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Chapter Directory 249 Chapter 246: Sister Liu
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The road where the water stains have not faded, a rain, as if to extinguish the hot and restless heart, became soft and calm.

     Bai Song glanced at the stall on the side of the road, and continued walking after stopping.

     "Make some money, eat something good to celebrate."

     Bai Song walked a few steps forward and stopped in front of a home-style restaurant. The sign read "Second Sister Liu Hotel". The business was neither deserted nor lively.

     There is a construction site near here, where workers often come here in the afternoon, but in fact, the consumption here is much more expensive than the relatively cheap stalls around.

     Fortunately, the workers' daily wages are not low, and this overhead is enough to eat and live. In fact, take a closer look at the workers here who like to drink.

     Although food will be provided on the construction site, don't think about alcohol. Those who like to drink and are addicted to alcohol often organize groups to come here to have a meal.

     Bai Song glanced at the workers and couldn't help thinking that previous life had been to the construction site himself, but he was not born to do construction work, and was often driven away because he couldn't keep up with the progress.

     Those who have done construction work should know that construction work is not something you can do well if you are willing to hardworking and enduring hardships. The work efficiency of new migrant workers and old migrant workers is completely two levels.Bai Song ordered two meat dishes, and also ordered a potato shreds and vegetable soup. It was a bit noticeable to eat so much by one person, but it was nothing but strange.

     After all, Bai Song's dress looks better than those of the workers, but it is not much different, but there is no difference during this period.

     Bai Song ate and ate. Second sister Liu seemed to have finished her work and walked towards Bai Song.

     Sister Liu is a tall woman, she has children in her thirties, but she still seems to be a milf, because she is very relaxed because of opening the door to do business.

     In addition to the workers, some old bullies also like to eat here. It can't be said that they are old bullies. Although these people have jobs, they usually do nothing except gambling.

     Similar to previous life Bai Song, Liu Erjie can often mingle with these people, not knowing whether it is for business reasons or what.

     Bai Song is naturally one of these people. Second sister Liu glanced at Bai Song: "Oh, your kid has made a fortune recently?"

     "I didn't get rich, so I found a job to improve my life." Bai Song nodded angrily. Regarding this second sister Liu's previous life, Bai Song had often talked to her and played cards together, so she is barely a card friend ."Are you going to work?" Liu Erjie widened her eyes and looked at Bai Song. She could obviously see that she wanted to laugh, but she forcibly held back: "I said Little Bai, how long have you not seen me? You will find a job and pay your salary. I think you are asking for money from your wife, right?"

     "You are really a noise..." I was also annoyed by Liu Erjie Bai Song. The old gangsters made jokes with her a little bit hungry, and they often couldn't play her: "It's not just the last time. Do you lose any money? I'll give it to you later, don't disturb me eating."

     "Eating, why didn't I see your kid for a few days, why did you become silly?" Liu Erjie smiled and glanced at Bai Song: "You really pay me back? It seems that you kid really made a fortune, and said, where are you going? Won a hand?"

     Bai Song really regretted coming here for dinner. Originally, Bai Song thought it tasted good, so he paid Sister Liu's money back by the way. Although Sister Liu's mouth is a bit annoying, she is not a bad person.

     "How much do I owe you?" Bai Song asked vaguely while eating.

     "Master Little Bai, you are really an eminent person has short memory. You owe Xiao Liu me four thousand and five. In addition to the loser, there is another loan from me." Sister Liu's tone is a bit strange. She originally wanted to imitate Jiao Didi's little girl. Girl, but her acting skills are not in place, her eyes look fierce again.

     Bai Song shuddered: "Second sister can speak well? I'm afraid of you talking like this.""Doesn't it all say that it is the uncle who owes the money? If you don't like it, I will change the way." Second sister Liu changed her face immediately after speaking, "The stinky boy owes me four thousand and five quickly. Don't change the old lady and go directly in the kitchen Draw a kitchen knife and chop off your third hand."

     Bai Song was finally relieved when she heard Sister Liu talking like this, and nodded: "Okay, I'm eating, you hurry up."

     At this time, another guest came, so Sister Liu went to greet her. After eating, Bai Song touched her wallet and found that she only had a few change.

     Don't talk about paying back the money here, I'm afraid I can't even pay for the meal. Fortunately, Bai Song remembers Liu Sister's card number.

     As soon as Bai Song took out his mobile phone, he found that Su Qiuyu had a call. Bai Song pressed the phone to connect to his ear: "Hello?"

     "I was shocked just now, where did you get the six hundred thousand?" Su Qiuyu asked on the phone.

     "Six hundred thousand? Oh, I earned it from Shinhwa." Bai Song had long expected that Su Qiuyu would call and ask himself, so he answered casually.

     "Oh my god, six hundred thousand...you. What are you going to do with this money?" Su Qiuyu's voice trembled, it was a surprise that came too suddenly.Six hundred thousand is actually nothing to Su Qiuyu. Not to mention those suitors of Su Qiuyu before the marriage. After the marriage, her best friend Qin Qin told others that Su Qiuyu was about to divorce, and there were also many handsome and wealthy people who had committed su Qiuyu pursue.

     Even knowing that Su Qiuyu has a daughter does not diminish her charm at all, but Su Qiuyu has not been moved. It's not that Bai Song is so damned that she has no idea of divorce.

     Six hundred thousand won't attract Su Qiuyu, but Bai Song earned this six hundred thousand in exchange. That's different. It's his husband's ability to earn it.

     Bai Song couldn't transfer money immediately even on the phone. Bai Song said casually while drinking the soup, "I'll leave this to you. You can take it to your discretion."

     "I am at my discretion?" Su Qiuyu was surprised with surprise. When he heard Bai Song drinking soup over the phone, Su Qiuyu had to ask: "Are you eating? Then you can eat it." Hang up first."

     "En." Bai Song hung up the phone while drinking soup.

     Bai Song turned over Liu Erjie’s card number, directly paid the money, pulled a tissue and left the hotel: “Second sister, I will transfer the money to you together.”

     After Bai Song left directly, Liu Erjie looked at Bai Song's back and immediately scolded: "If you don't have money, don't pretend to be a big deal. Forget it if the second sister asks you, you're a little..."Bai Song has such a similar record. The second sister Liu hasn't finished speaking. The text message reminded me of the transfer of 4600 and some extra money was left, wondering: "It's really paid, this kid really has sex?"