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Chapter Directory 187 Chapter 184: The Enemy
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

However, as Guanlan's speaker, Heavy Sword still maintains due respect. As for the two of them, both in terms of status and strength, they are almost equal.

     This is related to what was agreed before. Even Black Wind made a sound, but he still had a smile on his face: "Heavy Sword is right. This matter needs an explanation. Otherwise, Guanlan's name is me. But don't eat it."

     A four-on-three situation was formed on the court. Fermented Beancurd and Survived Alone were naturally counted in the Heavy Sword camp. After all, Tsing Yi was the first to breach the contract.

     In dealing with this matter, Heavy Sword and Black Wind are both old fritters, and the situation is undoubtedly better than others. So first, you have to occupy the truth, and when you take the truth, it will be okay when you show it to the public afterwards.

     Truth, this thing is the most important weapon in the strong dialogue, just like the war in ancient times, the gap between the unnamed division and the famous division is still quite large.

     Must occupy a valid reason.

     Tsing Yi was about to speak, but was stopped by Pomegranate, only to see Pomegranate smile generously and then sent a team invitation to the four people.

     The four of them looked at the team invitation and looked at each other. After a while, they were all in the pomegranate team, not to mention that pomegranate posted a message in the team channel."I picked up this Quest, so it's not a violation of the rules, right?" After Pomegranate finished speaking, she looked at Survived Alone and Fermented Beancurd and smiled slightly: "There should be no restrictions on the people who receive Quest together?"

     Pomegranate said that Heavy Sword and Black Wind can't say 1234, let alone Fermented Beancurd and Survived Alone.

     Although they were the first to find out, among this group of people, it was indeed that they were connected to Quest and Pomegranate in the same situation. In addition, Tsing Yi and Heavy Sword Black Wind made a good decision when they discussed the situation of looking for foreign aid.

     You can only find one person to find foreign aid. Guild cannot be told about this matter. As for the issues of Fermented Beancurd and Survived Alone, they have not been exposed to the face.

     One is because the two of them couldn't find suitable foreign aid, and more importantly, they might be worthwhile in terms of strength, but not in terms of power.

     Looking for foreign aid may not say anything, but it will definitely be targeted, so the two Fermented Beancurd have no plans to look for foreign aid.

     But I didn't get a face-to-face statement, but Tsing Yi took advantage of the loopholes. They were the Quest that they had taken together, and from the current point of view, they did find foreign aid.

     The current situation is that Pomegranate is not afraid of the people's targeting at all. To put it bluntly, they add up to only four people.Regardless of the fact that Pomegranate and the others are one less, but Pomegranate's combat power is very powerful, even stronger than Tsing Yi Heavy Sword Black Wind and others. In addition, there is an unknown man wearing a mask next to Tsing Yi, and this situation is the balance of power.

     Being able to pass the previous level is enough to show the strength of the masked man. If they really want to fight, they may not be able to win, mainly because they are not united here.

     Let alone the relationship between Heavy Sword and Black Wind, the relationship between the other two is simply like strangers, and the whole team seems to be embarrassed.

     As if seeing a few people’s concerns, Pomegranate didn’t intend to have trouble with them too much, and smiled indifferently: “Okay, everyone, this matter is still our personal affair. If the nature has not changed, let’s tackle the problem first, let’s talk about the benefits. When things come, let's have their own abilities."

     After finishing speaking, Pomegranate disbanded the team directly, and it was very neat without any sluggishness.

     Hearing what Pomegranate said, Heavy Sword couldn't find the fault for the time being. Who knew that this Quest was simply the Quest of Pomegranate, and Tsing Yi was only helping Pomegranate to investigate.

     And the pomegranate has already said that it is still everyone's personal affairs, and there is still no Guild to intervene, and the appearance of the masked man does not have the mark of Guanlan Pavilion, which is a genuine foreign aid.In fact, they are very reluctant to find foreign aid. First of all, they can't find a master from their own Guild to help. Secondly, if they know friends from other large and medium-sized Guilds, it is also impossible.

     In this way, you can only hire those Scattered people masters, but after all, they are just Vice Guild Leaders. Even if you know the real Scattered people masters, they may not come to help.

     From the perspective of contacts, it is definitely a bit worse than the pomegranate, and Guanlan's status as a master of Guild and she is a big beauty, it is effortless to hire a Scattered people master.

     That's why, the people invited by Heavy Sword and Black Wind can't get through the second channel, and the temporary people are still a bit worse than the real super masters. It is a trivial matter to pay for the level money that has been lost twice, the key is to let them lose a key helper in this situation.

     "It's amazing, worthy of being the Guild Master of Guanlan Pavilion." Bai Song looked at the situation in the hall through Xiao Wu, and for Guanlan, who was originally at a disadvantage, he regained the initiative in a few words.

     Moreover, Bai Song looked at the masked man, observing his every move from the eyes under the mask, the man in front of him is undoubtedly a master. Bai Song doesn't know how it compares with Heavy Sword Black Wind, because Bai Song doesn't know the current strength of Heavy Sword and Black Wind.But he gave him the feeling that this person is better than Fermented Beancurd. You must know that Fermented Beancurd is one of the top mad battles in the future.

     It's very subtle. Compared with Survived Alone, Bai Song has no bottom in his heart. Bai Song has never been able to guess Survived Alone. His judgments are based on subjective assumptions made by previous life Survived Alone.

     "It seems that the pomegranate was looking for me for today's affairs. If I don't know this place or the treasure has not been taken away by me, it will be the situation, and promise pomegranate may be a good choice." Bai Song looked at her. In the situation, if the masked man adds himself, as well as the two of them, there is really a little advantage.

     The current Bai Song is a bit annoying. The other party is Guanlan and the Sword Pavilion. There is another person that Bai Song doesn’t know for the time being, but from an attitude point of view, he should be an influential person. This way, this small mechanical treasure will be destroyed. These three forces are eyeing on.

     Xiao Wu held the knife in his hand tightly, Bai Song is now planning the next move in his heart, it is not feasible to forcibly stop it.

     Because the opponent is too strong, let alone unite, just a Guanlan or Sword Pavilion is far from what Bai Song can bear.

     Besides, it is the general trend that this place is being watched by people, and it is difficult to go against the trend in itself.Fortunately, I learned from their conversation that everyone wanted to digest this place privately, regardless of her thoughts.

     Her advantage is only relying on other people's thinking about digesting it privately. If she has to openly pull in other forces to mix in, it can only be detrimental to her.
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