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Chapter Directory 233 Chapter 230: Strong Upgrade
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

This is Bai Song's order to the skeleton crocodile, and Bai Song can't pay attention to this side all the time. In order to see their fighting ability, Bai Song gave the skeleton elite temporary Leadership.

     The crocodile BOSS attacks them and hides them. When it wants to avoid the battle and clean up the virus, it will harass and attack again. Although the difference in combat power between the two sides is still quite large, there is no doubt that the level difference is not too big to break the defense.

     Under such harassment, the crocodile boss can no longer resist the virus with peace of mind. Fortunately, the virus has been cleaned up seven or eighty-eight, and the crocodile boss simply retains 20% to 30% of the strength to suppress the virus.

     Then it threw himself into the battle. Although the crocodile boss who threw himself into it was already weakened a lot, he still beat a few skeleton crocodiles to everything broken and in disorder at a time.

     Even so, Bai Song didn’t come forward. These crocodile skeletons were hung up when they were hung up. If they were hung up, it would just absorb two more crocodile skeletons. Anyway, in addition to the upper limit of four crocodile skeletons in the skeleton space, the storage of the skeletons is still not good. small.

     Bai Song is also sucking the skeleton while killing, and sucking is definitely slower than killing. In order to maintain efficiency and save time, Bai Song mostly uses kills.

     When Bai Song killed all the crocodiles in the battlefield to almost a fish that escaped the net, those remaining crocodiles died, which made Bai Song feel distressed.At this time, one crocodile skeleton was killed, and another crocodile skeleton was close to the edge of being broken up.

     Bai Song immediately synthesized a crocodile. Fortunately, it succeeded once. Bai Song ran to the crocodile BOSS and released it.

     After adding one to join the battle, the situation that was about to collapse was eased a bit. At this time, Bai Song still did not go up to fight.

     Quite simply, Bai Song needs Level-up. There is not much difference between Level 19 and Level 20, but it can more or less reduce the suppression of some levels. What's more... The Experience here can be more than 20 levels.

     With a white light, Bai Song rose to level 20. Bai Song looked at the stored Experience and rose to level 21 is enough and to spare.

     What is the experience of being promoted to two levels in a row? What's more, this is not the time when it is below Level 10. I am afraid that not many people can realize this feeling.

     At the point, Bai Song hesitated again. It would be great to be promoted to level 21, but now he is facing a golden boss. What is the fastest way to increase combat effectiveness in the current situation?

     Level-up is not as good as a ring!

     Bai Song simulated the stored experience in the ring. This is not a waste of time but is really necessary. If the experience is not enough for the ring to upgrade to Level 5, then upgrading to level 21 becomes the fastest way to improve your strength."This experience is really rich, even the ring is enough to go up to Level 5." Bai Song nodded and added the ring directly without hesitation: "Just so, refreshing the Durability degree is also good."

     Ring of the Three Corpses (Ghost Equipment, Middle Tier Level 5): critical hit / sudden attack +78, Strength +60, Agility +60, Level Requirements: None, Durability 100/100.

     Special effects (can be turned on or off): There is a 91% chance that a ghoul will be randomly attached to the target during a critical hit / sudden attack. The ghoul will be possessed for 30 seconds, and the same target cannot be triggered a second time within three minutes.

     Poisonous Corpse Ghost (Level 5): Rooting triggers the target, allowing the target to continue to be poisoned, and there is a certain chance that the poison will evolve.

     Curse Corpse Ghost (Level 5): Rotate to trigger the target, allowing the target's defense attack to continue to decrease in stacks, and has a high chance of triggering the curse spell.

     Lava Corpse Ghost (Level 5): Entangles and triggers the target, leaving the target in a state of being continuously burned, and has a high chance of triggering the corpse fire to burn the body.

     "There is no qualitative change." Bai Song was a bit speechless. Generally speaking, Ghost Equipment should be changed almost once at this level: "Is it because I advanced too early and the reason for the perfect advancement, I overdrawn my potential?"

     Only the basic Attributes have been added a bit, because the advanced level has grown well, in addition to that, only the special effects have added a dispensable one percent.However, it is also a good thing for the ghoul to increase its level, at least in terms of its combat effectiveness, it is more than an increase in its own level.

     The crocodile boss has noticed Bai Song a long time ago, but now it is entangled by four skeleton crocodiles. As the golden boss, the crocodile boss has a high IQ.

     Seeing that a crocodile skeleton was killed, he immediately added another one from Bai Song to push it up. He immediately understood that the other party was a human class like a summoner.

     As long as you don't kill him, those things will be constantly refreshed and supplemented. After understanding this, the crocodile boss directly lost interest in these skeleton crocodiles.

     Even if a skeleton crocodile was about to be broken up, it did not touch it, and rushed towards Bai Song directly.

     "Are you looking for me directly?" Bai Song immediately backed away, and at the same time developed an order to the four crocodiles: "Give up the defense and attack directly."

     After Bai Song was upgraded, he distributed all his points to Agility. With the addition of his own Agility, Bai Song now barely has Agility to avoid the crocodile BOSS.

     There is still a distance between Bai Song and the crocodile boss. Bai Song directly threw the remaining three daggers altogether. The three daggers did not fly in a fan shape, but like a long snake.The first two did not break through the defense, until the third one attacked to the same place, it barely broke through the defense, breaking through the defense luck benefited a critical hit / sudden attack.

     This critical hit/sudden attack is really lucky. The Bai Song critical hit/sudden attack Attributes are good. But facing the golden BOSS, it’s level suppression. The chances of critical hit/sudden attack are really low.

     After critical hit / sudden attack, there is now a 91% chance of triggering the effect. This is that Ghost Equipment's own chance will not be reduced due to factors such as the opponent's level.

     A Lava Corpse Ghost was hung on the crocodile BOSS. Bai Song frowned. In fact, what he wanted most was the Curse Corpse Ghost.

     Now the second-stage effect of the Curse Corpse Ghost has a great chance of triggering. No matter how many seconds it lasts, without the crocodile BOSS with attack speed and Movement Speed, Bai Song is sure to be killed.

     Lava Corpse Ghost hung up with Lava Corpse Ghost and quickly triggered the corpse burning. Unfortunately, Damages is not so ideal for the golden boss crocodile.

     Bai Song escaped the first attack of the crocodile boss. When retreating, the crocodile boss swept away a substantial amount of gas with his tail. Bai Song was unavoidable in mid-air and had to forcibly block it.

     With a blow to the wind, Bai Song Hit Points (HP) suddenly dropped by half. This is still the situation that Bai Song is now wearing high-armor equipment. This attack counts as physical damages.Without this high-armor stone gauze armor, Bai Song would probably see the bottom of his health bar now, and he would not be far away from hitting the air.