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Chapter Directory 347 Chapter 342: Magic Ripping Hand
    Chinese Name: 重生之超级盗贼  Author: 原点一个调(Wǒ shì chuánqí 08, I am Legend 08)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The werewolf high priest also knew that he could no longer run away, and he would have to be chased to death by this flexible human Thief sooner or later.

     The werewolf high priest slowed down and changed from running on all fours to running upright with his legs. He pinched the magic staff in his hands again, and seemed to be accumulating something.

     Cat Maiden also accelerated continuously to catch up. Facing the attacks of Cat Maiden and Bai Song, the werewolf high priest only resisted with a magic shield and did not make any counterattack.

     The battle fell into a positional war again. Cat Maiden's output took a large part of Bai Song in just one minute. If this process continues, then Bai Song will finally be divided into three parts of luck.

     In fact, it is not that Bai Song has stolen the output for so long. The final outcome of Bai Song is really just as Cat Maiden thought, it can be divided into Chengdu to burn incense.

     The bloodthirsty crocodile's actions are too clumsy, and Bai Song has no plans to use the bloodthirsty crocodile to make big moves, so this is reasonable.

     Bai Song’s previous act of stealing Damages by the chicken thieves really made Cat Maiden panic. If the remaining Hit Points (HP) of the Werewolf High Priest were knocked out by Bai Song, it is very likely that it will reach 40% or even allow him to take it. Halfway through.

     But if this continues, Bai Song's current sluggish performance, Cat Maiden is even sure to cut Bai Song's trophy to 20%.It is no longer possible for the werewolf high priest to escape, let alone human adventurers, Cat Maiden is faster than him, and it is impossible to escape without pulling the distance and controlling the opponent.

     The werewolf high priest who had exhausted his means took the last fight. The downturn of Bai Song and the strength of Cat Maiden made the werewolf high priest almost no need to think to make a choice.

     It stands to reason that the persimmons are always soft, compared with Cat Maiden, Bai Song is undoubtedly a soft persimmon. To break through, it is only through the breakthrough, but the current situation is somewhat special.

     Cat Maiden and human adventurers, these two are not inferior to themselves in terms of speed, they can only kill one of their accumulated ultimate moves, and after killing one, the other will definitely continue to chase themselves.

     Killing Bai Song, leaving Cat Maiden to chase himself, it feels uncomfortable. Compared with killing Cat Maiden, at least Cat Maiden is seriously injured and loses combat effectiveness for a short time.

     At that time, human Thief still dared to chase himself, that was to follow the path to one's own doom. In his heart, although this human adventurer was extremely powerful, he was still far behind him.

     If it weren't for Cat Maiden's powerful strength, this human Thief would have already scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. This is the thought in the mind of the werewolf high priest.At this time, the trick he saved in his hand is ready, Bai Song still looks like he is not afraid of death, and continues to attack himself. The werewolf high priest sneered in his heart: "Wait for me to abolish your backer, and see what else you can take. Fight with me."

     Among the magic staff in his hands, a beam of light came out. This was a great skill accumulated by the werewolf high priest. A pure white beam of light shot towards Cat Maiden like lightning.

     Cat Maiden was shocked. When the light shot, Cat Maiden felt that he could not avoid it at all. There was a terrible power in it, and he was afraid that he was about to be seriously injured.

     "If I am seriously injured, what will he do with me?" Cat Maiden suddenly had such an idea. After all, the rumors of human adventurers are not very good.

     Cat Maiden suddenly had some regrets in his heart. In order to keep the so-called advance promise, he actually put himself in danger. In fact, what kind of agreement did he use with human adventurers? If you kill it directly, it is all yours?

     At that moment, Cat Maiden had countless thoughts flashing in his mind. After all, Bai Song's skill was already good, and with that big guy, he might not be able to win with a serious injury.

     Moreover, at his speed, he may not be able to run...When Cat Maiden indulge in flights of fancy, a pair of claw-like arms crossed her eyes, the speed of light was caught by the hands, and she struggled wildly for a while.

     Feeling the crazy passing of Strength in his body, Bai Song gritted his teeth and almost couldn't hold it anymore. Bai Song's hand was the Bursher glove.

     Bursting Gloves (Epic, Incomplete): Additional Damages 5-580, Agility +50, Physical Defense +10, Magic Defense +100, Equipment Requirements: None, Durability 120/120.

     Special effect: your attack will have a slight burst effect, tearing will cause bleeding, serious injury, and slow down movement.

     Incidental skills, magic burst hand.

     Magic tearing hand: Strength is instilled in the hand, grasp the balance of magic to crush it or grab it, and turn it into your own use (the incomplete glove will reduce the success rate due to the level difference, Cooldown 10 minutes).

     The skill that Bai Song uses now is the magic tearing hand on the blaster's glove. Bai Song usually doesn't bring this piece of equipment, because the Durability of epic items is troublesome to repair, let alone a broken epic.

     The incomplete epic possesses such powerful skills, but it also has a great price. The strength of Bai Song's body is plummeting, and his hands are beginning to shake.When Strength is depleted and not grasped, the situation is very dangerous. Bai Song master Agility adds points, Strength also increases but not much, which is why Bai Song does not use this equipment easily.

     "Magic balance..." Bai Song's right hand fumbled hard on the pure white light. The so-called magic balance, although Bai Song is not a magic Mage, he has heard some similar theories.

     But the theory is always the theory, and the exercise without actual combat is military tactics on paper. Bai Song felt that he couldn't hold it back and wanted to give up.

     Now he still has Strength. If he gives up now, Cat Maiden has escaped the range of the pure white light. At most, he is backlashed by Damages and will not be fatal.

     "This is..." The werewolf high priest widened his eyes and his face was full of disbelief: "How could he insist on it? No, he should be reluctant to look at his face, he really can't help it... ."

     But the werewolf high priest hadn't said what he thought. Bai Song suddenly twitched the corners of his mouth: "Huh... finally found a balance."

     The pure white light was completely held in Bai Song's hand. It looked like a lightsaber. Of course, Bai Song didn’t plan to let Bai Song play in time. His Strength was still declining, but the declining speed was faster than It was a bit slow before."Now, give it back to you." Bai Song aimed at the werewolf high priest, and said with a smile while throwing.

     "No... how is it possible!" Looking at the pure white light, it was obviously his own trick, and he still couldn't accept this fact.

     Unfortunately, whether he accepts it or not, in a white light, the werewolf high priest is burned to ashes by the scorching light.