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Chapter Directory 323 Chapter 318: Autumn Wind Is Not Easy To Fight
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Although Bai Song knows the whereabouts of the gem, Bai Song is not so stupid and directly expresses it. The formal conversation has been qualitative, and then it is time to hit the autumn wind.

     "Master Kenny." Bai Song changed his name to the blacksmith Kenny, and his kind smile looked a bit permeating. The blacksmith Kenny couldn't help avoiding Bai Song's eyes.

     But Bai Song did not give up because of the blacksmith Kenny’s ignorance. Instead, he leaned over and said with a smile: “Master Kenny, I can find my whereabouts by myself, but even if I find it, the process will be very difficult.. ...."

     The blacksmith Kenny couldn't bear it, and frowned and asked, "Then what do you mean?"

     "Hey, Master Kenny, I don't have any other intentions. Let's not say if I can get it. What should I do even if I get it?" Bai Song's meaning couldn't be more clear.

     "As long as you have the main materials for restoration, I will help you with the other materials, and I will help you repair them, no doubt." Blacksmith Kenny waved his hand, indicating that this was originally what he would provide.

     "Then...Even if I find it luck, the difficulty of the test is bound to be all kinds of hardships, and there will even be some monsters that protect treasures. I can't help it!" Bai Song's tone was almost straightforward. Reached out."I don't have any equipment for you here, and there is no short-term method suitable for increasing combat effectiveness." Blacksmith Kenny said with a calm face, did not say not to help Bai Song, but also did not say to help Bai Song.

     It's just that I can't help Bai Song, which is probably what I mean.

     Bai Song also understands this meaning. Bai Song's role is to elicit forty thieves. If it can help Bai Song to repair the God Equipment Heart Demon's Bracelet, then Bai Song will also play a role.

     It's not impossible to help, but you must be reasonable. According to the strength of the blacksmith Kenny, you can even help Bai Song to get the Heart Demon's Bracelet gems.

     But you can't do that. The reason for this is the restriction between local residents and adventurers...

     Moreover, Bai Song's death is just a bait. Investing in a bait can be a little bit, but if it is too much, it is not worth it.

     But Bai Song is not a bait in vain. If the bait is used, how can you be reconciled if you don't give some benefits?

     "Master Kenny, don't worry, let me think about it." After Bai Song said, he directly found a place to sit, holding the table and thinking.

     Looking at Bai Song's posture, he wouldn't be reconciled if he didn't get some good points, and the blacksmith Kenny didn't mind just closing his eyes and resting.After closing his eyes for a while, the blacksmith Kenny opened his eyes again, because Bai Song was wandering around in the house of the blacksmith Kenny, and after a while, the blacksmith Kenny closed his eyes again.

     Although Bai Song was swaying around, he never touched it with his hands, let alone took things. Although the blacksmith Kenny closed his eyes, he could clearly feel any movement.

     This rule or politeness, Bai Song still distinguishes it.

     "What should I do to help?" Bai Song thought while swaying. For the gem where the Red Rock City is located, Bai Song is not so confident even though he has the method to obtain it now.

     Even though Bai Song's current combat power, because of the bloodthirsty crocodile, is comparable to the average elite group, the effect of single combat is even greater than that of the average elite group.

     But the place to go next makes Bai Song a little bit big.

     Repairing Heart Demon's Bracelet requires two main things. The first is of course to be inlaid with a gem to activate it, and the second is to use the main material that can repair God Equipment, such as the countercurrent sand obtained by Bai Song.

     "Wait, the sand against the current..." Bai Song suddenly felt aroused when he thought of this, and he remembered something.The movement of Bai Song flipping through the backpack made Kenny the blacksmith looked at it sideways, put down the backpack, and Bai Song had an extra card in his hand: "That's it, the magic step card."

     Magic Step Card (Dark Gold Level): You can use the crystal energy to charge, and you can use the Magic Step after it is full of energy.

     Phantom Step: Use Phantom Step arbitrarily within two minutes after opening.

     This is the card exploded by Bai Song when he killed the necromantic bandit when he was acquiring the Sand of Countercurrent. The Dark Gold Level card was good, but because of the need to burn crystals, Bai Song was lost in the corner of his backpack.

     After such a long time, Bai Song almost forgot to have this thing.

     The magic step is the last big move used by the necromantic bandits at the time. It looks like an infinite use of small teleports, but in fact it is just a step, which looks similar to teleport after use.

     Because of this, Bai Song has never been useful. Although the crystals are precious and difficult to obtain, they can still be obtained with Bai Song's ability to spend some time. The reason why they have not been used is that it is not worth it.

     The duration of the phantom step is two minutes. In fact, as long as you have enough crystals, you can use the phantom step indefinitely, because the Cooldown of the phantom step is also just two minutes.These two minutes are calculated from the time of use. If the consumption is low, the start of this thing should be more than epic. If there is no consumption, it is God Equipment.

     The reason why Dark Gold is Dark Gold is not only because it consumes a lot of money, but the crystal energy will be consumed every minute and every second when the magic step is turned on.

     Generally, it is turned off after one use. After using it, the Cooldown is still two minutes, which is more painful.

     "Master Kenny, if you can, I hope you can provide me with some crystals." Bai Song said with a smile, and in order to show that he was not talking nonsense, he also handed the magic step card to the blacksmith Kenny.

     The blacksmith Kenny was not polite. He took the phantom step card directly. He nodded and then shook his head: "This card, I observed its structure just now. It consumes a lot of money, even if I give it to Your crystal energy will not last long."

     The implication is that this magic step card is completely an oil tiger.

     "But he can really improve my ability temporarily. This card is my own. It shouldn't be a big problem just to provide crystals?" Bai Song was also helpless. Of course he knew the shortcomings of this thing.

     After switching to the Krypton Gold skill, the magic step will also be improved accordingly. This is also a flower but no fruit card."En...Forget it, it's the reward for eating tender bamboo chicken." The blacksmith Kenny got up from his chair and looked for a box. After looking for it for a long time, he found a piece of blue. And a purple crystal.

     The blue one is bigger, in contrast, the purple one is smaller and pitiful.

     Bai Song was not disappointed when he saw the purple crystal, on the contrary, his face was happy: "I am willing to take out the purple one. This thing is worth much more than a tender bamboo chicken!"