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Chapter Directory 321 Chapter 316: Truth And Crisis
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After saying this, the blacksmith Kenny walked to the second floor.

     Bai Song saw the blacksmith Kenny walk towards the second floor and followed.

     Creak creak.

     The old-fashioned wooden stairs made an unpleasant rubbing sound, and Bai Song even wondered if stepping on it would ruin the stairs directly.

     On the second floor, unlike the first floor, some simple iron tools are placed on the second floor, but they are all relatively simple.

     The blacksmith Kenny opened the window, and the sky outside was cut into a small piece, entering Bai Song's line of sight.

     Bai Song approached slowly, and the sky expanded endlessly, without knowing where it would go.

     "Fulham also said, but...who is the old thief?" Bai Song's eyes retracted from the sky to look at the blacksmith Kenny, Bai Song's angle can only see the blacksmith Kenny's profile.

     The blacksmith Kenny looked back at Bai Song, then turned to get something, and gave Bai Song a back view: "That's the most terrifying thief on this continent. He rarely misses what he wants to steal."

     Rarely miss?

     "So, he has missed it?" Bai Song was taken aback, using the description of the blacksmith Kenny, he probably guessed who it was.

     "Yes, he did fail once, but that was all the time. Now he has nowhere to go." The blacksmith Kenny pulled out a piece of paper from the box.The blacksmith Kenny handed the piece of paper to Bai Song. Bai Song saw that there was nothing written on it, as if it were a wordless heavenly book. Bai Song felt a little strange that the blacksmith Kenny took out a piece of paper like this. There must be something strange in it. of.

     "It's just that previous life has never heard of this piece of paper. Although it looks like a blank piece of paper, it has some slight yellowing which adds a sense of age..." Bai Song held the paper carefully. This piece of paper is a bit soft, and Bai Song is afraid that it will be crushed.

     The blacksmith Kenny found a lounge chair and sat down.

     After he poured the water himself, Bai Song was still staring at the piece of paper, and he casually said, "What are you doing? Sit down first."

     "Mr. Kenny, I feel like I'm about to see this piece of paper." Bai Song looked at the paper, the more he looked at it, the more he became fascinated.

     "Look at the paper?" Blacksmith Kenny was a little confused, and then asked: "Why do you look at the paper? You got rain on your head along the way. I gave you paper to wipe the water drops on your head. It's been too long. It's a bit yellowed..."

     Bai Song: "..."

     Bai Song wiped the water stains on his head, using that piece of paper, and then threw it into the trash basket.

     After doing it for a long time, it turned out that I was passionate and thinking too much. Bai Song felt that he was a bit too tired recently, a bit like every tree or bush an enemy soldier.This small episode did not disrupt the original atmosphere.

     "Thank you." Bai Song took the glass of water from the blacksmith Kenny with both hands, and the blacksmith Kenny waved his hand so that Bai Song didn't care.

     The blacksmith Kenny put down the water glass in his hand and asked Bai Song: "Fulham asked you to come to me, did he say anything?"

     "Say what?" Bai Song held the water glass and thought about it carefully: "Fulham said he was too lonely to be alone, so I came to you with that little hammer, but he said he didn't know where you lived. Wherever you are, let me help you find you."

     "That old fox!" Who knows the blacksmith Kenny suddenly yelled: "Why is a person too lonely? I think the old guy has nothing to do when he is idle, and he wants to drag me into the water and owe some favor as a reminder."

     Seeing the blacksmith Kenny talking to himself, Bai Song couldn't help but wipe the drops of water on his head that he didn't know if it was rain or sweat.

     "Mr. Kenny, take the liberty to insert..." Bai Song quickly stopped the blacksmith Kenny's complaining to himself. This thing does not stop it, I don't know how long it will take: "The old thief you are talking about is Forty Thieves?"

     "En? Do you know him?" The blacksmith Kenny was called back by Bai Song's words, with doubts in his eyes.

     Bai Song had a meal, and then said: "Forget it, I've heard some of it.""En... By the way, you have his breath on your body. You must have seen it before." The blacksmith Kenny touched the beard on his chin, thought and said, "This breath is either with the Forty Thieves. The first contact is often, or he was tracked down."

     "Tracking?" Bai Song must be surprised, this is not a trivial matter, it is an extremely serious matter.

     "Well, it is tracking. To say that tracking is actually vague positioning. If it weren't for me and Fulham to know about it, most people would not know it." Speaking of this, the blacksmith Kenny suddenly smiled: "I'm very Curious, you are a little adventurer, why let him give you this kind of tracking and positioning."

     Why? Thinking of this, Bai Song couldn't help but laughed bitterly. At first, he touched the lair of Forty Thieves, thinking that the Forty Thieves was out, and things were going well again.

     So I didn't expect this, let alone that the Forty Thieves would spend this kind of price on himself. You must know that this kind of location tracking is very precious even if it is vague.

     Even if it is not a rare item, it still has a very limited skill. It is usually his most important target to enjoy this treatment if he is first shot by forty thieves.

     Just like the lines that often appear in other lines: If you can force me to use this trick, you are enough to be proud of...But Bai Song doesn't want this kind of treatment! There is no thought to be proud of it, only fools can be proud of this kind of thing.

     Bai Song smiled bitterly, and now it's only frankly speaking. It's meaningless to lie in front of the blacksmith Kenny, who knows people like this: "In the beginning, it seemed like the one who entered him was...the hidden treasure lair."

     "Treasure lair?" Blacksmith Kenny was drinking water, and a sip of water spurted out: "You can find his lair, no wonder he wants to follow you next."

     "I entered his lair." Bai Song corrected helplessly.

     "You!" Blacksmith Kenny's eyes widened, a little unbelievable: "Go in?"

     "Well, not only did I go in, but I also took something." Bai Song nodded and saw that Kenny the blacksmith seemed to understand, so he added.

     After hearing Bai Song's words, the blacksmith Kenny was completely stunned. He wondered if he had heard it wrong. Such an adventurer not only found the lair, but also went in.

     Not to mention it, the most important thing is to take something away. There have always been forty thieves who stole others. When will the forty thieves be stolen?

     Moreover, he is still a low-strength adventurer.The blacksmith Kenny suddenly didn't know what to say, as if he had lost his language ability, and he dared to say that Fulham absolutely didn't know so clearly.

     If you know so clearly, you won't let this adventurer come to yourself.