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Chapter Directory 301 Chapter 297: Successful Stealing Chicken
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

I walked through the outer area and got closer to the core area.

     The front of the manor was paved with floor tiles and the like. Walking into it, it turned into a terraced grassland. It was obviously still summer, but the grass on the ground was withered yellow.

     Bai Song's stepping into the land started to turbulent, and three snakes appeared on the ground, walking on the grass looking for intruders.

     According to the guide, these snakes are very fragile, but you should never hit it, because once you hit it, your position will be exposed, and it's over.

     Three snakes are wandering around, and the snake's sight range is very low, so Bai Song's sight range is basically lost under Sneaking.

     But this is not enough to make Bai Song southwest. It stood up and spit out a snake letter. The three snakes were using their tongues to perceive the surrounding environment.

     Snakes’ tongues cannot sense heat, and their tongues are covered with a film, so the tongue itself cannot distinguish smells.

     It uses the tongue to collect the particles floating in the air, and sends the particles in the air to the special groove on the palate at the base of the tongue. These scent information is converted into electronic signals and sent to the brain to determine the surrounding objects.

     Bai Song still has some powder that mad dogs hate the smell. Empty Hand uses powder that masks the smell, but Bai Song can't afford it and has to use this instead.The powder walked in the air, and the snake letter collected the fine particles in the air and collected the floating powder. After entering the brain, the three snakes were all stunned.

     This method may not work well for ordinary snakes, but the reason they have no combat effectiveness is placed here because they are particularly sensitive to distinguishing surroundings, and they can be described as natural enemies against those Thief who like stealth sneaking.

     It's a pity that being too sensitive is not a good thing. Too sensitive organs allow them to distinguish between particles. This disgusting particle makes the scene they capture fragmented.

     Just like a jigsaw puzzle, if a complete jigsaw puzzle is hard to put together, it can take a little time or be smart enough to make it out, but the capture of these particles will make the puzzle piece less.

     The snakes with these sensitive organs are like those clever and genius children. In their cognition, the puzzle must be complete. If the children are stupid and can't figure it out, they will give up.

     But clever and genius children are different, as if they got into the tip of a horn. They assembled these particles in different ways, but unfortunately, the problem that was originally wrong can't be counted as a correct answer.

     The three snakes were completely confused, and they were already running around on the ground like crazy without Bai Song's action. Bai Song passed this difficulty easily."It's not a good thing to be too smart." Bai Song shook his head and sighed slightly, but as he walked, Bai Song thought of Duo Duo.

     Duo Duo has always been a very smart kid, and also very sensible. Girls are sensible earlier than boys, plus the family experience since childhood.

     This made Duo Duo, who was still in kindergarten, already had to understand a few things. Of course, Duo Duo's mentality was still similar to that of other children, but this sign also made Bai Song a little uneasy.

     Previous life Duo Duo grew up, does she hate herself?

     Bai Song let out a sigh of relief. What he lacks is not only the company for his wife, but also the love for his daughter.

     At least Bai Song still hopes that Duo Duo will have a good childhood and not be as unhappy as previous life. After all, previous life Su Qiuyu didn't remarry and drag her daughter up by herself.

     Bai Song also didn't think about how he wanted his daughter to repay him in the future, and his thoughts of making up for regrets were lightened. He just hoped that his daughter could grow up happily.

     After struggling with previous life, he can clearly feel that his youth always slips away when he is not paying attention.

     The journey of this life is actually very short. If you are in a bad mood, you will lose a lot.After walking through this withered grass, and following Empty Hand’s route to avoid other traps, Bai Song didn’t get any smell when he passed the hive, but there was a big tripod in the middle that almost let Bai Song eat. deficit.

     Fortunately, according to the method of Empty Hand, by letting the incense break inside, I passed the most hanging level. After passing there, it is easy.

     The manor is actually not that big, and it is not easy to arrange so many traps. Finally, the chicken coop appeared in front of Bai Song.

     Seeing that the chicken coop is only the last step to success, Bai Song was a little relieved. Although there are strategies, it is actually much more difficult than imagined.

     "How did the guy Empty Hand pass?" Bai Song was speechless. There were a lot of people who scouted the past, but only Empty Hand scouted the past when he was a little higher than Bai Song.

     Bai Song had a very low level when he was here, but he relied on the strategy. Empty Hand was completely researched by himself. One can imagine how terrifying the talent of Empty Hand is.

     "I don't know what Empty Hand is doing now?" Bai Song stroked his chin, he grabbed the opportunity of Empty Hand in advance.I don't know why, even if he takes away his opportunity Bai Song, I think Empty Hand will definitely rise in this life, but because of my own reasons, I am afraid that it will be slightly longer than the previous life.

     Bai Song took away the first Opportunity Empty Hand. At this time, he also took another route. Although Bai Song was a little curious about what route Empty Hand would take, he didn't know much about it.

     This last step is actually the easiest step, and that is one word:


     The chicken coop also has a mechanism, but this mechanism is a bit dull, perhaps is because the decorator is confident that no one can walk here, so it is a bit random.

     This last mechanism, if the absolute speed is fast enough or can have an absolute high level of invisibility, will not be triggered.

     This is also the reason why Bai Song does not hesitate to spend money on Level-up Spectral Cloak. Spectral Cloak, whether it is a strong stealth determination level or a built-in acceleration, is very useful for this final touch.

     The tender bamboo chicken is very agile, but there is no resistance in front of Bai Song, who is more agility. Bai Song directly grabbed a tender bamboo chicken.There is no greed and grab the second one. With Bai Song speeding up for two seconds, he can barely grab the second one. Unfortunately, the risk is too great, and there is no need to take this risk.

     Before the tender bamboo chicken screamed, Bai Song jumped over the wall and went out. Bai Song was stained with the weird smell, but Bai Song couldn't control that much at this time.

     Before the chicken screams, Bai Song must make sure to leave the manor, and even if there is a smell on his body, it can only inspire a special hive.

     For Bai Song, who has already run outside, it doesn't matter.