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Chapter Directory Chapter 1025 This Tone?
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: | Translation:

As expected of Limit Douluo, you can see oneself's physical appearance(ance) Transformation at a glance. Tang Wulin hey hey smiled and said: "It's a little improvement. It's mainly in the aspect of Power of Bloodline. Recently, it seems to have broken through a bottleneck. Only after the breakthrough. , Strength has become a little difficult to control. Then I will go back to cultivate first."

     Blood One said: "The final stage has begun, is your competition going on?"

     Tang Wulin said: "The first game is over, I won. The final is quite interesting, everyone has a number, I am thirty-three."

     Blood One said: "Don't forget your task. My words count."

     "Yes." Tang Wulin reluctantly agreed.

     Watching him leave, Blood One decided to use the authority of oneself to adjust his competition video. He always felt that Tang Wulin Transformation was huge, beyond his prediction.

     After leaving the Blood One room, Tang Wulin didn't return to oneself Dormitory. Since he finished playing with Ma Shan, he has been cultivated in Dormitory and then participated in the competition. It was really a little panic. He decided to go out and stroll around. Then communicate with Gu Yuena. Anyway, his current meritorious deed(s) is enough, and Ma Shan gave him another big sum. Moreover, through today's competition, it also brought him some inspiration for creating oneself Mecha.

     His situation is different from others, and Mecha's role and nature are also different.Riding the elevator, out of the Blood God Battalion, Tang Wulin thought for a while, first took off the shoulder mark from oneself's shoulder.

     He is so young and wearing the title of General is too conspicuous. Although Ma Shan was a bit grumpy that day, in fact, when he met other soldiers, he might also question his identity. Unless it is announced by the whole army, trouble can be avoided.

     The shoulder mark was removed, and it really avoided a lot of trouble. It only occasionally attracts some attention. Without the shoulder mark, it is also against the military regulations in the Blood God Corps, but it will be much lighter.

     It's okay in the lounge area.

     Tang Wulin came to the rest area. It is so lively all the time. After all, this is the only place for Blood God Corps soldiers to relax and entertain.

     Tang Wulin ordered a drink in the water bar area and sat down to take a sip. The sweetness of the drink slipped into his throat, immediately bringing him a sense of happiness.

     Use Blood God Ring to dial Gu Yuena's communication, quietly waiting for a response.

     Sure enough, it's not like that, Gu Yuena's sounds|voices came.

     Her sounds|voices are soft and moist, with a pleasant surprise, "Dad, I miss you so much, when will you come back Ah?"

     Upon hearing her sounds|voices, Tang Wulin suddenly felt that all fatigue and spiritual tension seemed to disappear, "The day after tomorrow, I will visit you the day after tomorrow. Okay?""Great!" Gu Yuena exclaimed excitedly, "Then I will wait for you."

     "Hmm." Tang Wulin smiled and told Gu Yuena some interesting facts about oneself in the barracks, about oneself "accidentally" defeating Blood Nine, and about being misunderstood by Ma Shan about the rank of oneself. Everything is talked about, sharing with her the joy of oneself in the barracks.

     Gu Yuena listened very seriously, inserting a few words of concern from time to time, Tang Wulin's heart was warm and warm, and a warm smile appeared on his face unconsciously.

     Suddenly, he felt something aura was very close to oneself, almost subconsciously, and after a hand, he grabbed it.

     "Hey hey, hey!" The laughter appeared(ance) in an instant with a grunting sound it stops, turning into a scream.

     A majestic body was pulled over by Tang Wulin directly and pressed it on the table.

     "Dad, what's the matter?" Gu Yuena's exclamation came from the other side of the communication.

     Tang Wulin hurriedly said: "It's okay, it's okay, a colleague is having fun with me." As he said, he released Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) from his hand and gave him an angry look.

     "It's fine, Dad, then you have to come early the day after tomorrow. I'm waiting for you."

     "Okay." Tang Wulin hung up the communication, then looked at Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month), who had a weird look in front of him and was rubbing his wrist."What are you looking at?" Tang Wulin said angrily when the communication with Gu Yuena was interrupted.

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) raised his eyebrows, "I said, how old are you! You have a daughter? Listening to sounds|voices, it seems not young! How old are you doing that kind of thing? Really? Yes……"

     "Shut up!" Tang Wulin said angrily: "It's my girlfriend."

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) froze for a while, and then his expression became even more weird, "Tang Wulin ah Tang Wulin, I didn't expect that you with thick eyebrows and big eyes still have such a dark heart. I actually like this tone. This is really a pretty boy, not good-natured!"

     Tang Wulin had cold glittering in his eyes, "Do you want to be beaten?"

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) hey hey smiled, "But, teach me, how do you do it? You can call your girlfriend your dad. Is there any secret Ah for this?"

     Tang Wulin glared at him, "You think too much, she has amnesia, the memory is only like a child."

     "Uh..." Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) looked at Tang Wulin in surprise, "I am amnesia? How did it happen?"

     A look of pain flashed across Tang Wulin's face, "To save me."

     This time the complexion of Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) changed, and he said with a guilty expression: "Sorry, I don't know..., I'm sorry!"Tang Wulin shook his head, "Perhaps, this is a good thing now. Frankly speaking, I don't know if oneself is willing to let her recover. I'm working hard, but it seems to be good now, at least she can always be by my side."

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month)'s eyes moved slightly, "By your side? You didn't bring her here, right? I understand. No wonder you always wanted to be promoted at that time, so you could take a vacation or something, just to see she was?"

     "Yeah." Tang Wulin nodded, there is nothing to hide, "She is over in Inferno Basin. I have already visited her once, and I will go back the day after tomorrow."

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) suddenly remembered something, "By the way, I heard Yuxue say, you, your Major General (military)?" When he asked this sentence, he looked at Tang Wulin’s shoulder mark, but Seen nothing.

     Tang Wulin nodded, "Yes! Listen to the sir."

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) suddenly felt a bit dry in his mouth. It has only been a few months! When I first saw oneself, this guy still took a bite of a sir, but now, he has fallen over.

     "You, you are too fast, right? What did you do to get so fast?"

     Tang Wulin said: "Yuxue didn't tell you? I defeated Blood Nine. I am now Blood Nine of Blood God Battalion. Blood God is at the General level. So I.""You, you defeated Blood Nine?" Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) dumbstruck looked at, "You guy, then you still fight me? You already have the power to defeat Blood Nine? Do you have humanity? !"

     Tang Wulin rolled his eyes, "Should you not admire my power? Where is your brain circuit?"

     "Sigh, I remember you punched me." Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) looked angrily.

     Tang Wulin's eyes moved, and a gentle smile appeared on his face suddenly, "Wuyue (Fifth Month), don’t you think it’s okay. I’m really wrong when I beat you that day. I’ll give you a chance for revenge. Let’s go to Star Dou Combat Network." Go, as long as you pay, I will let you beat me casually, don’t dodge, don’t defend, don’t fight back. How? You only need to pay me a thousand federation coin(s) per minute, and I can let you beat me up. ."

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) looked suspiciously at Tang Wulin, "Really? You are so good?" The federation coin(s) is really nothing to him. Money is useless in Blood God Corps. Their treatment They are all very good, with a fixed high income every month.

     Tang Wulin sighed, and said with a look of disdain: "I really didn't expect you to beat me, you wouldn't dare. Just like you, I don't know how you became a close-combat camp. Iron Blooded Group is just you. Jagged Ah? I'll go back and ask Brother Ma Shan."