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Chapter Directory Chapter 1027 Battle Of Skills
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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After careful consideration, Tang Wulin has now begun to perfect the Mecha Design diagram. There is also a lot of help from Ling Wuyue.

     As the ace Mecha Master, Ling Wuyue's position in the corps is still above Jiang Wuyue (Fifth Month).

     Today, both he and Ling Wuyue will participate in the elimination competition. According to regulation(s), the elimination competition stage, contestants in the same division will not be encountered.

     Oneself's Mecha moved a bit, waved a long spear, Tang Wulin looked at oneself's opponent.

     It's a coincidence that he is on the Soul Master Combat side, the number is thirty-three, and the Mecha Combat side, the number is sixty-six, which is very good memory.

     The opponent is also a close-combat Mecha, but the weapon is very strange. It is not an offensive type, but a shield, which looks very thick and heavy.

     It is not uncommon for close-combat Mecha to use shields, but they are in charge of the defense when the group fights.

     At this time, it's competition. Isn't it a disadvantage to use shield as weapon in competition? This means giving up most of the offensive ability. However, Tang Wulin did not underestimate his opponent because the opponent used the shield. It is by no means mediocre to enter the final stage. If he still uses the shield, it proves that the opponent is very confident in oneself's shield.Ling Wuyue Once taught Tang Wulin that when playing against Mecha, he is not afraid of the opponent using a regular weapon, and once the opponent uses an unconventional weapon, you must pay attention. Among them, close-combat Mecha is the most variable in this respect.

     Therefore, after Tang Wulin saw that the opponent's weapon was a shield, instead of being careless, he became more careful. He still can't fully control oneself's body, but it is better in Mecha control. After all, this only needs Soul Power output and the Control on the hand.

     "The competition begins!"

     Along with the announcement of electronic sound, the first elimination match of Tang Wulin Mecha Combat finals was officially started.

     The opponent didn't hesitate as if he rushed in his direction, carrying the shield in his hand, without blocking oneself, just hanging down on one side of his body, and rushing in his direction with strides. The pace is steady, but there is no Transformation.

     Tang Wulin also moved. Mecha had to rush to play a greater strength. Controlling oneself's Mecha moved quickly and rushed towards the other.

     The distance between the two sides quickly narrowed.

     Just when there was only the last 50 meters between them, the Mecha numbered 161 attacked first.With a wave of his right hand, the buckler in his hand flew out. The shield blasted straight towards Tang Wulin while spinning at high speed, which was actually prestigious and wild. Being able to rotate the shield at high speed without changing its direction obviously requires considerable high-end skills. This shield is really not just for defense!

     I don't know why, Tang Wulin clearly feels that this person's fighting way (of life) might be somewhat similar to Ling Wuyue.

     He is no longer the Mecha Master who could only do it hard. The long spear in his hand quickly bounced up, the spearpoint was picked up, and the precise and matched point was toward the center of the shield.

     Ling Wuyue told him that all the rotating weapon and Nucleus are at the point in the center of the rotation. As long as that point is broken, the opponent's strength will appear(ance). Unable to move closer to Control.

     Tang Wulin's Spiritual Power has made great progress, and the timing of nature is more formidable than before.

     Seeing spearpoint colliding with the shield, the buckler shuddered slightly. After being hit by the spearpoint, it floated up like water and flew over Tang Wulin Mecha. At this moment, both sides faced each other close-range.The opponent’s shield was acting at this time, and there was no weapon in his hand. The long spear picked by Tang Wulin went straight to the opponent’s chest. At this moment, the long spear speed soared, and the shredding Air issued an ear-piercing severe roar with Tang Wulin. The assault trend, spear intent is self-generated, bringing out a tragic taste.

     The opponent paused suddenly, with both feet resting on the ground, and the upper body slightly slanted. In the absence of weapon, Mecha's arms cleverly made an evasion, while one hand patted the side of the spearpoint, and the other hand was grasping towards Tang Wulin's gun, at the same time, Tang Wulin's spiritual suddenly exploded behind!

     Good technique!

     In an instant he understood the opponent's fighting way (of life), trying to grab oneself's long spear empty-handed, and the shield that flew past can fly back like Boomerang, attacking oneself behind.

     Once oneself's long spear is caught and faced with an attack behind the back, one must either carry it hard or give up oneself's weapon to dodge.

     Regardless of the way (of life), the opponent will immediately have the upper hand.

     But how could Tang Wulin give the other party such a chance?

     After discovering the opponent's tactics, he made a reaction in an instant. The long spear stabbed out in his hand was retracted like a lightning. The advance courageously tragic aura disappeared in an instant, but the spear intent was still in the air and brought There is a spear image.The handle of the gun retreat, did not look back at all, but accurately found the shield behind it, there was a loud noise of "Dāng". Tang Wulin's Mecha turned on Mecha Thruster with the help of the shield's assault power. The speed surged in an instant, and almost instantly hit the opponent Mecha's arms.

     The opponent's hands have just passed through the spear image and landed in the empty space.


     Amid the roar, two Mechas exploded at the same time. one divides into two sides.

     In the hand of No. 161, there is another shield, which is also a round shield. The difference is that this shield Innate Body appears as dark-gold with faint tortoise-like patterns on it. The strong rebound force makes Tang Wulin retreat Obviously more than the opponent.

     Sure enough, his Martial Soul is also a shield.

     Seeing that it was impossible to dodge, the 161st was forced out of oneself's Martial Soul.

     The buckler knocked off by the long spear was accompanied by a flash of light on the dark-gold shield in the 161st hand, hovering into his hand, turning his Mecha into a combination of double shields.

     The final is the final!

     From the beginning of the competition to the present, the two sides only took a few breaths, but they had already battled their wits and had a series of subtle collisions. Tang Wulin had the upper hand, but failed to suppress his opponent.The aura of No. 161 is obviously more condensed, and obviously has begun to pay attention to the opponent in front of him, and Tang Wulin is also secretly awe-inspiring, and full of excitement. It is this kind of opponent that can further improve oneself's combat skills.

     In personal battles, he is known for his wildness and his strength blooms. But this does not mean that he does not respect technique. On the contrary, the strength of Peak can produce the most powerful fighting strength only with the use of subtle skills.

     In terms of skills, he is about to achieve it on Mecha. The stronger the opponent, the more he can arouse his battle Desire. The man in front of him is very good. He can feel that this man may only be slightly inferior to Ling Wuyue in terms of skills, but in terms of cultivation, he is by no means inferior to Ling Wuyue.

     Long spear lifted up and changed to holding the gun with both hands. Tang Wulin controlled Mecha again, rushing towards the opponent in strides. The front end of the long spear in the hand, the spear tip(s) throughput, from more than a foot to more than zhang, glittering uncertain. Make the other party unpredictable.

     On the opponent's a pair of shield, there is also a dark-gold ray of light faintly discernible. He did not move this time. The Mecha standard shield was in front of him, while the other Martial Soul shield was horizontal, which was obviously to be used as a weapon.Long spear stab out, spear tip(s) spear intent, instant fusion, in an instant, Tang Wulin’s Mecha feels like it has been completely fused with that long spear and turned into a big gun, passing through instantly Spatial, pierce straight to the opponent's chest. spear tip(s) glittering with intense incandescent color, that advanced courageously imposing manner, moved all the audience.

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