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Chapter Directory Chapter 1819 Expansion Of The Beast Tower
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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Gu Yuena nodded with satisfaction, "That's good. It's just a pity that Abyss Plane runs too fast, otherwise, more Devour and some of their energy will be transformed, and Myriad Beast Platform will definitely become stronger. If Devour can be used to improve the whole Abyss, maybe we can build a stable big plane. As our oneself survival spatial."

     Di Tian smiled and said: "It must be possible. Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of that day. Abyss Plane will definitely come, how can they give up? It is best that they and Humanity both sides suffer. In that case, the plan for us More favorable."

     Having said this, a flash of fear suddenly flashed in his eyes, "High Lord, that humanity weapon that day, is it possible to appear(ance) again?"

     Recalling the terrifying scene that Eternal Kingdom of Heaven to destroy the heavens and extinguish the land that day, even the Blood River Kill the Gods Great Array instantly turned into a rotten watermelon and was blown to pieces, he had lingering fears.

     On Douluo Continent, no matter how powerful an individual’s power is, as long as it cannot become a God, it will never be possible to resist such strength.Gu Yuena faintly said: "So, never underestimate Humanity. Now you understand why I made a plan to integrate into the Humanity world first. Only by fully understanding them can we better deal with them. Now we will wait. Abyss Plane appears(ance) again. If you can devour that fellow last time, Myriad Beast Platform will at least be restored to the size of Star Dou Forest Once."

     Di Tian said: "You are talking about the guy with Divine Origin Realm spiritual cultivation? You didn't let me act that day. If we join hands, there should be a chance to keep him."

     Gu Yuena waved his hand, “It’s not the time yet. We can’t expose the power too early. As long as they come, there will always be a chance. It’s just that the suppressing strength of this plane is still too strong for me to return to God Rank. Otherwise, I really thought that Abyss Plane would go to the Abyss Sacred Monarch."

     Di Tian's eyes showed a fanatical color, "High Lord, as long as you can integrate the Golden Dragon King. What is the suppression of this plane? The strength of Dragon God, even in Once's God Realm, is supreme. Isn't it this? Can the little Douluo Continent plane be suppressed?"

     Gu Yuena shook his head, "How can Devour be so easy. The strength of the Golden Dragon King is too domineering, and it is not easy to want Devour."A ray of light flashed in Di Tian's eyes, "But, you have already got the Nucleus of Dragon God. Should it be possible?"

     Gu Yuena brows slightly knitted, "You don't care about these. You go back to Myriad Beast Platform first. Manage the expanded Myriad Beast Platform. Do what we need to do. After Abyss Plane is our Devour, It's almost time to start."

     Di Tian's identity on the bright side is the director of Spirit Transferring Pagoda Myriad Beast Platform.

     "Yes!" Di Tian promised, his eyes suddenly became firm, and he said in a deep voice: "High Lord, I actually wanted to tell you about Tang Wulin all the time. I think, on his question, you I really can’t hesitate anymore. His growth speed is too fast, and he still has the Golden Dragon Spear transformed from Dragon God’s ribs in his hand. If he doesn’t act on him again, if one day he really breaks through becoming a God, it’s a big trouble . You don’t really have the feelings of Humanity, do you?"

     Gu Yuena eyes suddenly turned into vertical pupils, and a terrifying force fell on Beast God, making him look at the changes in amazement, and subconsciously knelt down on one knee.

     "What do I want to do, do you teach me? Do your job well."

     "Yes, High Lord." Di Tian suppressed the inner dissatisfaction, after all, he sighed and went hurriedly.

     He really regrets that he didn't do it sooner and killed Tang Wulin in the cradle.It's just that he hasn't tried to do it, but High Lord is too keen and will appear(ance) in time every time. Perhaps, High Lord really likes that Humanity? With the feelings of Humanity?

     However, all planning is carried out in accordance with the plan, and everything is progressing towards their established goals. High Lord did not stop!

     Keep going, it won't take long before they will face it. Just then, what will happen? Beast God is full of worries. But now, it is almost impossible for him to kill Tang Wulin. Let alone Tang Wulin, there are many Limit Douluo around him, but he is oneself, and he is already strong enough to be close to oneself.


     The golden-colored ray of light is full of Sacred's aura. When the dazzling Golden Trident appear(ance) is in the hands of Tang Wulin, he can even feel the wave aura from the Northern Sea of Ice.

     Sea God Trident, this is the most precious thing the father left to oneself.

     Now that the front line is stable, Tang Wulin has decided to enter the world of Sea God Trident immediately and try to pass the assets(ment) behind, the genuine master of this Super Divine Tool.

     After thinking carefully, he chose to do it next to Tree of Life. In this case, when the assets(ment) is over, they will return here immediately.According to the past experience, no matter how long the assessment (ment) process is, it will not take more than a day when you come back compared to when you left. It might even be just a moment.

     He has adjusted oneself's body to the best condition, and then it is completely integrated.

     On his forehead, Golden Trident's rune is extremely bright, and the whole body exudes a soft aura. Taking a look at the Tree of Life in front of him, Tang Wulin lifts the Golden Trident in his hand, spiritual consciousness sinks into it silently, feeling Sea God Trident The aura.

     "I want to perform Sea God Nine Trials!" He poured the idea of oneself into Divine Tool. In the next instant, the ray of light flashed, Tang Wulin only felt that oneself shook his whole body, and the surroundings had become a golden-colored world. But this golden-colored world knowledge lasted for a short time, and everything about surroundings began to become clear.

     Tang Wulin discovered that the place where oneself was at this time was a small island. And surroundings are the sea as far as the eye can see.

     The vast sea, from the azure blue in the vicinity to the deep blue in the distance, seems to be filled with the mighty power between Heaven and Earth.

     "Sea God Fourth Trial, breakthrough! Ring Blockade. Set off from your current location, leave the island and reach the opposite land. During this time, you cannot use any Soul Ring or Soul Skill. You cannot fly. You cannot kill any Sea Soul Beast. Start immediately. !"Muffled sounds|voices rang in Tang Wulin's ears, vaguely, he always felt that these sounds|voices belonged to his father.

     However, he was obviously not given a chance to distinguish here. In the next instant, everything in surroundings has begun to appear (ance) Transformation.

     In all directions, the turbulent waves suddenly rose, and he shot directly at the location of Tang Wulin location. At the same time, he could even see that in the turbulent waves, a huge crab with a huge body type and probably more than three meters in diameter. Spread a pair of big tongs and pounce at oneself in the sea.

     Tang Wulin's figure flashed, and he jumped into the air. But as soon as he jumped up, he immediately felt the sudden increase in gravity, violently pressing from all directions to oneself, making him fall towards the ground almost instantly.

     You know, Tang Wulin is already the cultivation of the Limit Douluo stage. He wants flying, but how can it be restricted by ordinary pressure? But at this time the strength of this oppressive force made him even impossible to resist. This means that what he is facing at this time is likely to be the pressure of God Rank stage!

     Subconsciously, he wanted to release the oneself Golden Dragon Spear, but immediately he realized the previous low sounds|voices narration.

     Can't kill any Sea Soul Beast! This condition is really harsh!But after all, he was veteran of a hundred battles, and there was no panic at this moment. The moment he jumped up, he immediately made a body rotation movement. His purpose is very simple. First, he must see oneself clearly. The destination of the first test is fine!