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Chapter Directory 186 Chapter 183: Confrontation
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

In addition to Survived Alone, Bai Song also saw Heavy Sword, who had a side bond before.

     Bai Song spent a lot of energy on operating Xiao Wu, but this did not affect him from seeing the red dots on the "mini map".

     Bai Song specially reduced the observation map of the internal situation of the mechanical door to the lower right corner, and it only needs a light glance to see it.

     Among the three in the court, Bai Song knows two of them. As for the other person who is not called ID because of his appearance, Bai Song doesn't know who it is, maybe just a stranger.

     However, Bai Song weighs up sb's words and observe their facial expression also has a bit of effort. That person's attitude towards Heavy Sword: Knowing the origin of the other party, he still looks cool and collected.

     If it is an unknown little character, I am afraid that even Bai Song himself does not believe it.

     From the small map, in addition to the three people in the field, there are three other red dots that are entering the door of the machine. These people should be the people who died from other roads before.

     "Survived Alone, Heavy Sword, and someone who is not much different from Heavy Sword." Bai Song observed everything through the screen of Mechanical Heart, and couldn't help but shook his head secretly: "None of this is easy."

     It seems that this Quest itself has requirements for strength, and it is impossible for ordinary people to meet the requirements of accepting Quest, or that this Quest should have a pre-Quest Quest.And the pre-Quest is still the kind that can't be beaten by people, otherwise it's impossible to justify that the people are experts.

     Of course, the most critical judgment is to hear Fermented Beancurd say that this matter is a serial Quest. Bai Song had this guess at the time, but it was just a vague guess and didn't go into it.

     Looking at it now, it has been confirmed. Bai Song didn't know about the opening up of Mechanic Gate at the beginning, and even this matter was mentioned later by very few people.

     Bai Song operated Xiao Wu and didn't move, but waited in place. At this moment, they all held up together and were discussing something.

     Heavy Sword looks at the channel: "Two paths, everyone has failed, so there is no doubt about the correct channel."

     "It seems like this." Black Wind squinted his eyes and smiled as usual: "Just before, Tsing Yi has already entered."

     "I took the exam. I lost a lot of my experience, and I lost my life." Fermented Beancurd looked at his Experience strip with a crying face.

     Black Wind looked at Fermented Beancurd and said with a smile: "I almost hung in it just now. These passages are dangerous and difficult, and they are all good."

     Although Black Wind was smiling, the narrowed eyes really couldn't tell what he was thinking, but could hear a little anger in his tone, but the smile was very well hidden.Heavy Sword is holding a big sword in his hand and looking directly at the middle passage: "Don't talk nonsense, if you don't hurry, the good things will be taken away by Tsing Yi."

     Black Wind didn't intend to lift the bar, but followed the Heavy Sword with a smile. As for Fermented Beancurd, the two had to look at each other and then followed.

     The six Real Taoist shadows slowly disappeared in the middle channel.

     Bai Song was very resistant. He didn't choose to follow immediately but chose to wait for a while, because the channel is not too wide. Even if Xiao Wu's Sneaking skills are high, he will still come out under that kind of intense exercise.

     In that way, Bai Song's act of operating Xiao Wu to investigate is meaningless.

     Bai Song let Xiao Wu hide in a corner, and then took out the mechanical heart to enlarge the small map, the observer's six small red dots and the other group of small red dots.

     The group of small red dots also sharply reduced the number of people, leaving only three people. Obviously the passage in the middle made them very uncomfortable.

     On the contrary, when the six small red dots passed through the middle passage, there were still four small red dots left. The reduction in personnel was much better than the first group.

     "Of the past six people, not all Thief professions, even Mage among them." Bai Song looked at the seven red dots inconceivable, really wondering what method they used to get there.Bai Song couldn't help but think of Heavy Sword, Fermented Beancurd, and Survived Alone in the lobby. All three of them were super masters in previous life. Maybe this is the strength of super masters.

     "I don't know where the other four are sacred." Bai Song couldn't help sighing when he thought of his rivals being so strong: "It seems that the plan really can't keep up with the changes."

     It’s not that Bai Song had never thought that the other party would be a master, but he did not expect to be a master of this level. Fermented Beancurd Survived Alone did not say that it was expected by Bai Song, and Bai Song would be related to him. It's okay to get a share of them.

     Others, such as Heavy Sword, are the ones that really make Bai Song a headache. Survived Alone and Fermented Beancurd now have their own strengths.

     Others Bai Song don't understand for the time being, but taking Heavy Sword as an example, not only is it not inferior to Survived Alone and Fermented Beancurd, but it also has a powerful force to use.

     Puff through.

     The Heavy Sword four rushed to the ground from the passage, everyone's face was embarrassed. The first time Heavy Sword stood up, he looked at the surroundings and then at the people behind him: "The person you invited is just unreliable. .""Don't you almost hang up yourself." Black Wind got up from the ground, with the usual relaxed smile on his face, but this smile was a bit embarrassing, and looked at the two Fermented Beancurd on the side: "It's better for you both. Now I have to temporarily alliance with Heavy Sword against you."

     Survived Alone also got up from the ground, his face was cold, he glanced at Black Wind and then glanced ahead: "I'm afraid your idea will be lost."

     I don't know how Black Wind's small eyes can see things clearly. I saw Black Wind follow Survived Alone's eyes to look forward, and I don't know that he can see that his face is still as usual.

     At this time, Bai Song counted the time and almost started to go in.

     "Let's follow up and have a look first." Bai Song manipulated Xiao Wu into the channel. After the first pass, the second pass is easy, not to mention that this is Bai Song operating.

     When Bai Song passed the passage and reached the hall quietly, he found that two groups of people were facing each other. Bai Song was surprised when he saw it.

     The group of people is naturally Heavy Sword's group of people in the past. As for the other three people, two of them have only met Bai Song not long ago. It is Pomegranate and Tsing Yi."I said, Guild Master Pomegranate, I'm afraid it's not good to do this." Heavy Sword looked at the pomegranate and stuck the big sword on the ground, with a bit of coldness in his eyes: "I said yes, everyone is not alarmed. People in Guild, please tell me about Tsing Yi."

     At this time, Bai Song could see the whole scene clearly through Xiao Wu's point of view. The two parties had a big disagreement and wanted to do it.

     For Bai Song, this is a matter of love to hear and see.
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