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Chapter Directory 201 Chapter 198: Strange Mission
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

What Bai Song didn't know was that because his own strategy of suggesting the gate of the trial did not appear for a long time, it made it possible to pick up the players about the Snow Forest Quest and cries of complaint fill the roads for a while.

     Later, the trial gate of the Snowy Forest turned into a lottery. Every day someone draws it, either the easiest or the most difficult, and it became a unique landscape. It was not until the location of the organ was discovered a long time later that this situation gradually began.

     Of course, all of this is an afterthought.

     The tense atmosphere in the room dissipated a little, anyway, the relationship between the two parties has eased a lot because of Bai Song's suggestion.

     Thomas took out a wine glass and poured himself a glass: "Thank you very much for this suggestion. No matter what purpose you come for, I hope you understand the stakes."

     Bai Song nodded. In fact, Bai Song knew that he could not escape Thomas’s eyes when he was drilling the well water, and Bai Song did not intend to escape Thomas’ observation. He played a few bags of well water to a certain extent besides his own reasons. Made for Thomas.

     Bai Song nodded so faintly now, it seemed even more unpredictable, at least Thomas had given up the threatening means and chose Huairou means.

     Thomas turned his back, took out a small Potion-shaped medicine Potion from a box on the counter, and handed it to Bai Song.Bai Song took a look and took it. Bai Song took it and unscrewed the plug of the Potion mouth, and found that there was some black powder in it, very few... it was probably only a layer of nail thick.

     "This Quest, you don't need to come back to me if you finish it, because this Quest doesn't have Quest rewards." Thomas said with a smile: "Of course, if you need 1 point of Experience and 1 copper coin, you can find I'll collect the reward."

     Bai Song didn't speak. He knew that Thomas had something to say next. Thomas paused specifically for Bai Song to ask questions. He didn't expect Bai Song to just look at him without asking, and he didn't mean to cooperate.

     Seeing Bai Song not cooperating, Thomas didn’t mean to be embarrassed at all. He said with interest: “I thought you would be tempted to ask questions. In fact, this Quest itself is a reward. ."

     Hearing what Thomas said, Bai Song, although he didn't speak, kept moving fast in his mind. Finally, like squeezing toothpaste, he remembered every bit about this Quest.

     Although it is rather vague about this Quest, it is probably the same as Thomas said according to the impression, without deliberately distorting the facts, this Quest itself is a reward.However, the difficulty of receiving is not in line with the high that Thomas said, because the difficulty is very high, even higher than very high. It sounds a bit convoluted, but the meaning is very clear.

     "Oh? Are you not interested in this Quest?" Thomas sighed with a look of embarrassment on his face, "Ah, if you are not satisfied, there is nothing I can do. I really don't have anything valuable to give you. Yes, um..."

     Thomas suddenly flipped through his pockets and found five gold coins from his pocket. Thomas said, "Then you don't have to. I only have five gold coins, which will be used as your hush fee."

     Of course, Thomas has more than five gold coins. On the surface, he is only hiding his property somewhere, but his attitude is so simple that Bai Song will not get it well even if it is revealed.

     "Okay, I accept." Bai Song put away the little Potion with black powder, his face is not very good.

     "This Quest is really difficult. In fact, it is recommended that you accept gold coins. Maybe you can't complete the Quest at all now, although there are a lot of treasures in it." Thomas persuaded Bai Song to give up, but in essence, " A tempting sound was added to the five words "a lot of treasures."Bai Song knew well that the "difficult" decision was to give it a try. When he left, what did Thomas say: I have persuaded you, if you die, don't blame him.

     "By the way, this thing is a voucher to enter the Snowy Forest." Thomas suddenly remembered that he hadn't given Bai Song the voucher, so he threw it over.

     Bai Song looked at a badge with the big thumb in his hand with the emblem of the woods on it. This was the proof to enter the Snowy Forest. Bai Song nodded and put in his backpack.

     In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Bai Song chose to use Sneaking when he left Thomas’ room, and was not discovered by several other players outside.

     Bai Song specially went outside the village of Baixue Village, and then walked in from outside the village. The players who were outside naturally also found him.

     "That rich sheep comes in again."

     "By the way, I didn't pay attention just now. When did he go out?"

     "I just paid a little attention, maybe I was too tired recently and my eyes were a little tired. If I knew that he was not in the forest but went outside, I would just go out and explode him once."

     "Then you have to observe carefully this time, maybe he just came in to replenish the potion or something."Bai Song can clearly hear the conversations of several people through Perception and super-human hearing. Bai Song disdain as beneath contempt. After listening to two sentences, Bai Song stopped paying attention to it because he didn’t hear what he thought. What to hear.

     In the drug store in the village, there is a potion for restraining the undead, and the usage is to smear it on the weapon. However, Bai Song's weapon can be injected instantly, so he directly purchased more than a dozen Potion to use as a burst weapon.

     In addition, Bai Song also bought a few Potion high-level poisons, which were just consumables, and instantly spent more than ten gold coins. This is completely inconceivable in the eyes of ordinary people.

     With more than a dozen gold coins, based on the current prices, you can buy a weapon for this profession. After all, medicines are only consumables, which is too extravagant.

     But Bai Song felt that it was necessary. The loss of a hang-up is worth more than these medicines. Both the experience and the dropped items are very heavy.

     The most important thing is that Baoshan is right in front, but it hangs up because of reluctance to burn consumables. That's the most annoying.

     Bai Song's consumption in the drug store is not seen by the players, and there is no special need to watch it. It is nothing more than buying a little supplies. If they are seen to spend about ten gold coins to buy medicine... If jealousy can kill people, then Bai Song may not be able to get out of this village.After purchasing the potion, Bai Song no longer stayed and walked directly to the forest. The guards did their best to stop Bai Song.

     Bai Song remembered the badge at this moment, took the badge from his backpack and took it on his body. The guard immediately let in a path for Bai Song to enter.

     After Bai Song entered, the two guards continued to block the road, leaving only a few players, looking at Bai Song's back.