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Chapter Directory Chapter 1026 Human Sandbags
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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"Damn! Sow dissension, isn't it? Who said I would not dare. Today, I will still hit yours. But let's make it clear first. No fight back, no counterattack, no evasion, no defense, right?"

     "Yeah! I always say what I say. If we don't believe it, we can sign a contract and ask the corps to be fair." Tang Wulin said with a smile. Seeing that some people were going to be fooled again, he felt a sigh of relief.

     "Well, I don't need to be fair, just write me a note. If you violate the regulation(s), it is breaking faith and abandoning right." Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) said badly.

     Tang Wulin swiped his pen and gave him a note. Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) looked and looked again, double-checked, there was no problem. Only then signed.

     Then he took out a stack of federation coin(s) from his arms and slapped it in front of Tang Wulin, "Thirty minutes first, today, let you know why the flowers are so red!"

     What was beaten by Tang Wulin that day was a miserable one! He has been holding his breath all the time. When he heard that Tang Wulin had defeated even Blood Nine, he also knew that oneself had no chance. Where can I find such a good thing? Although he could subconsciously guess that Tang Wulin must have some purpose, he was relieved when he thought that this guy was a money fan.

     Tang Wulin put the federation coin(s) away, raised his eyebrows at Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month), "Let the storm come harder!"Instead of choosing Star Dou Combat Network, it was on the Competition Platform where the military was conducting actual combat exercises. Tang Wulin ushered in Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) howling wind and torrential rain-like attack.


     After Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) slapped Tang Wulin in the air, he finally believed that this guy did not fight back. Even the scales are not released.

     He slapped it flying several tens of meters, and then fell to the ground.

     Tang Wulin rolled on the ground and stood up, flicked the nonexistent dust on his body, raised his eyebrows to Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) again, "Have you not eaten? No feeling at all."

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) has a speechless face, knowing that this guy is good at fighting, but just now, even the iron ball will be shot into a discus by him! But this guy even said it didn't feel at all.

     "This is what you forced me!"

     "Hurry up, you bought a 30-minute one, and the task is urgent!"

     "BANG! BANG! BANG!"

     "Slap, slap, slap!"

     Tang Wulin's body was bombarded again and again, and he was severely thrown to the ground again and again, and then he got up from the ground again and again as if nothing had happened.Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) from the beginning was just an empty hand, empty fist beating him, to putting on Battle Armor, to using weapon, to combining Soul Skill. Constant strengthen hit him. However, he still got up again and again. Except for the appearance of a blue nose and swollen face, it was all right at all.

     When Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) once again used Giant Hammer(s) to fly Tang Wulin, he did not continue to attack.

     "Your kid is really okay? You don't suffer any internal injuries, are you?"

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) looked at Tang Wulin suspiciously, "You don't want money or life!"

     Tang Wulin said faintly: "You think too much. Watching." As he said, a layer of golden-red ray of light suddenly lit up on his body, then the swollen nose and face disappeared and everything returned to normal. As if nothing happened.

     "This..., are you Ah?" Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) was speechless.

     "Please call me God. Please vent to my All-Out. You should renew your money in one minute! Don't forget."

     "I don't believe me, and the money will be settled to you at the end. Wow!" He swiped Giant Hammer(s) Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) and went up.

     Tang Wulin Does it hurt? Under the All-Out attack of a Strength Type Soul Emperor, it is fake to say that it does not hurt. But the pain brought him more pleasure.After Tang Wulin found that oneself Control could not control his own strength, he called Mu Ye a Soul Guide Communicator and asked how to control himself.

     As the Innate Body Sect Sect Master, Mu Ye knows the way (of life) to exercise the body the most. So, Mu Ye gave him an idea.

     In his situation, his own cultivation has improved too fast, so that oneself's Control force can't keep up with the body. It only takes a certain amount of coordination to return to normal. In this coordination process, the best way (of life) is to further stimulate one's own potential and squeeze out all the abilities that have been improved this time.

     The method is also very simple, just like forging metal(s), the human body also needs forging. The cultivation method of Innate Body Sect is to continuously forging the body, making the body the most powerful weapon.

