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Chapter Directory 190 Chapter 187: Doing Things
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

In the hall, the two groups of men and horses were walking side by side. Compared with the embarrassment of the Heavy Sword four, the three of Pomegranate seemed extremely relaxed.

     At least for now, this is the case.

     Perhaps is God’s favor, the pomegranate’s luck is very good. Although the disc has expired and cannot be used along the way, it has not stepped on the floor that will trigger the undead.

     Pomegranate took the two behind and had not experienced a fight along the way. Pomegranate took the time to take a look at the Heavy Sword and they were resting on the spot after the battle.

     Pomegranate turned her head no longer paying attention to Heavy Sword and the others. Now she was only two steps away from the middle, but the distance between these two steps made Pomegranate hesitate.

     Seeing Pomegranate thinking carefully, Tsing Yi did not urge Pomegranate. As for the masked man from the beginning to now, he just followed behind silently without speaking.

     It seems that he is just a puppet, only when he needs him, he will use his abilities, the rest of the time there is no sense of existence.

     Suddenly, Pomegranate turned her head to look at Tsing Yi, shaking her head and chuckles: "Tsing Yi, you can choose. Just follow your instincts as before, I have no idea at all."

     "En." Tsing Yi agreed softly, then walked to the pomegranate position and gently stroked the shreds in front of her forehead.

     Looking at the road ahead, for a long time, Tsing Yi made her decision and stepped on the floor.Tsing Yi stood on it for a few seconds, crow and peacock make no sound around, even Heavy Sword couldn’t help but become jealous when looking at it. Isn’t this luck?

     "It seems to be right." Tsing Yi stroked her chest and breathed a sigh of relief, then turned her head: "Sister Pomegranate..."

     But Tsing Yi's words haven't been finished yet. I don't know if a small stone came from above or where it fell to the ground, just beside Tsing Yi's feet.

     Pomegranate looked behind him for the first time. Although the stone looked like it had fallen from above, the first reaction of Pomegranate was not to look at the top.

     "Where did the stone come from?" The stone's heart was suddenly filled with doubts, but did not give her time to think, an undead knight riding a skeleton horse had emerged from the ground.

     The first time the undead knight emerged from the ground, he did not rush to the three pomegranates, but reined his horse towards the front place.

     Pomegranate observed very carefully. It seemed that the target of the undead knight's hatred was not his own. Pomegranate suddenly said on the team channel: "Don't do it!"

     Tsing Yi and the masked man heard that even though the shake had come out before the attack, they all abruptly recruited them and did not attack the undead knight.

     Sure enough, the undead knight had no intention to do anything with them at all, and was about to gallop towards a place of air."It seems that someone is making trouble from it." The situation immediately became clear, which is why the pomegranate does not make people attack the first time.

     Because once attacked, there would be no Dharma Seal to prove the conjecture in Pomegranate's heart, and now it became clear that someone was trying to fix her in the dark.

     But it was strange that when the Necromancer rushed halfway, the Necromancer suddenly stopped in place and did not move. He stood still for a while and still did not move.

     At this moment, the undead knight suddenly turned his head and saw the three people who were waiting in place. He suddenly furiously raised the spear in his hand and waved it towards the closest masked man.

     The incident happened suddenly, but fortunately, the masked man had been on guard. This blow did not cause serious damages to the masked man.

     "Is this guy crazy?" The masked man was so annoyed by the undead knight attack, he opened his mouth and said, "I will fight back if he attacks again."

     The red lips of Pomegranate were slightly open, but they looked like he wanted to say nothing. The BOSS in front of him was very powerful. Don't look at Heavy Sword who played so many BOSS before.

     But those BOSSs added up, I'm afraid they can't compare to this undead knight.

     Once attacked, it will fall into the calculations of others. This feeling is very bad for Pomegranate. She doesn't like this feeling.But what can we do if we don't attack? The big guy in front of him, the more he attacked, the more vigorous he was. There was no sign of stopping, and the pomegranate silver teeth gave a bite: "Hit it, a blitzkrieg strategy."

     Bai Song smiled at the corner of Mechanical Heart's mouth. Although it was guessed that someone was making trouble, I am afraid that Pomegranate would never be able to think of who the trouble was.

     In order to cause trouble for Pomegranate, Bai Song specially selected a floor where the quasi-golden BOSS was hidden in the impression, whether it was to let the Pomegranate team hang once, or to see the true strength of Pomegranate Tsing Yi and the masked man, Bai Song's The goals are all achieved.

     Pomegranate and they can certainly ease this offensive by retreating, but the goal is right in front of them, and the retreating representatives will waste a lot of time.

     If only they are the only ones, it’s okay. The key is that there are competitors. None of the four people in Heavy Sword are simple characters. How can they not be able to catch them if they are given a chance?

     Bai Song is exactly what pomegranate and their mentality is. Bai Song hasn't shot for so long before, so he chooses to shot when he is a foot away from the target.

     Whether it is time or distance, the card makes them very uncomfortable.The undead knight's hatred was originally on him, because it was the undead knight who was awakened by the stone he shot, but Bai Song had a strong hiding from the battle state, coupled with the invisible backflip and his own high-level Sneaking, which made the undead knight one Time can't find the goal.

     If you don't want to arouse suspicion, Bai Song can forcefully escape the hatred right from the beginning, but at that time, the pomegranates have already been far away from the undead knight, and there is no hatred to hold the undead knight and it is likely to go back.

     Besides, even if the pomegranate's intelligence will not be discovered for a while, but afterwards, it will come up after calmly thinking. Besides, Bai Song has nothing to hide.

     The Xiao Wu he operated, no matter how advanced his investigative skills were, it was just a BOSS monster. Could it be possible to see who was behind the manipulator?

     The undead knight is extremely fierce, just the size is more than one size bigger than the player, and under a few bashing sideways and colliding straight on, he almost dropped Tsing Yi in seconds.

     Fortunately, the pomegranate and the masked man have exploded with their true strength. Although the three of them can't beat the undead knights who are quasi-golden bosses, the undead knights are also restricted.

     For BOSS, especially the golden BOSS, the effect of control skills will be maximized. Ordinary stun and restraint skills, if the level is low, even a momentary pause cannot be caused.But Pomegranate's skills are mainly based on creating obstacles and changing terrain magic. With the addition of Tsing Yi, the plant Mage, the equipment is the top match among current players, and the Undead Knights are also uncomfortable for a while.

     No matter how powerful it is, after all, it is only a quasi-gold level and not a true gold level.