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Chapter Directory 235 Chapter 232: Poisonous Moth
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Once the ghoul triggers the second stage effect, the original ghoul will disappear. This is the case with the burning body of the Lava Corpse Ghost, as is the new poison derivative.

     The Poisonous Corpse Ghost slowly faded and disappeared, turning into a faint gas. Instead, a moth-like creature appeared on the head of the crocodile BOSS.

     The moth hovered on the head of the crocodile BOSS. With the flapping of its wings, the scales of the moth fell on the head of the crocodile BOSS like snowflakes.

     The crocodile BOSS was furious, and the empty hammer that jumped up hit the moth directly, and the moth was weakly hammered and flew away.

     "This..." Bai Song couldn't help but feel a little speechless when he saw the moths so vulnerable. This thing is not as good as the toad last time, and the toad can release some poisonous gas.

     But Bai Song hadn't finished vomiting in his heart, and saw the moths fluttering back again, continuing to put poisonous powder on the head of the crocodile BOSS.

     The crocodile boss is also a golden boss anyway. Seeing that this thing is not an ordinary thing, it was just a random blow, and now he is serious.

     The crocodile's claws danced wildly, and a small whirlwind appeared on the head of the crocodile BOSS. Of course, this could not be formed purely by physical principles, and that would not only be a golden BOSS.Obviously this crocodile BOSS also has a hand in magic. A wind with shredded energy blasted towards the moths. The moths in the sky are like clothes in a washing bucket, being blown by the wind. of.

     Bai Song saw this scene directly using Qiang Yin to approach, Qiang Yin is also very powerful for offensive in addition to escape.

     In addition, what made Bai Song rush to attack is also to see that this moth is useless, Bai Song will be killed directly under the wind, naturally do not count on the small moth.

     The crocodile BOSS focused on the moth, and did not perceive that Bai Song was approaching. For it, the disguise of a little human can be easily seen through.

     But after a while, it felt a pain in the back. It turned out that the human Thief had been secretly behind him, and a series of Hit Points (HP) had been knocked out without precaution.

     Under critical hit / sudden attack and weak point attack, even with high defense and high level, they were still beaten a lot of Damages. How could the crocodile boss bear this and immediately attack Bai Song.

     Bai Song made a stealth backflip, which perfectly stretched the distance between the two, but the crocodile BOSS is not a vegetarian. It turned on the skill collision, and the skeleton crocodile stopped in front of it was knocked off and almost hit and fell apart.After using the collision, he came directly in front of Bai Song, and faced the swift claw Bai Song could not retreat. Fortunately, he used the technique of unloading his strength to dissolve its strength. This is also a bloody blow.

     The crocodile boss wanted to take down Bai Song with one blow, but at this time the moths in the sky appeared on the head of the crocodile boss again as if nothing had happened.

     Compared with the scattered poisonous powder before, this time because of being tossed by the wind, the poisonous powder this time is even worse than before, and it is also mixed with some liquid.

     The density of these poisonous powders is very high. The organs of the crocodile boss, the eyes, nose, and mouth are all covered with powder. Perhaps it is severe pain. The crocodile boss quickly closed his eyes.

     But it doesn't count if you close your eyes, and the airways are also stained with poisonous powder. Bai Song can clearly see that the Hit Points (HP) of the crocodile boss is dropping sharply.

     The crocodile boss closed his eyes and held his breath now. Now he hates the moth on his head to death. It is obviously an inconspicuous insect... and at first, it was Worry, there is no such kind of Damages.

     It was completely furious. Compared with Bai Song's damages to it, the moths undoubtedly made it more uncomfortable. The crocodile BOSS with his eyes closed slightly sensed the position of the moths.Suddenly a red light appeared in the front right grasp, and the red light had accumulated power for several seconds. The energy contained in the red light made Bai Song frightened. Even Bai Song was not sure that he could resist this red light.

     Just when Bai Song was about to turn on the instant petrification to resist the deadly damages, the target of this red light was not Bai Song, but the moth in the sky.


     The red light brutally hit the moth, but the small size of the moth still made a huge noise, and the moth was directly hit by 90° and flew into the sky.

     The crocodile BOSS opened his eyes. Although the eyes are still a little uncomfortable, its Constitution is super strong, and this pain can be tolerated.

     The moth disappeared in the sky. I looked up and looked at the moth crocodile BOSS. Looking at Bai Song, he showed a cruel expression. Obviously, it was preparing to kill Bai Song in a flash.

     "It looks like I'm going to fight for my life. I don't know if the petrochemical can handle the big move of a golden boss in an instant." Bai Song has no bottom in his heart, mainly he did not expect that the previous attack of the crocodile boss would actually attack the moth, because the crocodile BOSS has identified himself as a summoner before.

     This product implements the tactics, not at all resolute in the implementation.

     At this moment, a black flame appeared in the sky. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that it was the moth, and its whole body had burned out black flames.Bai Song didn't even think about it, and immediately ran back. By the way, he also issued an order to retreat to the crocodile skeleton. Bai Song wanted to take it back, but he couldn't take it back in combat.

     The crocodile BOSS felt the power, and wanted to run, but it stopped as soon as it took a step. It was not its arrogance but it found it. Every time it took the black flame, it adjusted its angle.

     Rather than fleeing in embarrassment and being hit without any precautions, it is better to prepare in advance, and even though his blood limit has been knocked out, he can still barely be considered healthy.

     The whole body of the crocodile BOSS glowed with red light again. Those red lights surrounded the whole body of the crocodile BOSS, which looked like a layer of armor. Bai Song didn't bother to look back and run directly. It counts as far as he can run.


     Compared with the previous sound, this is undoubtedly much more spectacular. The first time the black flame touched the crocodile, it immediately formed a tornado on the crocodile BOSS.

     Black tornado flames surrounded the crocodile BOSS. Bai Song finally looked back at a safe position. What kind of flames are this? These black flames are made up of small black scales.

     The red light was pierced by the small black scales, which covered the whole body of the crocodile BOSS. Bai Song watched the offensive of these small scales, where there were different tunes played with equal skill from the previous wind scroll + red light impact.Thinking about it again, Toad was the same before. The more fierce he was beaten, the fiercer he exploded.

     Bai Song couldn't bear to look straight and thought 1: "Do these poisons evolve to tremble~m? The more they are, the more they are..."