     Therefore, Mu Ye told Tang Wulin, based on his physical condition, find someone with similar cultivation. All-Out beats him and hits the body evenly, thereby stimulating the body's instinctive reaction. The instinctive reaction will better squeeze the potential, and at the same time let the body and Power of Bloodline is better integrated. Every blow is a process of fusion between the body and the bloodline. At the same time, the reaction force of the muscle during the blow and the transformation of its own bloodline will strengthen his control of oneself's body.Even if today Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) doesn't come to him, he is also going to find Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month). Ma Shan's attack is a bit too strong, and Tang Wulin can't stand it without defending Tang Wulin. So Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month)'s attack is just right.

     Tang Wulin turned oneself into a human sandbag, but also got a considerable degree of benefits from it.

     After being beaten for half an hour, he obviously felt that oneself's physical reaction ability had increased, and it was much more closely integrated with the surge of strength. In the process of being beaten, the application of Power of Blood Energy was obviously strengthened, and he had a very clear feeling about the subtle Transformation of his own muscle, the skeleton, and the transformation of meridians.

     So, he just enjoy sth and never tire of it and let Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) continue to beat him.

     Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) today is enjoyable. How much sullenness has been relieved by this fat beating. But he was also getting more and more shocked. He couldn't imagine how the physical strength of a Humanity could reach such a level. Tang Wulin is just like a cockroach, it can't be broken at all!

     Even the best body made of rare metal(s) has already been collapsing under the degree of oneself attack. But he happened to be fine.

     It hurts to be beaten, and the beater will be tired! When Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) beat Tang Wulin for two hours, oneself's Soul Power was also exhausted, and he was sweating."No more, no more, check out. Brother is cool." Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) gasped.

     Tang Wulin still looks like a lively dragon and animated tiger. He sighed and said, "Wuyue (Fifth Month)! Man, I can't say no, I can only say no. How can I not last?"

     "You!" Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month) is really exhausted, otherwise he really wants to give his pretty boy a hammer, why is it so disgusting!

     "Come back tomorrow." Shi Shiran put on his clothes, but he left first. At this time, he only had a refreshing and dripping feeling, as if he had a good massage.

     Although the whole body hurts everywhere, he can obviously feel that Dragon Nucleus is squeezed by oneself, the Power of Blood Energy is more closely integrated with the body. Now he only needs to go back to meditation, adjust the body, feel the transformation of the body, and the control force on himself can be greatly improved.

     On the second day, Tang Wulin ushered in the first game of the final stage, Mecha Combat!

     Under Ling Wuyue's training, Tang Wulin's current Mecha Control level is almost mustn't speak of two things on the same day as when he first came. Mecha is almost the same, and more importantly, the combination of Control and Martial Soul and Mecha. During Ling Wuyue's pointing process, Tang Wulin is now at least able to move the finger to Mecha as the arm. At the same time, it can better integrate Mecha with itself.The effect of the Devour The Heavens and Earth Soul Skill brought to him by Sixth Soul Skill is also excellent. A Devour The Heavens and Earth can temporarily increase his cultivation by three times. If it hadn't been so, how could he have defeated Blood Nine?

     These can be integrated into Mecha operations.

     After entering Standard Mecha again, I chose long spear as the oneself weapon. After Tang Wulin Control took a look at Mecha, he couldn't help sighing, it was too bloated.

     Standard Mecha is large in size, can carry more energy, and the weight of the body also makes them more destructive. But this is for the ordinary Mecha Master. For Soul Masters like Tang Wulin, the weight of Mecha doesn't really matter?


     No wonder the average Red Mecha is only six meters high, and some are not even there. It is because the larger the Mecha, the worse the flexibility.

     Tang Wulin’s goal for oneself is to build a Black Rank Mecha with a height of no more than six meters, as long as oneself can be in it while wearing Battle Armor. For him, the more important role of Mecha is increase and battery life. Others are not that important. His strength has now reached an extremely terrifying level, so his Mecha must be able to withstand his own strength.

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