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Chapter Directory Chapter 1817 Calling Gu Yuena
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
    Original: | Translation:

Tang Wulin looked at the others and said: "The Academy is here, and there are Elderly Long, Holy Spirit Douluo Your Excellency, Titan Douluo Your Excellency, Tiandang Douluo Your Excellency, Qilin Douluo Your Excellency. We are from Shrek Seven Monsters. Just stay here. The others will return first. If necessary, I will send everyone back through Ancient Tree of Life."

     It was so simple that it was decided. Regarding Tang Sect, there are also many Elites left. Basically, the top power of overwhelming majority stays here to guard.

     Shrek Seven Monsters does not have a teaching task at the Academy. Their own task is to cultivate and promote oneself as much as possible. Shrek Seven Monsters will always be the guardian of Shrek Academy. Improving power is more important than everything else.

     This generation of Shrek Seven Monsters has all become Four Word Battle Armor Masters under the creation of Tang Wulin. Although I haven't met the Abyss Army head-on this time, it will undoubtedly be the main force.

     After everything was arranged, the meeting ended. Tang Wulin did not return to oneself's residence to cultivate, but came to Ling Zichen's room.

     Ling Zichen was lying on the bed at this time, bored to death reading the book. There are books about Soul Guidance Technology. Tang Wulin can't understand this kind of profound exist(ence).Seeing Tang Wulin coming in, she put the book down and said helplessly: "When will I leave? It's so boring here. Without any testing tools, I can't try many of my ideas. It should be recorded. I have recorded it and sent it back to save it. But I really can't stay here anymore!"

     Tang Wulin said helplessly: "No, you can't go back now. According to my mother, you have to recuperate for at least three months before your body can return to normal. You can't leave within three months."

     Ling Zichen pursed his red lips, and said angrily: "Shrek Academy also has Ancient Tree of Life providing Life Energy amount! Isn't it the same when I go back for treatment?"

     Tang Wulin said: "But, Life Energy needs my mother to transmit and adjust for you, and adjust your physical state. But she can't leave here. What do you do if she doesn't go back?"

     Ling Zichen collapsed, "But, I'm really anxious! Do you know that Soul Guidance Technology research has to experiment once the inspiration appears(ance), and record the experimental data, otherwise, once the inspiration is over, it is very likely It can't be done."

     Tang Wulin said: "Soul Guidance Technology I don't understand, I just know that the most important thing for you is to save your life. It's only three months, so bear with it."Ling Zichen snorted and said, "Okay. There is no other way, but you have to find some foundation experimental equipment. Otherwise, I will go crazy in three months."

     Tang Wulin said angrily: "Aren't you crazy enough? Why do you want to be crazy?"

     Ling Zichen chuckled. Only in front of Tang Wulin would she show her daughterhood, "It can be much crazier! Tang Wulin, let me tell you that you don't offend me, I am now an authentic human form weapon. , No, the human form cannon. As long as I want to, it’s an Eternal Kingdom of Heaven that explodes completely. I’m afraid that the entire Federation army will be destroyed by Ruin.”

     Tang Wulin's mouth twitched, "Don't mention this. Anyway, you won't be able to use it in the future. Have you got Eternal Kingdom of Heaven out, and can you restore it? It's too dangerous for you to keep it in your body. ."

     Ling Zichen squeezed oneself's finger and said lightly: "It can be recovered. There is a 30-40% chance of failure, and failure will explode. If you want to recover it, then I will do."

     "Farewell!" Tang Wulin was startled. What a joke, there is a 30-40% chance of failure. If this fails, it will really destroy the entire Federation army!With a somewhat helpless sigh, Tang Wulin shook his head, "Anyway, you should get your health up first. I'll go out first."

     At this moment, sounds|voices knocking on the door came from outside.

     Tang Wulin said: "Please come in."

     The door opened and Xie Xie walked in from outside. "Boss, something has happened."

     "What's the matter?" Tang Wulin's heart tightened. Could it be that Abyss Army is here again?

     Xie Xie said: "Spirit Transferring Pagoda just released a message that shocked the entire Soul Master World."

     Tang Wulin asked in confusion: "What news?"

     Xie Xie said: "Spirit Transferring Pagoda announced that in the current situation of Continent Soul Master World, Spirit Transferring Pagoda is obliged to increase the overall strength of Soul Master World. The price of all Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit is reduced by 50%. Myriad Beast Platform The admission ticket price is reduced by 50%."

     After listening to his first sentence, Tang Wulin first relaxed. After all, it was not the Abyss life form that came again. But after hearing it, he couldn't help showing surprise.

     50% price reduction?

     You know, the two most profitable pieces of Spirit Transferring Pagoda are the sales of Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit and the Myriad Beast Platform!Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit are all sky-high prices, and many Soul Master lose a family fortune may not be able to afford one. If this is a 50% price reduction, the benefits of Spirit Transferring Pagoda Sacrifice will be too great. The same is true for Myriad Beast Platform. Myriad Beast Platform itself is a front yard as busy as a marketplace, and the price is reduced. Isn’t it going to be Peak? Also, can Myriad Beast Platform accommodate so many people?

     Thinking of this, Tang Wulin subconsciously looked at the Soul Guide Communication Device on oneself's wrist, hesitated for a moment, and dialed the number.

     This price reduction has undoubtedly nothing to do with Qiangu Dongfeng. Because, the current Spirit Transferring Pagoda Pagoda Master is his most loved one!

     This is done by Gu Yuena. So, what is she going to do? Reorganize Spirit Transferring Pagoda?

     If Spirit Transferring Pagoda can become a genuine organization serving Soul Master World and reduce huge profits, that is definitely a great thing.

     Finally I pressed the dial out button, and the number was quickly connected.

     Since this number was rejected at the Martial Arts Selecting Husband General Meeting, he still dialed the number first time. In my mind, I can't help but think of the heartfelt kiss that day in the artillery barrage. Even when I think about it now, there is still a warm heart.

     "Hmm." The familiar sounds|voices came from the other side. Just hearing her sounds|voices, Tang Wulin felt that oneself's heart was about to melt.She is already the Spirit Transferring Pagoda Pagoda Master, it seems that everything suddenly opens up to a wide panorama. They are already the heads of the Continent apex forces. Although they cannot be together now, it seems that the barrier between them has disappeared.

     "I heard that your Myriad Beast Platform and Ten-thousand Years Soul Spirit have both reduced their prices? Why is this?" Tang Wulin asked.

     Gu Yuena said: "For the development of Soul Master World. And, after all, we made a mistake this time, which caused Western Corps to suffer heavy losses. There will always be some effort, otherwise it will be difficult for the military to settle. I just took office and always have to Do something to recover the points lost by Spirit Transferring Pagoda. And if you give up some benefits, you will get more support."

     Tang Wulin said: "There is no problem inside the Spirit Transferring Pagoda? Agree with you?"

     Gu Yuena said: "There is nothing to disagree. Now Spirit Transferring Pagoda is full of internal contradictions. I can only sort it out by being tough. Moreover, I made these two samples. Anyone who understands also knows that I did this for Spirit Transferring Pagoda. Better development. Price cuts are only temporary. At least you have to wait to get past the cusp of the storm. For the Federation, more Soul Masters will become stronger and help fight foreign enemies in the future. After all, this time the Abyss Army has made the Federation look like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow. Normally. After we did this, the Federation's opinion of us was much smaller. At least if you come again, the Federation will defend us this time."Tang Wulin narrowed his eyes and thought about it carefully. This price reduction was indeed a multi-purpose move. For Spirit Transferring Pagoda, although it made less money, it actually gained more support.


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