiao Wu’s attack. At the very beginning, he had a critical hit/sudden attack. A small spider.

     Other spiders immediately attacked Xiao Wu controlled by Bai Song, Bai Song calm and unhurried, using Xiao Wu's skills to spin the blade. The two small spiders that rushed were killed by the skill of the spinning blade, and the blades spun and shot out multiple damages instantly.

     Bai Song was a little puzzled, why didn't Xiao Wu use this trick when he was fighting with him? Is it because this trick is not easy to use, or is it because I learned it by myself later?

     Bai Song has no way of knowing this question for the time being, Xiao Wu is still in a state of being controlled by herself.

     In fact, facing a fierce opponent like Bai Song, Xiao Wu had no extra time to show off his skills. After being forced to make big moves later, there will be no chance to use other small skills.Regardless of these problems, Bai Song watched the spider elite use the spinning skills, Bai Song immediately controlled Xiao Wu to perform a stealth backflip. In the air, Bai Song controlled Xiao Wu to touch her waist...From there, he took out three earth bombs.

     This was the skill of throwing bombs in the air during the game against Bai Song that day, and the earth bombs suddenly blasted the spider to the ground. After landing, there were no more operations, and a full attack was used directly at the exposed mentally retarded.

     The remaining little spiders and elite spiders no longer have the power to fight back. They were all killed by Bai Song's operation. After the death, the spider's experience was completely absorbed by Xiao Wu.

     Except for being a little uncomfortable with Xiao Wu's body, the first feeling of using Xiao Wu is almost like himself after Attack Power has been strengthened, and even Agility is almost equal to himself after Level-up.

     "BOSS is BOSS, and the growth of Attributes is too scary." Bai Song couldn't help but smack his tongue secretly in his heart. If Bai Song could be used, it would be like treating Xiao Wu as his character.

     The growth of horrible Attributes, the perfect skill heaven-defying big move, Strength Agility is stronger than this limit Thief, if this Character template can be sold, I believe many local tyrants are willing to stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw for her.Bai Song controlled Xiao Wu to use Sneaking. In fact, through the previous battle, Bai Song was even confident that he could escape after operating Xiao Wu to hang up most of the players in the mechanical door.

     It’s just that it’s not necessary, and it exposed Xiao Wu’s vigilance to others in advance, and even used his forces to clean up the encirclement and suppression, so that the gains do not make up for the losses.

     Bai Song just wants to use Xiao Wu's high Attributes and high-level Sneaking skills to explore the situation in the door of the machine. The progress of Bai Song can be observed through the small map of the heart of the machine, but the specific personnel cannot.

     know yourself, know your enemy, the fourth layer is very important to Bai Song, and even affects his rhythm, at least he needs to know who the opponent is.

     Bai Song controlled Xiao Wu to walk to the mechanical door and found that the mechanical door was tightly closed, but Bai Song didn't even use the mechanical heart, so Xiao Wu directly opened it manually using pure Strength.

     The mechanical door has been damaged from the internal protection, and now it is just pretending that the door is not bad.

     Entering the mechanical door quietly, Bai Song found that the whole level is not a soul in sight. Since there are still people at the second floor entrance, he did not use the janitor to stop Xiao Wu.Bai Song's picture of watching the mechanical heart slowly changed, until when he was about to approach the intersection, Bai Song controlled his pace and became cautious and solemn.

     Bai Song's Sneaking skills were demonstrated in Xiao Wu's body. When she walked to the intersection, she found only three people were talking. At first glance, Bai Song saw an acquaintance.

     Survived Alone, but did not see Fermented Beancurd.